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    Still waiting for a reply from Best Buy regarding my most recent purchase and complaint. Extremely unprofessional corporation that does not address customer complaints. Unfortunately, until the "bottom line" is affected, nothing will change.

    3 years, 16 weeks and 4 days

    Customer service nonexistent with this company. Don't shop here! Spend the extra 20-30$, not worth the hassle trying to deal with your complaint. poorly run from the top down!

    3 years, 17 weeks and 2 days

    Mr. Barry,
    I am extremely disappointed in your store. From the ridiculous policy of not removing doors to gain access to the location, to the substandard delivery people entrusted to do a good job, to what I'd call the worst customer service of any company I've ever dealt with. My delivery people would not hook up my dryer after I paid for installation, even suggesting I need a plumber to install a new valve. I did the install myself.
    What an embarrassment it must be to be receiving a steady steam of negative comments, I guess collecting a paycheck after allowing your company to be run by such incompetence, is a biweekly big laugh at the dinner table huh?

    3 years, 17 weeks and 2 days

    I was scheduled for a home delivery on 11/20 between the hours of 7am-1pm. I even took off work. The night before my sold my old TV since the new one was coming in the am. I check email and tracker..it says agent is assigned and on his route. So I continue to monitor the whole day. Come 2:35 I figured I waited long enough and call the "customer service" hotline. I was on the phone a total of over 3 hours. I was finally told that I had to reschedule. What! No information would've been sent to me if I didn't call to inquire about ..where is my delivery. Even after I talk to a "manager" I was told there is nothing they can do ..other than reschedule me for 11/25. So that means I have to take another day off and pray they don't screw it up again. Plus I now have no TV at all till they deliver 5 days later.. The icing on the cake is..kids are out of school next week for Thanksgiving holidays. They couldn't even make a replacement. I will be out of 2 days of work because Best Buy couldn't hold up to their promise of "OUR PROMISE IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH EXPERT SERVICE".....I think everyone should call the Better Business Bureau.

    3 years, 25 weeks and 5 days

    Ridiculous service.. Best Buy corporate is so ridiculous I have never seen somebody a representative so ignorant thinking that she's some GODS gift to creation.. Then on top of it they send it to the **** Philippines!!

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day

    Dear Mr. Barry,
    I have been a loyal customer of Best Buy for at least 20 years now. My deceased husband and I loved visiting your store and purchasing everything from t.v's to computers, to appliances. It is with such sadness that I write to tell you how I will not be doing anymore business with your company. I realize these last several months with Covid-19 have been difficult for all of us and it is with this in mind that I lodge this complaint. I ordered my second Samsung The Frame tv on October 18, 2020...(the first Samsung was sent to my condo at the lake and I also had trouble with incompetent delivery people who I had to replace with someone outside of your company to do the final installation.) Yesterday I waited from noon until 8:00 pm to receive my new tv. I received an email confirmation that your people would be at my home yesterday between the hours of noon to 8:00pm. After spending several hours on hold yesterday I finally hung up ...this morning I texted with your on line chat person and reiterated all the information regarding my order and it not being delivered as scheduled yesterday. I was told that it was not in stock but I could reschedule and they would deliver it this Thursday Oct. 29, 2020 between 7:00-1:00 pm. I agreed just as I did last time but if they do not come this Thursday I will cancel the order. My point is simple. If your company is unable to honor delivery and installation appointments due to Covid or whatever a simple email, text, or phone call would be appreciated. It is astonishing that a company that sells computers etc. is unable to use technology to notify customers of a delay with their delivery and installation. I had a gentleman install a wall plug and paint the wall where the new tv. was going in my house and he easily could have also installed the tv but for some crazy reason I assumed Best Buy would be the better installer of their own products. All your company had to do to keep me as a customer was tell me that your were no longer doing installations or give me a phone call well in advance alerting me to the problem in delivering on time so I didn't waste my day waiting for you to come. These are simple request that any reputable company would meet. Please do check my account so that you can get some idea of the kind of business I have given your company through the years. Deborah Isbister 4465 Bent Tree Farm Road Winston Salem NC 27106. (PHONE) or (PHONE)

    3 years, 29 weeks and 1 day

    I was in your Newport News Virginia location yesterday and needed assistance with an appliance package.
    I am permanently disabled.
    A man Jevaughn who claimed to be a store manager refused to assist me along with his staff in the appliance department.
    No one would answer any questions on availability of appliances.
    I was told because I was not wearing a mask.
    My disability exempts me from wearing a mask.
    I also believe I was discriminated against in the appliance department. Not only am I permanently disabled but also caucasion. The appliance workers last night were black.
    Other departments in you Best Buy that had white workers did not have any problems assisting me without a mask.
    Please respond
    Sincerely Lynn Warness (PHONE)

    3 years, 29 weeks and 3 days