• Arvest Bank

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    PO Box 1229
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    David Short
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    John Williams

    One of their wealth management advisors, Reavis Hammond, is currently bragging online about starting a fight and beating another man bloody. Very unprofessional.

    19 weeks, 6 days and 4 hours

    Brett Husserl

    Still waiting for my wealth management 1099. I received my money market account 1099 and checking account 1099 forms but your wealth management division very inefficient.

    38 weeks, 5 days and 19 hours

    Boris Benic

    Waiting since more than 2 months for a credit card... unbelievable ... time to change the bank.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 6 days

    Miss Carrie

    I live in Kansas City, Mo, I am happy to say that the Arvest Bank on Blue Ridge is a friendly place to bank, the tellers are shows efficacy and very friendly, I visit on a Saturday, and that was the only time I had to wait for 15 minutes, which was fine because a customer had a situation going on. Overall, this Arvest Bank is close to my resident and I love going there for my banking needs, Thanks, Arvest for making my banking enjoyable.

    1 year, 10 weeks and 17 hours

    This bank has the worst customer service , especially the bank in Little Rock Arkansas. 10206 Mabelvale Plaza Dr.

    The branch manager was very rude by the name of Homer Cherry . If this is how you treat your customers I will tell everyone I know to not do business with this bank .

    Disrespectful, Unprofessional to say the least.

    1 year, 39 weeks and 6 days


    The worst bank I have ever been with. I have had an account with them for 12 years and they treat me like a second class citizen when I did nothing wrong. Get it together arvest my biggest issue is with corporate themselves, which they should be the ones solving the problems, not doing things that aren't right and treating people unfairly. You have added salt to a wound when you could have been the ones to make things right. I am devastated at the way you have handled things and for that I will make sure everyone that I know closes their accounts with you. You should be so ashamed!

    1 year, 43 weeks and 1 day

    Matthew Vianes

    Good afternoon, Mr.Short, President, Arvest Bank. The intention of this correspondence is to relay to you, how grateful I am Arvest Bank Branch in Tulsa on South Memorial elected to recognize Stephanie Walker for the outstanding service she provides each and every day. I noticed she is now an assistant branch manager.

    I have been a customer for several years and can categorically tell you every time I come in, I know without a doubt whatever I need done, Ms. Walker is the go to person. Service is always with a huge smile, very professional and accomplished correctly the first time. Over time I have come up with some pretty good at coming up with some pretty good challenges. Ms. Walker always listens intently and then makes it happen. Just does not get any better. If you guys move her, regardless to which ever location it would be well worth my time to commute there. Thank you for taking the time to read this.




    2 years, 6 weeks and 19 hours

    I mailed my truck payment the evening of 7/3. Normally it takes several days to process. The check was processed on 7/5. I get direct deposit on 7/6. I was charged $17 OD fee. I called three times and asked to have it reversed, since this is the first time ever that i have had a check OD in the 14 year history of being an Arvest customer. I will be closing my accounts and banking with another bank, which allows 2 OD reversals per year. Sorry Arvest. The Walton Family, which owns Arvest, is worth 160 BILLION dollars. One would think in the interest of quality customer service they could reverse a $17 OD fee.

    2 years, 17 weeks and 1 day

    Dallas Allin Weathers

    I did have A situation some what like that A!

    I should tell CORPORATE about it A?

    That way it will be on record?

    2 years, 20 weeks and 5 days

    Sunny Franks

    Branch #964-North Oak

    Today, there was another incident with your teller Cheri. She mistakenly gave me the wrong amount of money on a check that I had cashed. As I was getting ready to drive off, I noticed the amount was wrong and called to tell her. She asked me to input the canister back into the tube while the suction was still taking place. Because the suction was still taking place, the canister flew out of my hand, hit my car and then rolled under my car.

    This is my final straw in working with Cheri and her careless behavior and attitude(there have been several previous issues discussed with the branch manager (Kelly Huth). I went into the bank and asked for a manager. Sundi said that she was the manager on duty. I explained exactly what happened to her so my experience could be notated. I told Sundi that I do NOT want to have Cheri as my teller when I use your bank. She has been rude and careless toward me too many times. Cheri then said, out loud, that she agreed and no longer wanted to help me. This is the exact reason why I am having issues with her. She clearly doesn't want to do her job correctly. The appropriate response would have been to apologize for telling me to insert the canister at the wrong time, as she was the one controlling the suction. I have had the most awfulexperience in lack of kindness, accuracy and communicationin using your location and I want to speak with a Regional Manager.

    Cheri is the only person that treats me disrespectfully and I have neverhad issues like this, especially when banking. Please follow up with me ASAP.

    3 years, 32 weeks and 4 days