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    Warehouse specialist

    This is due to management being new and incompetent nobody knows there policy's no matter who upu talk to they all give you a different answer some far from truth the assistant manager of the warehouse I work at had no idea some very important policy's big issue management doesn't know dog **** this company was saved by the covid crisis

    16 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours


    Do not use this store for remodeling. The stores computer and the sales person working the computer did not correctly allow for correct size of kitchen appliance and store manager refuses to correct this error. Very unprofessional and not consumer driven. It would be so simple for them to correct the error but as a result of their prompting and management this has been drawn out for over a year with no satisfactory response or resolution. The manager, Ron, was supposed to contact me via phone and has thus far failed to do so. On the whole, very unprofessional and not consumer driven. Through no fault of my own I am left with a disaster. Gone are the days when such a service company would stand by their product and employee/sales representative, correct their errors and work diligently to resolve such horrific remodeling results.

    There is nothing worse than having an unfinished project with the store not correcting their own grave error. This has truly been a nightmare. A very sad nightmare. I wanted to support my community and got majorly burned with an unfinished project and a totally remodeled kitchen that cannot accommodate all the appliances. Any suggestions on how to have this store step up and correct their error?

    Instead of this store learning from this major failing on their part, correcting their error and making sure that this never happens to another customer they will not correct their error on this sole project and finish my kitchen so all my appliances will fit IN the remodeled kitchen.

    Buyer beware!! This could happen to you! This company and store will not stand by the remodeling plans that they perform.

    If anyone has any further ideas on how to resolve this disaster of a matter I would greatly appreciate your input.

    25 weeks, 1 day and 9 hours

    Disappointed customer

    Ace hardware in folsom has absolutely disappointing customer service, Jennifer who picked the phone today was very rude and when I gave her my name and number and explained my situation she told she doesnt care in a very aggravated tone. Suffice to say I might buy the product out of convenience IF they call me back but I guarantee you after this I will not shop here again. I will dissuade others from Ace Hardware based on my experience here with that employee.

    26 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours

    Daniel Theriault

    I bought a Weber gas grill from Ace Hardware a Weber Spirit 310. I told the manager named Gary who worked in the Dunedin Florida, that I didn't like the grill that I bought! I asked that I changed the grill for a better one, told me I was stuck with it. So now I'm stuck with this piece of **** that I bought one day ago. Ace is that how you do business?

    1 year, 9 weeks and 6 days

    git er done

    I have never not been helped or asked if I needed help they have fair prices a good selection, I rather go here for a small to medium local project than to HD or Lowes and their lumber seems to be more select / better quality.

    1 year, 44 weeks and 5 days

    Jenn Garden

    Should post on Craig's list Real Estate or a real estate related site, no one here will seeit.

    3 years, 10 weeks and 2 days