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    Good evening Jeff I have been a customer of amazon for a number of years and spend thousands of dollars thru your company and for the most part been happy with it till now and at the point that after this mater is closed will be discontinuing your company as one of my primary sources of business and personal purchases. I had purchased approx. 1500.00 in marine engine parts thru multiple sellers, at the request of the my customer he asked to use his charge card. So he gave me the card info and I did. Items were purchased on Jan. 4th all Items were shipped in couple weeks then on the 23rd I got on pc to order more parts for another job and my account is locked, this was at 5am. I assumed it was a server issue so I logged into email to ck emails for tracking on other items and found a email from amazon stating that the card issuers blocked the charges due to fraudulent activity. So I contacted the customer later that morning and his secretary wasn't aware of the card being use and did reject the charges. So he contacted the bank to let them know that they were legate and to release the payment. in the mean time my account was locked before they contacted me about the issue. I have talked with your customer serves reps. daily waiting for this to be resolved and told they have no info on the status but they will email the chargeback department and have them call or email. After 3 days I called again was told same thing at that point I asked to make the payment directly from my bank account for a immediate payment on the open amount and I collect it directly form my customer, I made it clear that i wanted it fixed because i needed to purchase more parts for other jobs and personal products. They said just go into your account and select your payment option..... Hello MY ACCOUNT IS LOCKED. OK sir i will email the chargeback division and have them contact u .. No calls to speak to someone that can help just another email telling me to go to the following link witch takes me to amazon log in page LOLOL no body gets it I cant log in.
    This has been going one for 5 days now... Have called 4 days multiple times per day
    Here you have a customer that isn't responsible for the problem but wants to by pass the problem to rectify it and no one there has the position to do so. Your customer service cant rely on a screen with pre set answers, you need some one in that area that can attend to situations like this , this problem could have been resolve by emailing me previously when this arrived , I could have corrected it with access to my account. Or by making a payment over the phone which apparently isn't a option so I'm told. Don't get me wrong I know the covid crises has things in ramble but this isn't one of those issues.
    If you can have someone with a higher then customer service representative call me to fix this, please do.
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    Hey Amazon, you want to shut down Parler and interfere with free speech in America and go along with big tech? Okay, time to start boycotting AMAZON. Return to sender on those packages. I can't believe we were foolish enough to let these idiots like Jeff Bozo get so big. Now the power has gone to their heads. Amazon, Twitter and Facebook are ran by liberal idiots who got filthy rich off the American people. Time to disband them. Look what Amazon has done to our country, entrepreneurs, mom & pop operations. Thousands of businesses could be doing what Amazon is doing. It's not right that one company should have such a monopoly in American. Boycott Amazon America.

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    BLM are nothing but a Black supremacist movement, a bunch of Marxist idiots who Hate America. BLM isn't a civil rights movement, do not buy into that garbage!
    All lives matter!

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    Kamala is a HO!

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    Hola - Just wanted to say I am a 100% fan of Amazon and you, Jeff Bezos! Amazing job in my opinion. Way to show people how to create real value for customers.

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