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    Joyce Taylor

    I will never rent a car from this company. I caught a flat tire called the roadside assistance they never came. I had to change the tire myself. I was told I could switch cars at the Gold Triangle Regional Airport in Columbus, Mississippi. When I got there the front desk clerk told me she didn't have any cars. When I was assured that a car was waiting on me. I needed to travel back to Birmingham Alabama to catch my flight I could not drive the car on the highway with a dummy tire. I ended up renting a car from hertz rental car I had to turn around and get a refund from hertz because Avid was going to charge me an extra 500 dollar for leaving the car talking about it was a one way trip. So I forced to keep the car and continue driving with space tire, despite how dangerous it could have turned out. Tge whole time I'm doing all of this I'm actually on the phone with customer service. I was told I would be refunded for any money I lost.

    14 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours

    I wonder if Avis really cars or just knows they gotcha because you are in need of a vehicle. They offer"coupon codes and promos" if you take a couple days teying to combined them it pays off but it sure is tough.

    I can say I havent yet had a financial problem yet. This trip hasnt ended yet. Ok so my deal this year, it is covid, these vehicles are supposed to be safe and cleaned throughly.

    I wish I could post pics of what I ended up with. 45 mins of cleaning it just to pack my bags and family in it.

    The common question, well why didnt you return it. Lol. Ok so how could that even be a possible when you have one person working always. I have done 3 years business there and the same lady is hustling

    She has to do everything, no help. She would have to close the window to clean the car herself. I wouldnt do that to that poor lady. She had a line. Now this is at a airport too. Guys dont let them take your money

    Call your bank and fraud charges

    Also best way to start a class action suit is through top class action site. This place runs some good business and succeeds will help all the way through, free

    14 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours


    They inspect the car at drop off. If it was not moted in the walk around inspection and marked, well they can do that. So not let them get away with this.. contact your bank if they took the money also and fraud it.

    Also contact you govenor of the state you rented in and city complaints.

    14 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours

    They are charging me over 500 dolars a week For a car The payment is suppose to be 265

    15 weeks, 1 day and 5 hours

    Crystal Finnegan

    DO NOT USE AVIS!!! They charge you for things you didn't ask for and don't give you the full information during check-in time for their charges! It's impossible to get anyone to help you with a refund. HORRIBLE!! They charged me twice as much as what it should have been!

    17 weeks, 3 hours and 6 minutes


    They took over 700 from my account how can you get this started

    19 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours

    Long time renter

    Yes, Im all for it Josha Barton, how soon can the process begin?

    20 weeks, 4 hours and 18 minutes

    Long time renter


    20 weeks, 4 hours and 19 minutes

    C.Ferguson. Michigam

    Horrible outfit!! Reserve a car, drove 40 mins to pick up car. No car reserved. Rep said Avis will not turn down a reservation when they know they do not have any available. What kind of outfit does that. Notice on the rating chart they get rating of one half out of five!!!

    20 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour


    Their other companies are even worse! I had the unfortunate misfortune to rent from Payless Car Rental. I was outrageously overcharged ($400 for a two day standard car rental) and can't get anywhere with their customer service department. I've been treated rudely & there isn't any way to contact anyone in their corporate office to help. STAY AWAY FROM ABG LIKE THE PLAGUE, SPANISH FLU & COVID-19 COMBINED!!!

    21 weeks, 29 minutes and 50.29 seconds

    Josha Barton

    I'm having the same problem with them! I'm sure the attorney general can file a class action law suit because we aren't the only ones.

    21 weeks, 1 day and 41 minutes

    Do not use this company,they will use ur bank acct ingo to retrieve any amounts of money from your account

    21 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours


    I will be letting friends and family no how managers and employees treated me like white trash offered me no help or answers never again charge me for **** I didn't have and way to wzpensive

    21 weeks, 2 days and 18 hours

    Unhappy ExCustomer

    I have extended my rental aprox 3 or 4 times without issue . TodayI get a certified letter and a bunch of emails from different customer service agents. The letter said I broke my rental contract by not returning on 5/31. The email says I am extended until 6/15. The other email says 6/2 and another said they dont have a car available (I have the car) . I can not get through to anyone local. The above listed number is disconnected. The numbers listed in the letters cannot accept calls . I am over it. I am feeling like dropping this car off and leaving keys in dropbox and washing hands of this whole messy situation! Never , EVER again!

    23 weeks, 4 days and 2 hours

    Retta Robinson

    Avis Rent-A-Car won't answer letters and won't return money that is not theirs

    Avis Rent-a-car


    24 weeks, 13 hours and 11 minutes

    I have never been treated so poorly. They use bait and switch tactics for billing and customer service . I am one customer who is not holding still. I will report this to everyone and anyone who matters .. judicial system fair trade commission BBB my billionaire sister . Do not use this company

    25 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours

    The worst ever!!!

    28 weeks, 3 days and 48 minutes


    Avis is full of u know what just a big scam don't ever rent from them

    31 weeks, 1 day and 18 hours

    The Drex

    The number listed above, is not in service...

    31 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours


    Do Not RENT FROM THEM!!! I returned my rental on March 16 th it's the 31 st and I still haven't got my deposit back!!! I keep getting the run around!! DONT DO IT... STAY AWAY FROM AVIS

    33 weeks, 1 day and 7 hours


    I rented a car in November of 2019. I returned the car with no damage. Now, on March 23, 2020, I received a letter from a Collection Agency that I owe Avis for Hail Damage. I received no notice from Avis since returning the car in November of 2019, then, a company I have done business with for over 30 years treats me like a common bum. This is simply not right. Chasing old loyal customers away with bogus claims sent through a collection agency is not a way to built a bigger customer base.

    34 weeks, 1 day and 5 hours

    Mark Halvorson

    Mark Halvorson (PHONE) here , I was in an accident and have to deal with insurance companies about who is paying for what. I have rented a truck from you guys for 5 weeks now and need to extend it to 6 weeks. I call and Denise tells me it is $901.00 to extend it another week. Are you kidding me, I go on line and extend it thru the same location for another week and it costs $353.00 to extend it. What are trying to do, drive customers away? You guys are missing the boat when it comes to customer service.

    34 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours

    La Toya A Townsend

    Good morning,

    I need a member of management to contact me in regards to rental agreement (U499394615/ VCR3280196)

    I rented a white Chevy impala on 2/1/2020, and when I picked the vehicle up the representative (sein) at the barker cypress texas location, stated to me that they were low on cars, he would rent me the Chevy impala( "the best he had in inventory at the time") ,but it has mirror damage. When I realized that the damage was not to the mirror itself, that I could still use the mirror to drive, I accepted the vehicle, a pink inspection ticket was marked with the exact damage to the vehicle, and upon return the vehicle was inspected, and had no damage. I have enclosed the copy of the pink slip, and my finalized receipt. I would appreciate a full refund to the card charge, as this seems as avis is trying to stick me with repairs that not from any cause to avis property, I have been battling with avis since renting with avis in December of 2019. I have to believe that avis chooses to practice unethical standards, because someone else damaged that vehicle, but I am to pay? Not fair! Again i would like this matter throughly investigated, a call from someone in management that can have this matter urgently resolved, and a full refund, as I have a pink slip, so the original is with my documents too. Please reply back to the email, and by phone @ (PHONE). In addition, I have also disputed this fraudulent charge with amex, as I also have extended car rental warranty with them. And since avis took the liberty to charge me for damage that the knew of prior to, and when renting me this vehicle, I have also included amex. Again please process a full investigation, and do better with being ethical, with your consumers, in addition to training,and coaching for all employed at avis.

    35 weeks, 2 days and 21 hours


    I will be pursuing Fraudulent charges against Avis. I wanted a refund and was instructed to follow certain steps. I was informed four different stories. So lies are the norm for this company. I want my 268.00 refunded immediately, not 7 day process period which is also a lie..I have taken to FB to air the dirt on this compnay

    37 weeks, 1 day and 10 hours

    Uber Hertz Program Nightmare

    I want the corporate information for the Chicago Avis location. I was charged $1314 for a rental I had for a total of 2 weeks and 5 days. I have been getting the run around between the local branch and Avis customer service. Each of them are saying I have to take the issue up with the other. Now the local branch has stopped taking my calls! I'm tired of being taken advantage of. I am calm when I speak to the CSRs, and I just want to pay a fair price. I don't dispute that I returned my vehicle late so I expected a reasonable late few, but $508 is NOT REASONABLE! I do not appreciate the back and forth. I know that I am an insignificant person to such a large corporation, but without people like me the company would not be as successful. I was not evading anyone, I returned my vehicle as soon as I was asked. This whole situation is a nightmare!

    40 weeks, 4 hours and 13 minutes