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    We are all Hunsn

    After all these staged political riots we hear what can we do to help relationships?? I didn't choose what color to be born with but I'm the bad guy! Why should I lower my head and choose where to give more money !!! This Is bs and y'all are wrong for playing the leftist game of I'm not racist!! I've busted my **** and worked hard for your company but because of my skin color you over look me because of the far left agenda black lives matter ! Alabama power is the leading company for hiring minorities and promoting them but I have to hold my head down because of my race !! This is double racism and it's very embarrassing and disgusting that a company will judge white people on their color and support others on their color ! Just be fair and great and stop making it all about race !! We are all humans even though you put other races above certain races !!

    22 weeks, 3 days and 15 hours

    Mary Hubbard

    I bought a 75in TV from Alabama power and it hasn't showen since Friday The 22 of may I wasn't told if I hade a problem with it that I would have to contact the peoples that it we're made by now you've want your payment every month and I want what I'm paying for to work now what you can do is come and pick up this piece of junk I'm not paying another dine on it till it is working like it should be haven't had a TV since Friday of this week yes I call The person I brought it from all she had to say you need to call this number not let me see what I can do to resolve this matter it's suck she doesn't have to worry she want get my business of no commission on me

    24 weeks, 1 day and 18 hours

    Sister Phyllis


    36 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours

    Ray Hindman

    Whoever they contracted to clear power lines of limbs and tree growth really sick

    They totally ruined some of my plants that will never get tall enough to effect the power lines and the limbs that they cut are still in our sand box flowers and so forth

    They said they were responsible for removinal and cleanup but it's been w months since they were here

    1 year, 7 weeks and 3 hours

    Rep Debbie, Supervisor Kimblee

    Alabama Power sucks someone higher to coach her rep and supervisor on how to treat their customers. I file a complaint already to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.. Two wrong things happen in the same day and I spoke to two different supervisors on one rep. First they messed up my payment arrangements and put me in a bind and clearly the automated system say exactly what we discuss but the workers said different they wouldn't help me. Which it really sucks. So the second problem happen I had a power outage for 6 hours. My kids couldn't eat or take a warm bath, my food was spoiled due to my power being out. I asked the supervisor Kimblee that I was talking to at that time can she accommodate me for credit or adjust my bill or at least help to accommodate me with my arrangements. She couldn't wouldn't do anything. She didn't even try all she can say it's nature it's out of her control. She wasn't trying to find any resolution but tell me NOOO!!. I will be contacting Charles CEO Mccray because I mean something has to be rectified.. It really put my family in a inconvenient situation I mean SERIOUSLY!!

    1 year, 12 weeks and 53 minutes

    Eyes wide shut

    Struggling Mother of 4 ,

    Was it a "bill" or "statement"?

    What you got from the robber barons was a statement not a bill. Just like a statement that banks send out each month to their costumers. Banks don't ask their customers to pay anything.

    It's a huge scam/extortion racket that all utility corporations are pulling on American people. And your bureaucRATS are protecting them.


    1 year, 16 weeks and 23 hours

    Doodle FuhrBerger

    if they are the only power company available to you (no competition in other words) then you should have some sort of recourse and at the LEAST a payment plan. i would call and talk to the nicest supervisor you can find and bring that up, furthermore if you have children and they cut the power off in the middle of the HOT **** SUMMER then ask them if they are legally liable if your child has a heat stroke...

    1 year, 16 weeks and 1 day

    Struggling Mother of 4

    My ex had lights in his name at our address, he moved out and had the lights turned off. This company dumped his entire $904 bill on me and me only. This is unfair. I should not be responsible and he has none. The city was called on me and my home has been condemned because of this. So I have to pay his bill and my deposit which is well over a thousand. Why does he get off Scott free?? I don't understand he turned the lights off they weren't just disconnected. That bill of his should be just that HIS!!!!

    1 year, 16 weeks and 1 day

    Gregory and Sherry

    My wife and I had a house built on Lake Martin in Jacksons Gap Alabama - We had the Dadeville office install a pole and security flood light for my wife so she would feel safe at night while I travel with my job! I worked all of it out with a gentleman named Reed Morgan back in January or 2019 - to have it all installed and billed to my power bill for approx $30 and some change a month. Everything was fine until April when the light stopped working properly. My wife who pays the bill electronically assumed that it was being charged to our bill for the past few months until she called to get it fixed - needles to say a month later the light is still not fixed and office in dadeville has no account or light post billed to my address and wants us to pay for the service we thought we were paying and that they had no account on - I feel since the we were both in the wrong that the past cost should be annulled or split 50 / 50 and that we should not be charged for the past month it has not been working or fixed. All we are wanting is for this to be resolved fairly and quickly ASAP since we been requesting for a month for it to be fixed. If not done in a timely mater we wish just have it removed cause it is not worth all the headed ache - Pllease help us resolve this matter quickly and fairly.


    Gregory & Sherry Griffith

    67 Hideaway Circle

    Jacksons Gap, Alabama 36861

    1 year, 24 weeks and 1 hour

    Watch "Shame on AL Power/ Frigidaire" on YouTube


    3 years, 2 weeks and 6 days