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    2425 E Camelback Rd # 200
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    George Biel
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    So I haven't been to this place since Scottsdale and it is a huge difference unfortunately. Came after work with my mother for a early birthday lunch/dinner. We got there around 4:40ish and was seated. Nobody was in there so no wait. The hostess gave us a lunch menu and stated since we were in before dinner we would use this menu. So we had Shannon and ordered a old fashioned, elder collins and 2 rotisserie chicken meals. I couldn't eat the side that came along and asked if it could be substituted for another side and if so would it be a extra charge. Shannon stated no and also told us that we could pick between white dark or mixed. So I ordered white meat and the mashed potatoes and my mother ordered dark with fries. Food comes and its pretty tasty after adding seasoning that Shannon recommended. Fast forward to finished meal and check comes. We were charged dinner prices and a extra charge for the white meat. So I tried to flag Shannon down regarding this and she never came but another server saw me and I told her the issue and asked for a manager. So Makala comes over (manager) and stated that she couldn't change the price due to the computer and that we were given the wrong menus. No accountability on it being their mishap but left to feel like it was our fault. Makala stated that she just took the old fashioned off to balance it out which was $13 but still did nothing regarding the extra $5 charge that wasn't stated for the white meat but in a nice nasty way told us she would talk to Shannon and walked off in a very brush off rude way. So now Shannon finally returns to collect payment and instead of being apologetic she gives us a lesson on what's HIGH QUALITY VS LOW QUALITY. AND STATED THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPECTED WHEN YOU DINE IN THIS TYPE OF ESTABLISHMENT. Wow is all I could say about this is snarky comment. I have been to truly 5star and above restaurants and have never been disrespected in this manor. Luckily for me I DO HAVE A RADIO SHOW THAT'S NATIONALLY AND A BLOGGER TO EXPOSE SCUMS LIKE THIS.... CAN'T BELIEVE SCOTTSDALE IS EVEN CONNECTED TO THIS BRANCH. TOTALLY DIFFERENT

    1 year, 10 weeks and 9 hours

    Tina Young

    I had a reservation for 3 on February 15, 2018, at Bandera's located 535 N. Michigan, Chicago, Illinois. The service was awesome; but the food was horrible. I had the rib and chicken combo, I got food poisoning from the chicken. Needless to say I don't have to get into details about how food poisoning affects the body. I called the next day February 16, 2018 to inform the manager about my ordeal, and maybe she should warn the chef about the bad chicken. She had a nasty disposition, and very disrespectful. That was my first and last time going to Bandera.

    2 years, 37 weeks and 1 day