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    0/17/2020 - Went into the Ashley Home Store in Brentwood, TN to buy new furniture. Of course, the furniture isn't in and who knows when it will.....
    Clue #1 - unhappy customer walks up to us as we're buying our furniture and proceeds to complain about the customer service. Store employees, yes multiple, come up to us and apologize for her behavior and give us 2 bottles of water. (Being a past Ashley Furniture customer and supporting a local WI business, I just brush it off - there's always unhappy customers, right?)
    Fast forward to 1/7/2020:
    First, early Dec. I get a call from our sales person, Logan Poff, saying the 3 piece sectional is in and can be delivered mid Dec. I remind him that we're not in TN, won't be in TN during that timeframe and would like to reschedule the delivery for 1/7/2020. He's adamant about having it delivered in Dec., for some reason, and I continue to remind him that's impossible. Finally, Logan says ok call me back after Christmas to schedule for 1/7. OK.....
    1/4/2020 - I remember that I haven't talked to Logan. 12/31 - I text and no response, 1/2- 2 texts and no response, 1/4 - I text and no response SO I call the store on 1/4, 3 times waiting on hold over an hour, before I actually get ahold of the 1 Customer Service employee that's handling their IVR Options 1, 2 and 3. But, if want to talk to somebody about sales...they'll answer the phone!
    Long story short - ONLY 1 of the 3 sections are in! Remember, back in Dec. Logan told me the sectional was ready to be delivered. So, I had a very direct conversation with the CS rep as well as texting Logan letting him know of his lies!
    CS says, oh the right arm loveseat just happens to be arriving on 1/5 but the middle section isn't slated for mid-Jan. I say, ok and I want those 2 pieces delivered on 1/7. After some back and forth and #ashleyhomestore #ashleyfurniture not wanting to deliver partial orders, they delivered my partial order.
    I'm NOT exactly sure where this right arm loveseat came from but it's NOT new! It's NOT the same color! It's used AND it has an oder! And, remembering back to the delivery; the delivery guy flipped one of the cushions prior to taking a picture saying something like oh the zipper was in front....ok, whatever I wasn't really paying attention as I'm standing back keeping my distance - pandemic remember!
    We now know why he flipped the cushion - there's a large stain on it!
    I call Logan directly, tell him what's happened and he says you'll need to call GRT (Guest Response Team) as he and/or the store can't do anything. He also warns me that the Customer Service from GRT is horrible.
    I call GRT and tell them what's happened. She says, I'm sorry you'll have to call back tomorrow as there's no manager today. I say, I have to call back? You can't call me tomorrow after you speak to your manager and she says no.
    I call Logan back, explained my GRT conversation, and he says you'll need to call the store tomorrow as there's no manager today.
    Below are pictures of the loveseat.
    You can clearly see the difference between the two pieces!
    The right arm loveseat is darker, it smells and the cushion has a stain on it!
    The 2 pillows that came with it are also much smaller than the 2 new pillows that came with the left arm sofa!
    There's NO tag on the right arm loveseat like there is on the left arm!
    There are also 2 black dirt marks that I have no idea what they are
    Today, I get to deal with GRT and Ashleyfurniturehomestore to see how they're going to handle this! In the mean time, the right arm loveseat will either go in the garage or it might get dropped off in front of their store on the sidewalk for them to try and sell to another customer!
    This is disgusting and the worst Ux/Cx I've ever experienced from #ashleyhomestore #ashleyfurniture.
    #ashleyfurniture #ashleyhomestore #AshleyFurnitureHomestore #horriblecustomerservice
    The #ashleyhomestore #ashleyfurniture in Brentwood won't answer my calls or call me back and neither will Logan, my sales guy!
    GRT is saying, in so many words, that the couch looks fine based on the picture from the delivery driver. I must have done something! The store can't/won't do anything.
    Well, well, well...... Letter to corporate CIO, COO and CEO next!
    We haven't paid for anything and don't plan to.
    Old used piece will sit in our garage and new piece will be used until they decide to come get it!
    #horriblecustomerservice #AshleyFurnitureHomestore #ashleyfurniture
    #arcadiawi #ashleyhomestorebrentwoodtn
    #ashleywarehouse #ashleywarehousememphis
    Ashleyfurniturehomestore Ashleyhomestore
    After a horrible **** show experience with #ashleyhomestorebrentwoodtn #ashleywarehousememphis #ashleywarehouse #ashleyhomestore #ashleyfurniture #horriblecustomerservice I just bought a new sectional from Head Springs Depot in Franklin, TN!!
    Amazing Cx, Ux and super friendly people!!
    Guess what...we could have taken it home today but we didn't have room so it's being delivered in a week! Highly recommend and will go back!! [?]
    Ashleyhomestore Ashley Furniture Industries They finally came to pick up the furniture.
    They won't take it because I'm denying the exchange! I don't want their **** furniture!
    Customer Service told me to deny delivery and all would be fine.
    Apparently that's not the case!
    I'm calling headquarters in Arcadia as this is **** **** and I don't have any more time for this!!
    #ashleyhomestorebrentwoodtn #ashleywarehouse #arcadiawi #ashleyfurniture #horriblecustomerservice #ashleywarehousememphis #AshleyHomeStore #AshleyFurnitureHomestore
    Shocking..... My salesperson Logan no longer works at the store!
    Finally got ahold of somebody at the store and seriously they're worthless!!
    Calling corporate now.....
    #ashleyhomestorebrentwoodtn #ashleywarehousememphis #ashleywarehouse #AshleyHomeStore #arcadiawi #AshleyFurnitureHomestore #ashleyfurniture #horriblecustomerservice
    I called corporate in Arcadia.
    They transfered me to corporate consumer affairs. Consumer affairs provides me the name and number of the CEO of this Ashley HomeStore - Chad Spencer.
    I call Chad and of course Chad doesn't answer.
    I leave Chad a VM.
    I have now found Chad on LinkedIn and will proceed with connecting with him there as well as continuing to call him!
    And the **** show continues....
    I seriously can't make this up! Now GRT (guest relationship team) has hung up on me twice!
    I finally get someone to talk to me and now they're lying so now I have the store versus GRT.... oh it gets better by the minute!
    Never ever ever in the rest of my life time will I buy anything from Ashley furniture and I highly recommend that none of you ever ever ever support Ashley furniture again in your life!
    Curious.... Anybody know Chad Spencer? He lives in TX
    I went into the store, had a very interesting conversation with James, store manager, called the owner, Chad Spencer, in TX, in front of James. He didn't think I knew how to get a hold of Chad Spencer from TX! Of course no answer! 3rd VM.
    James got a little nervous!
    Did you know I'm from Augusta, WI which is close to Arcadia, WI. That would be the headquarters...
    Final results.....yes, ma'am, I will get back to you....
    Me: yes you will
    #ashleywarehousememphis #ashleywarehouse #AshleyHomeStore #arcadiawi #AshleyFurnitureHomestore #ashleyfurniture #horriblecustomerservice #jamesstoremanager

    3 years, 16 weeks and 1 day

    I purchased a living room set on November 8, 2020 on December 20 if I called the store to check on my delivery date they said March 2021 I said who wants to wait 4 months for furniture I want to cancel the rep on the phone told me I could come in on January 3, 2021 and cancel with no fees I went in today January 9 and was told I had to wait until January 31 in order to cancel a full 12 weeks I said but I was told January 3 they said no January 31 I'm so disgusted I will never ever buy anything from Ashley or the other stores which is Regency or Marlo never ever again!!

    3 years, 18 weeks and 4 days

    bought a 500 dollar couch online, it was supposed to arrive october 19th...when it never arrived we called and they said it would be here november 3rd....it's not..meanwhile we were never called or emailed about this...the money keeps coming out then going back in my account...at this point i am trying to cancel...but nobody answers the local number or the 866 number...i did online chat got transferred to nelshana, TWICE, who never replied...i am livid...for 500 bucks per couch you would think customer service would be a tad better....my suggestion.. don't do it...you will regret it...

    3 years, 28 weeks and 1 day

    Completely stressful experience. Couch delivery experience and delay was awful. Couch delivered damage, I reported it timely, they kept my protection coverage I paid for and said because they gave me the credit to use in store im not eligible for it. Basically they used my protection plan to cover the delivery of the sofa they damaged. Then i bought a bar with the credit because im limited to only buy store item which restricts the options of what you can choose by 90%. So bar is beautiful but shelves are held up by quarter inch staples which cannot support the weight. So basically I went from broken sofa to broken bar and no protection coverage cuz they used it when they brought me the inital damaged sofa. No one calls me back, follows through with promises for fixing the situation. They refuse to refund my money or take ownership. I have visited the store four times and called corporate office 17 times. I'm going to BBB and the consumer finacial protection agency next. I have sent pictures of proof on your website.I will submit google and Facebook review since no one wants to take ownership and make things right.

    3 years, 29 weeks and 6 hours

    Where to begin? My review will sound just like the others. I will also be send a copy of this review to the CEO of Ashley, Mr. Todd Wanek in hopes that he will look into the many deficiencies within the company. Multiple (4) delivery cancelations happened to us. Ashley is great for making phone calls asking you to confirm your delivery but somehow it just doesn't happen. Three times the delivery was canceled because we were told that there was damage noted on the piece of furniture while it was being placed in the truck. It's great that it was noticed before arriving at our home but all I could think of was the quality of the product as well as the the how transport is managed. The fourth delivery date and TIME was set up with strict requirements for the delivery time frame. The Certificate of Insurance as well as a phone call from me clearly stated that delivery needed to be started no later than 4:00 PM to insure that it would be completed by 5:00 PM. When I called to reiterate this information we were told that the delivery was expected to be around 2:00-2:30 PM. At 4:00 PM (after waiting 15 minutes to get someone on the other end of the phone) we made a call to find out the status and told we were Stop 14 and the truck was at Stop 12. We went to the computer to see the tracking and the estimated time of delivery was 5:15-5:45 PM. At this point we told customer service to just cancel the delivery since the building would not allow it to happen and it would be a waste of their time. At no point prior to our wait was there any attempt to communicate that there were delays. With all the tracking that can be done with traffic and the logistics of trucking I find it amazing that communication is so lacking. At 5:00 PM I called my local store to cancel our order and please issue a refund. Guess what happened next?? At 7:15PM the driver of the truck called to see if we still wanted our delivery. More communication issues again. A good, hard look needs to be done by Ashley to improve their whole business approach.
    Eleanor Dunn

    3 years, 29 weeks and 23 hours

    Edgar H
    I bought a sofa set and dinning table on Sep 2, 2020 in 21301 Victory Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303. The sales rep was nice, my Issue is with the customer service that they have with the front desk. First when my dinning table was delivered with the sofa not the love seat because the love seat is in back order. I notice that the chairs fabric was done wrong RUSH!! the fabric was stuck with the wood that clamps under the chair, in regards to the sofa I tried it out with the delivery guys in my house and one of the reclining chairs broke in front of us all the mechanism fell to the floor and parts flew everywhere. The delivery guys took pictures and schedule a technician to come to the house to see if it could be fix or replace, The technician was not able to do anything for the sofa and he fix the fabric of the chairs, he order new mechanism for the sofa to be replace. He instructed me once the parts come schedule with the store you purchase for a technician to come and fix it. Called the store around Sep 28 and they said that that they will do an even exchange as far as parts go the front desk told me that I dont have to send them back because the even exchange that was approved, she told me that the delivery date for the even exchange of the sofa and the love seat was going to be on October 26,2020 but I guess that didn't work . So recap I have a broken sofa at home that I cant use and my love seat that I'm paying financing charges already its not home yet. I went to the store and talked to the manager he said in regards to the love seat the manufacture made a mistake with the whole 500 of the same love seat that the stich on them were bad so they had to resend the 500 love seats back (Excuses not true). Once I left the store in the morning I called back and spoke to the front desk aging and they told be that the even exchange could not be approved since I have the parts, let me remind you that 2 weeks prior she said the it was approved (aging excuses). She told me that they would schedule a technician to call me and schedule a date when they could come and try to fix the broken sofa, waited all day for that call and no call was made to me, I called back and spoke to another manager and she said unfortunately they are close already. I was a upset at this time I been so patient in understanding the delay due to covid-19! The manager told me to call back today October 27, 2020 to make sure that the technician was schedule, sure enough I call the store and speak with another front desk person that dose not know my case and she told me that the manager and the other employees that know my case are off for 2 days... Ok, now I'm really mad!!! I called customer care waited on hold for 40 minutes explained the whole story to them and luckily they schedule a technician for Nov 12, 2020 but in regards to the love seat she said that it was going to be at the warehouse on Dec 19, 2020 when the store originally told me that it would be in my house first October 5, second October 19, Third October 26, Fourth October 31, Then December 12, Wow!!!!!! when customer service tells me that its on the warehouse Dec 19,2020 that means that I will not receive them until January 2021!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! I will never buy from AHLEYS FURNITURE EVER AGAIN!! I WILL NOT RECOMEND THEM TO ANY OF MY FAMILY MEBERS OR FRIENDS!!! I dont think the managers and employees communicate at this store and all they give are excuses!!
    UNACCEPTALBLE!!!! This is the store:
    21301 Victory Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day

    Could not agree more

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day

    Ashley does have lower priced items with quality to match. The fabrics are cheap, the woods are of unknown origin (no trees were harmed in the making of Ashley furnishings). The customer service (AFTER you have paid) is non existent. Don't bother spending the extra money for the extended warranty, it covers NOTHING. That is IF you can get someone in the warranty dept to answer the phone (PHONE2). The product is not even worth the supposed discounted price.

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day

    Never will I buy from Ashley Furniture again. Today for the 6th time they have canceled my delivery date ..it gets pushed further back. Ordered our sofa June 26, 2020. And I have no sofa.
    Ashley has my money and has made interest on my money. I want our sofa. Kelly Bush Dayton ohio

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day