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    Currently I have experienced unfair treatment from employee Brittany that works for 7-11 located S Bryant., San Angelo, TX 76903 We reside in the same apt complex nearby and some issues have come up between tenants and landlord. I was attempting to enter store at 1040 pm 02/18/2021 and was stopped by my partner who was already in store having a very intense conversation regarding myself and the drama undergoing at the apt complex. I was told that this employee Brittany wanted to kick my a**. Now in all my years of employment you do not bring your personal issues to your place of employment. I was bombarded with so many different emotions not knowing what to say I asked my partner if she needed to discuss these matters she can come knock on my door. 711 is a place of business that I go to almost on a daily basis. In my part of town it's one of two stores near me for miles. I have lived here for five years now and was relayed a message by this employee I am no longer welcome in their store anytime she works. This was coming from Sylvia the manager of the store. Until now have always respected Sylvia why is she letting an employees personal problems dictate who is allowed in the store. How is this possible. It's like I was tried and convicted of a crime. I wasn't even given the opportunity to show I am an actual adult, that I can walk in there complete my purchase respectively, mind my own business and leave..no drama! Wouldn't they want the same put of their employees. This employee is full time when is she NOT going to be there? Are they going to supply me with her work schedule. I'm hurt in all this. Can't even go buy a simple candy bar if Brittany is there. This is unreal!
    Now does anyone else see a problem with this. I have never and would never bring disrespect into that store. I have always showed the most up most respect for Sylvia, manager and other employees. So it came to my surprise that Brittany said Sylvia said as long as Brittany is working I'm banned.
    Why? I've done nothing wrong. She is the employee supposed to be supplying our community with respect and good customer service skills. If she is unable to control her behavior then maybe this isn't the line of work she should be in. I feel like I'm being attacked and punished for actions that have nothing to do with me.
    What should I do here? I'm going to complain to corporate but that's not going to solve the problem at hand..banning me. I don't deserve this.

    3 years, 17 weeks and 3 days

    LMFAO, OMG the clerk sneezed, shut the store down,bring in the hazmat decontamination team. Lol....
    Some people are nuts.

    3 years, 32 weeks and 4 days

    Why you remove my reviews I need answer

    3 years, 32 weeks and 5 days