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    I have recently started shopping at the Food City on Mc Dowell and 44th street. Last night there were numerous homeless type people both outside and inside the store. Some were asking for money. I think it would serve the customers, and the staff for Bashas' to address this problem. It is not the first time I have encountered it there, and it makes me want to avoid the location.

    2 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours

    I just left the Basha's in Payson. While there I heard the corporate message over the sound system reminding all customers to wear face masks while in the store. At least 60% of the customers weren't wearing masks. but what was worse is that there was a large percentage of your employees violating the corporate message. There were cashiers with their mask below their nose, some with it pushed down to their chin exposing their nose and mouth and in the short time I was in the store I saw 2 employees without a mask. Is that the Basha's image you want to portray?

    2 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    John Laak

    In the last month or so I bought Dole coleslaw. It was wet old and looked terrible.

    Hoping it was a one time situation. I keeping looking at it hasn't changed. You better take a look.

    16 weeks, 3 days and 2 hours


    I will support Basha's on Crismon and Baseline with my weekly business as they now require face masks when shopping there. Thank you for protecting your employees, the public and this frontline healthcare Provider. I applaud all retailers brave enough to set safe infection control standards- CoVid 19 is not a joke.

    17 weeks, 3 days and 15 hours


    A minority of folks using excuses for not wearing a mask, are making business like Basha's a hot spot for contagion.

    My store at Swan and Fort Lowell, Tucson are unwilling to stop customers without masks, into the store. The manager says he is not the police.?!

    You are a private entity and as such you may be liable for refusing to protect your staff and shoppers from those individuals going into your stores without a mask and therefore perpetuating the spread of this lethal contagion.

    Basha's could very well stop this if they wanted it. After all is a minority of folks who don't care, yet they are all potentially lethal to the rest of us. Our flimsy masks are only 45 per cent effective at the receiving end.

    Why doesn't Basha's offer a specific day of the week for two hours for those who refuse to wear a mask making unfounded excuses, just like it is being offered to seniors elsewhere.

    Let's be really socially responsible and offer convenience to the majority of folks wearing a mask not the other way round.

    19 weeks, 5 days and 23 hours


    Dear bashas decision makers:

    My ONLY choice in grocery shopping has been ur store on Mesa dr/Brown... I've been exclusively shopping there for 20yrs. I've seen ur changes over the years and still choose to shop there- bc I trust ur produce, trust ur meat department and only drink bashas brand milk. My family has been raised on ur bashas brand. Not only have I enjoyed ur products, but I have personal relationships with ur good employees {Heidi, Shirley, sherry, Audrey, Ross, etc} who remember my name, know my kids and take interest in my family. I believe in my 'small town grocer'... and have consciously done my part to shop w/you knowing what happens when Walmart neighborhood grocery stores and big box grocers compete with you.

    I was acutely aware of the 'hybrid' idea my store underwent when subtly a lot more food city brands started appearing on shelves... and I was ok with that. BUT... now that I've been told ur in the early stages of moving this store all the way over to food city... I am mad! I feel betrayed - I feel like we have a food city not even 3 miles away... why in the world would you change this one?! For revenue?? I'd just as soon u close it down ... and that's sooo hard for me to say. Either way: changing to food city OR closing it = losing my small town grocer AND my sweet friends who I see daily at the store. I know a lot of them will transfer out. Sooo sad. Boo bashas. I was ur biggest cheerleader

    25 weeks, 2 days and 23 hours

    Heather Budd

    Would you be happy with a Food City instead of the hybrid store you are experiencing now?

    25 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours

    Heather Budd

    Please don't bring a Food City to Mesa Drive and Brown. This area is trying to revitalize and is making great strides. There is another Food City close to us that many already drive to if they want a Food City. I would prefer a remodel or refresh or what is already in that location. However, if you are bold and want to truly help this area bring in an AJ'S! Now that would be amazing. I really am unhappy about the decline of our Bashas through the past ten years. Please help our neighborhood from lowering property values. Please add to our pocket in the city. Consider the needs of our residents and don't just drop in a Food City. If you want to compete with Fry's Market, please do. Step up and remodel or bring in an AJ'S. Thank you!

    25 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours

    Mesa local

    I regularly shop at the Bashas in Mesa on Brown Rd and Mesa Dr. They are always kind and friendly. I often find good deals. Their produce is amazing and priced competitively. I'm eating fresh raspberries from Bashas as I type this. Their meat counter is awesome. I love their chocolate cakes from the bakery. They have good deals on Ben and Jerry's ice cream. What more can you ask for?

    25 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours

    Elizabeth Mago

    Prices during this crisis have gone up TO GAUGING PRICES - I understand supply and demand but the store across the street, IS GETTING MY BUSINESS! They are keeping true to their prices. ONE KNOWS WHO THEIR FRIENDS ARE DURING THE HARD TIMES!!

    Also, I have NOT liked bashes because of the store on 99 avenue and Beardsley in Sun City AZ but when I came to PAYSON to live I tried Bashes and liked this one. HOWEVER, I have found that many prices scan differently than what is advertised or listed on the shelves SO I HAVE TO LEAVE BASHES AGAIN.

    29 weeks, 6 days and 15 hours

    Maggie Mae

    The East side Bashas store in Tucson, AZ has repeatedly made mistakes at checkout. Is it my job to monitor the cashiers entry's? And there are outdated food items on shelves that I discovered upon unpacking my items at home resulting in a return to the store to discuss with management!

    Does Customer Service continue to be an issue?

    36 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours


    I really like to support local farmers and businesses but Bashas has created a problem fir me repeatedly. I'm finding out dated food items, prices not guaranteed according to their downloaded coupons and deals, wrong prices being rung up at checkout and no help from employees?!

    What happened to Customer Service??

    36 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours


    I have visit again ...chinle bashas on the Navajo reservation...this store needs management in customer service...they can't even honor you with a courtesy check card for your purchase....employees at this store is just unhappy... can't get a smile of hello/ thank you out of them...

    37 weeks, 3 days and 13 hours

    Steven B

    False ad this week for pork roast. The picture is a crown roast and I specifically went there to buy one. That wasn't the case.I along with another shopper were very disappointed. There is no excuse for this misleading ad.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 1 day


    That is extremely unfair to accuse someone/organization of such a thing--you don't have evidence or know the circumstances. Very Christian of you... Maybe do some research before you encourage such a thing and even if was true-turn the other cheek.

    1 year, 13 weeks and 1 day


    We were surprised to hear that Basha's no longer supports Catholic Charities. As the largest religion in the valley we have supported you. I understand that you still let boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts raise money at your front doors and they are Mormon based. Guessing that you have something against the Catholic Church. We have done our tootsie roll drive and baby bottle drive for years to raise money for charity. Knights of Columbus work year round to raise money for charity and sorry to hear you no longer support us. I am asking that all Catholics find another store to shop to show our dismay of your decision to no longer work with us.

    1 year, 14 weeks and 1 day

    Former Loyal Customer

    April 25th I spent $20 bucks for dinner at the deli counter pinnacle peak store. The next night came in later and purchased a China Mist tea, no issue. About 8 ish pm went for a slice of pizza and of the three people working that deli area one was busy slicing meats for a customer and the other two employees refused to acknowledge my presence. I walked over to bakery after waiting for what seemed an eternity and not busy at the time and asked the fourth employee if they could get a slice of pizza for me and was told no. At that point I said guess I don't need it and left. I also witnessed the employee fumbling with a food processor drop the lid on the floor and then pick it up again to use. Made me have second thoughts about ever buying food there again! Being aware of food handling laws I know that was a no-no. Basha's at Grayhawk closed because of the competition that came in. AJ's at PP will go the same way if that store doesn't step up its game and word gets out about employees there slacking and not being customer oriented.

    1 year, 28 weeks and 3 days

    Jose D. Montoya

    Legal issue: Assault by Store Manager Nathan of Sierra Vista.

    Today, Saturday, between 5:15 and 5:20 the Food Ciry Manager, Nathan shoved me with his shoulder while shouting, " Get out of MY store" many times; in addition to "I'm gonna kick your ass", etc. Why? I was at the cash register while she engaged her friend in a loud conversation. No problem. What irked me was her manner of speaking which was bar-room loud and self-glorifying. Not appropriate. She, Diane, kicked into her bar room banter with me bellowing "How ya doin", "Want some ice.". I remained silent, not looking at her. She then attacked with "Aren't you gonna answer me." and went on. She crossed the line. I turned to her and told her to shut up. All the while she had rung up my fruit, and milk items, then stopped. She then switched to threats among which was calling the manager. I said, please do. Then Nathan arrived. There was Nathan, the cashier, and her bar room friend all yelling. I told her to cancel my order which had gone through on the debit device. She did not. To make this short, Nathan asked me to leave and I turned and was leaving. What he did was illegal. Nathan was trying to push me out and did shove me with his shoulder which meant nothing due to his size. Even so, he did. Then he followed me out and did his best with taunts and that he was 'gonna kick my ass'. Your new renovations look great and needed long ago, but your new team is problematic. Where is Manager Jose from Tucson who is superb? Best instruct Nathan not to use the phrase, "my store". I noted that HR hires marginal people with dire aggression communication which will bankrupt Basha's Inc. Soon you will experience one of those mass shootings due to your choice in employees. We live now in a Trumped-up corrupt and violent nation. Who is the problem? Trump is. It is my duty to give warning, but ignorance makes for violence. This is the problem. Trump is very ignorant and corrupt and degenerate. I know. I lived in Manhattan one decade. It was known. Now we have thugs for employees and idol worshiping mass shooters. This will bankrupt you. You will see. The authorities and the system has been nailed. No more security. This is America.

    1 year, 34 weeks and 6 days

    I have shopped at Bashas for over 20 years. And now I am going to switch to Albertsons. Our local store is undergoing its second renovation. They are moving to just have the self-service check-out. This is STUPID! You will no longer be able to large shopping trips, there isn't any space for more than a handful of items. The people that work at the store are part of the reason that I've always shopped there. Down sizing to self-serve check-out only means my shopping at Bashas is over. I feel extremely bad for the staff who are losing their jobs to make someone else's bottom line a bit more padded. Shame on you, Basha's - I'm going to Albertsons.

    2 years, 11 weeks and 2 days


    I have shopped at your Sun City store for many years now and want to say that they are the nicest people. They are all most helpful and always smiling. I especially want to thank 2 depts. for the wonderful service they provide. The bakery and meat Depts. These 2 depts are always clean, well stocked and the people behind the counters truly make you feel welcome at this store. They go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are always well taken care of. Thank you to Rebecca (bakery manager) and Cary (Meat manager) you both show professionalism and a genuine care for your staff and customers. Bashas is very lucky to have you!


    2 years, 14 weeks and 5 days

    Pearl C.

    Chinle Bashas western union is asking for a Western Union Payout location. Since when does Western union want to know. This location you also have to wait a couple of hours before anyone gets to you. How ridiculous!

    2 years, 27 weeks and 4 days

    Mary Melcher

    On April 28, I stopped in at the Bashas at 1133 N. Ellsworth in Mesa. It was very warm, and I had been running errands for a few hours. I became a bit faint, probably dehydrated and asked cashier where water fountain was--it was at the rear of the store and I was feeling unwell. The carry out boy and the cashier were so kind to me. They got me some water--and were instructed not to charge me for it. Then they assisted me to my vehicle. I could easily have fainted or fallen had they not been so alert---and so kind. The cashier was #0127 it shows on receipt. I did not get her name or the name of the carryout boy. I wanted Trey Basha to know about these fine employees. They reminded me of the Basha's of old! Thank you!

    2 years, 28 weeks and 3 days



    I ordered tea sandwich bread and asked it to be done by 12pm . My husband went to get a 12:15 . It was not ready until 1:15. My husband is in a wheelchair, the employee joked , well at least you don't need to look for a place to sit '

    He also had shopping to do and asked for assistance. The manager told him he did not have anyone available and he was on his own. We will not be going to this store again . This store is located on Signal Butte & Main st in Mesa .

    2 years, 34 weeks and 4 days


    Dear Basha's Headquarters,

    I am a regular customer of your Sedona Bashas and have been for 17 years. I was appalled at the way I was treated. I went to the bakery and no one was there, I went to the deli and c asked if I could get some service. There were 3 guys there and Walter who v was waiting on a customer told me someone would be there to assist me in just a second. I stood at the bakery counter for 10 minutes without any help. I finally got help from a gentlemen wearing a vast on his right arm. I believe his name was JJ. I thanked him and went to check out . I b was waited on by the Manager Phil and when I told him of the instance he just laughed and said that happens sometimes.

    I hope this isn't how you train all your Managers.

    2 years, 39 weeks and 17 hours

    Tom Chacon

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    2 years, 39 weeks and 6 days