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    Steven Zap

    I can't seem to get anyone on the phone. I was leasing a BMW 750I and I special ordered a New 2021 BMW 750I. 3 months turned into 6 months, due to corona virus. I was told to hold on to my other car until my new car got to dealership. I was told it was stuck at the Port for 3 months . They finally get my car in and it isn't what I ordered. The got the color completely wrong . I Then rushed to return my other lease. I realized the I forgot to empty the sunglass compartment and the glove box. To my surprise, my personal property was rifled though and my glasses were stolen . Also many things in the glove box were missing and the rest was trashed on the floor of the car. The dealership should have protected my personal stuff and asked me to pick up !!! I am pissed !!! They took my personal property and may have even gotten sensitive personal information. I didn't expect a BMW dealership to have thieves working for them. And to make matters worse, they did nothing to fix problem or communicate to me . Really bad look !!!!

    29 weeks, 6 days and 8 hours

    Kermit Kratzer

    I would like to get a name and number for someone that could tell me who manufacters BMW's cooling system hoses for BMW part number (PHONE) expansion tank coolant hose

    34 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours

    Martin Hildreth

    Some people are not thrilled with BMW's new grill. It's not as ugly as the Lexus grill nor is it as elegant as the Mercedes grill. Will it stop me from buying another BMW? No, as my experience with BMW has been good over the last twenty-five years. I, however, am contemplating getting an all-electric car in the near-future. My top choice, until recently, has been the Tesla Model 3. A month or so ago, I saw an article on BMW's all-electric i4 concept coupe that changed my mind. I am very much impressed and hope BMW follows up with this car and that I can buy and drive one, grill or no grill. Keep up the good work.

    34 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours


    I have a 2008 convertible 335i BMW. BMW should be ashamed of themselves! How do you not cover by making a part recall on the Traction Control ABS DSC DTC unit? I am unable to afford such a costly part and repair? So you force us to drive with ABS and traction control which is NOT safe. You need to fix this issue. It is a common repeat problem and BMW should be aware that people spend a lot of money buying and keeping them on the road. All I ask is for you to recall this faulty made to break part.


    Alfonso Abate


    39 weeks, 2 days and 4 hours


    I'm having trouble with my leased 2019 X3. I parked the car on a slight incline, put it in park, turned off the ignition, went into the house and the car rolled down the driveway. I ran out, started the car, pulled it back into the driveway, put it in park, turned off the ignition, took my foot off the break and the car again rolled down the driveway. This time, I was still sitting in it and it stopped when I applied the brake. I repeated the same steps and for a 3rd time, it rolled! My contractor was with me and stopped it from rolling by putting a piece of wood under the front tire. BMW has had the car now for nearly 3 weeks and cannot reproduce the problem, they're telling me it's "user error". I've round several other people, online, who have experienced this issue. I want my lease cancelled or a new car. I cannot take the risk of driving this vehicle.

    1 year, 1 week and 4 days


    I purchased a 2007 BMW M6 from an unscrupulous dealer in KC, KS named ARC Auto Store owned bt Jerry Brokhaus, the dirtiest car salesman ever. The BMW looked to be in good shape for 25K, right around the asking price via KBB. Had an independent car service called LEMONSQUAD check the vehicle. The owner, Andy, is another thief, as the mechanic he screened and hired didnt know what to even look for. Darren Elder the GM was a liar and a waste and told me he would fix the passenger light,which he sent along a couple $2 bulbs to me after the car was delivered. His unqualified service manager, Jeremiah Baxter, couldnt help but I am sure knew what was wrong. The whole lighting assembly needed to be changed at a cost of 1600 plus labor. I had the car partially repainted because of paint mismatch and about another 7000 for mechanical failures and missing parts. It seemed to be a great car when it came off the truck but I hated it all along the way and the dealership because they screwed me and never gave me a dime.

    Now I have a '14 M5 from a great dealership and it needed nothing. I had a true BMW dealer do a prepurchase inspection and then my dealership did an inspection did an inspection as well. Get a BMW dealer check the car before you buy used. It will save you a lot of money in the short run. Also ask for a 60 day warranty from the dealer.

    1 year, 4 weeks and 10 hours

    Michael phillips

    i have never owned a BMW before, so in March of this year I decided to buy one to see what its like to drive a luxury car. I didn't want to buy new, not knowing if I like the car or not. So I saw a 2012 750li x-drive on car gurus, for only $16k. Seemed like a great deal, now I know why. Since March: 1. Tire issue, rim was faulty. $435 2. High pressure fuel line erupted $367 3. Two oil changes, burns oil like a fat guy at a buffet. $436 4. Drive shaft bushings $1011 5. New battery, the old one was only nine months old $462 Now for the encore to all of those problems: I was accelerating up to interstate speed and the drive train malfunction display came on and the car quickly slowed dramatically almost causing a wreck. Shut the car off and restarted it and it cleared out. Then on Saturday 11/23 I was doing the exact same thing and it did it again. This time, however, I almost got hit by a Peterbilt truck, scared the brown matter out of me. Check engine light stayed on now. I called the CCP hotline and spoke to Christina. She was as much help as a bacon salesman in Israel. She told me that the CCP had been completed and there was nothing they could do because of the lawsuit settlement. All she is, is a corporate drone. She could tell me the CCP was completed prior to me owning the car but couldn't give me the date it was completed. HORSE TURDS!!!! It was in the two year warranty period and she didn't want to admit their products suck. Here I am in north Georgia at my moms house, I live in Myrtle beach sc, with a car that won't run right and potentially could kill me if that reduced power stuff happens again. I tried to trade it, NOBODY wants these death traps or money pits. I have a car financed that I can do nothing about now. I had to buy a 2019 Toyota Camry just to get back home. I am going to have to turn my car back into the finance company and suffer a repo on my perfect credit beacon score of 789 now, not for long. Thank you bmw. new mottos for BMW: Bring My Wallet. You will need a giant one if you own these **** jobs. BBW. Buyer Beware Works. I thought I saw the quaintest little lemon stand on the side of the road, then I realized I was at a BMW dealership..lol! I am a 12 year Marine veteran, I lost my leg due to an IED in Iraq in 2011. I have been to deaths door step, laying on the ground on some God forsaken desert floor, with 3 dead brothers laying around me, and my right leg, who knows where it ended up. I never thought driving a BMW might kill me. Happy holidays BMW, here is your lump of coal in the form of a silver 750. DO NOT EVER BUY BMW, unless you like to spend money for no reason.

    1 year, 6 weeks and 4 days

    Eileen Rizvi

    I being a Senior of 80 yrs made excessive payment by mistake on a leased vehicle, when I requested return of my money I was told any refund of $17000 has to be approved by their office in Germany. Not a single day goes by when the dozen large German firm are not charged in different parts of the world for fraud, bribery and all kinds of financial shenanigans. Luckily I resorted to help from Federal Court and the case is making its round. Observe the chauptah of Germans to bribe a Federal Judge ( something most American wouldn't dream of) to win the case which is now under appeal in NYC, Case no 18;3307.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 5 days

    I live in Houston Texas I went to BMW Midtown I live in Houston Texas went to BMW Midtown my sales person had me waiting for eight hours make a long story short they are a bunch of crooks Sal the finance man Very rude very nasty very unprofessional and very money hungry it's a disgrace to have him at any dealership of BMW

    1 year, 10 weeks and 6 days

    L. Smith

    I purchased a 2019 BMW X5 in April of 2019, its 6 months later and having malfunctions and problems already. The engine light came on and the result was major. I never expected to have mechanical problems on a 6 month old vehicle. I'm SMH and greatly disappointed. To add to the carnage I brought the vehicle into raggedy **** Peake BMW in New Orleans only to be treated like dirt, I've owned cars since a teenager, now in my 40's and have never been treated this way before. I'm constantly being told what can't be done, no services Anytime soon, no loaner, no accommodations, no option to wait, in fact I'm invisible, despite the fact that I purchased maintenance packages, warranties and everything available on this vehicle for the purposes of less headaches. Why was I stupid enough to believe a 6 month old vehicle with 2,000 miles on it would still be under manufactures warranty? A part had to be ordered from Germany and replaced. I think this vehicle is defective coupled with the beast who stand and lean in the service Dept at Peake BMW New Orleans makes this experience a regret. Please don't buy a BMW especially from Peake

    1 year, 12 weeks and 1 hour

    Miguel Perez

    I want to share my experience about BMW Mamaroneck New York.

    By far the worst experience I ever had. I've been looking for a BMW Z3 But couldn't find one in any decent condition. I was looking through cars.com I found a 2001 BMW Z3 with 67,281 miles for $7995 the ad stated "New arrival and is in excellent condition" I submitted a request for more information I offered $7000 cash shortly thereafter I received a phone call from customer service they told me that the cars ready whenever I want to come down and take it for a test drive. I then get a call from Vincent he tells me he's willing to go down to $7000 Cash when do I want to come see the car after thinking about it I submitted a request to come down and take the car for a test drive. I received two phone calls and one Text Informing me that the car is ready.

    On Saturday I take the drive down there which is about 40 min from my job once I get there I see the car with the hood open. I'm wondering what is this about Vincent walks up to me and tells me I can't take the car for a test drive that the battery is dead I told him but I got confirmations "come down and you can take it for a test drive" he apologize and told me he would look into getting it fixed. So now I have to take the long drive home with no results.I posted a negative review which by the way everything I Posted Is true. I then get a phone call from Joe the owner and he explained to me that the car has an electrical problem that he does not feel comfortable selling it to me that way so I posted a review about his statement to me and warned people not to buy this car as it has an electrical problem. About a few days to a week after I get an e-mail from Vincent would've video showing me that they had started up the car So I said great they got the car fixed. I once again made another appointment to come down and see the car. I told him that I would come down with cash in hand to purchase the vehicle I also received confirmation that they were ready for me when I got to the vehicle I met Paul he told me I can take the car for a test drive but there is a dashboard warning light that came on.He told me that Vincent send me an e-mail.the e-mail that Vincent sent me stated"I just wanted to let you know that the Z3 is up and running. I also wanted to give you a heads up at the following light came on". There were no photos or any more information attached to this e-mail and after Paul told me that Vincent Sent me an e-mail about the problems with the vehicle.I checked again and found that he had pasted the photos on an older e-mail that he had sent weeks before so I didn't see it with the original


    I decided to take a closer look at the vehicle there was water in the trunk and the two taillights were broken remember "excellent condition"At this point I was extremely discouraged but took the car for a test drive it felt nice unfortunately this car is not in excellent condition. When I got home I decided to offer them $6000 for the car I got an e-mail from Paul that they will going to send a car out for auction.The next day I get a phone call from customer service the young lady was very nice to me and I explained that they will never get what I am offering for that car she relayed to me how sorry they were about my problem and would look into it. The next day I got an e-mail from Vincent he said that the car hasn't gone to auction yet and that he spoke to the general manager that he got authorization to sell me the car for $6000 I thought great I can buy the vehicle and repair some of the issues myself. Afterwards I got a call from Paul asking me if I was going to come down and purchased the vehicle I said yes I will be there on Friday with cash on hand he told me that the vehicle would be ready and that I needed to send him Proof of insurance and a copy of my license. On Friday I took a half a day and took Metro North on the way to the dealership I get a phone call from Paul he tells me that the car is in the shop and hasn't got back yet but should be there by the time I arrive that he would pick me up at the train station. Once I Arrived I call Paul Twice and it went straight to voicemail. I decided to walk when I arrived Paul tells me the car still not ready. For almost 2 hours they kept coming to me telling me the that the car is still being service they will let me know when the car is ready finally after almost 3 hours Vincent comes over to me and tells me the car is not going to be ready today he said it to me In a way I feel he was not being empathetic.

    He then told me that they would give me a loaner and deliver the car to me. I expressed to him that I did not want a big vehicle as I have to put it in my garage and it may not fit he quickly replied "we have no choice as to what we can get you".

    After that Paul came back to me and told me that they can get me a loaner but I have to pay for the Z 3 First now I have a car that's registered and insured and paid for on the my name but I still don't have the car.

    Now the loaner this car was filthy and scratched up it's basically a brand-new BMW X3 which looks like it hasn't been washed in weeks.

    Because they took so long I now have to drive home at rush hour which took me three hours.

    I'm wondering whether or not I'm going to get this car or have I just been screwed. I've been to many BMW dealerships but this is the worst. I Can't blame it on all the employees but I can blame Vincent Paul and the owner Joe Who lied about the electrical issues as I was told by Paul that it Was not an electrical problem but a dead battery.

    There is a saying "A chain is As strong as its weakest link"

    And this chain has three weak links I am not a vindictive person by nature but I wish these guys would get their just desserts they lied and deceived me as far as I'm concerned this is not one place you want to buy a used vehicle low-end buyers get treated like ****.

    1 year, 12 weeks and 2 days


    My wife leases a 2018 X3 which has less than 5000 miles on it. Over the winter the heat would just stop working although showing on full blast. After waiting the standard 3-4 weeks for a loaner to be available, the car was brought in for service. They replaced a part and sent us on our way. The issue started happening again, and also affected the AC. The second trip to the service dept. resulted in them "resetting the computer" in the car. Shortly after that we encountered the same problem. After the car sat in the shop for a week because they could not replicate the issue, we told them we wanted it back (mainly because we needed to have car seats in both cars for our young children). While it was in the shop I reached out to BMW USA support to see what our options were to get out of this lemon. They (Ross) ended up offering us $1000 for the inconvenience (I'd have to sign a notarized letter probably absolving BMW of any responsibility for the faulty vehicle). I turned it down saying the car still has issues and I want it fixed or replaced. Ross told me they would not offer anything else and couldn't help me. Although his title on the email he sent is "customer relations and service rep" he told me there was nobody higher than him that I could speak to when I requested a supervisor. Such a disgrace of a customer service department. This was our third BMW but will definitely be our last. I expected more from a "luxury" brand.

    1 year, 13 weeks and 3 days


    Customer Service at the BMW of North America. I do not know if the person that has been handling my cases or if this is normal practice because I have asked for helping assist me, Christopher Antal has never able to assist me or he is discriminating because all his response is "NO" because it is not under warranty. He never tries to understand the issue even though the issue was addressed when it was under warranty. I think the consumers need to be aware of this before purchasing an BMW. I have discouraged several people not to buy and BMW because of the experience I have and they purchased an Maserati or an Mercedes Benz. I have not had this type of customer services with Lexus or Mercedes. Consumers please be aware of the service you may expect from BMW.

    1 year, 14 weeks and 5 hours

    Queen Csaritsa Malka


    I was listening to a dog breeder telling how mongrels are always unpredictable in their behavior - they don't know which stain they should act like. This doesn't apply to us tho', we're not animals. Ain' dat so, Izzy?

    1 year, 17 weeks and 5 days

    Leo Avlonitis

    My name is Leo Avlonitis

    3 year ago I purchased a 2016 BMW 328 X drive from Habberstad BMW at the time of the sale I purchased thru the dealership Wheel and tire insurance Dynamic wheel and rim Policy # DWMAX -C19495

    Now the car is at REEVES BMW in Tampa florida for a broken tire and rim since last monday 9/2 /19 the sales associate at reeves is Cliff Sharpe (PHONE)

    Jordan who is a student at University of tampa has been going back and forth to school using Uber fro the past 10 days at a rate of $40.00 per day

    Dinamic wheel is claiming that the rim price at the Reeves BMW is too expensive and that they will mail a rim to Reeves BMW

    When i call customer service at Dinamic wheel i get the run around. the person handling this case is Jordan and or Carrie Neither of them are available to talk or give me or the dealer ship a straight answer as to when the rim will arrive.

    When i asked if the rim will be new they hung up

    BMW should resolve this matter immediately by fixing the problem by tomorrow morning,

    pay for the ubers to date and give us a loaner.

    I can be reached at (PHONE)

    or (EMAIL)

    1 year, 17 weeks and 5 days

    Very bad service in henderson Nevada BMW they upset me never never go there please you have to watch them very closely went to bye a car with excellent credit and $6000.00 down what I got X3 with no option at all only am fm radio didn't realize it until I sign the paper they really screwed me

    1 year, 18 weeks and 6 days

    My 25 yr old went to bmw of newton nj to test drive and buy a new bmw. He has owned bmw since he was 18 and loves the cars. He spoke with a salesman named Jerry. Jerry sat him down and started asking him questions. Like how much of a payment did he think he could afford. My son answered his questions. Then Jerry said he would not take him out for a test drive He would not waste his time because he knew he could not qualify for a loan. My son is a financial adviser for a law firm makes over 50000 a yr and has no expenditures he lives at home. Jerry never asked for the info he needed to check his excellent credit. My son is a college graduate with a great job. He has had his own credit cards since he was 18. How dare this salesman speak to him like that. How many other sales has he lost due to this attitude. I think Jerry needs retraining on how to deal with customers. I guess one sale does not mean much to bmw but I have a loud voice and will use it have a good day

    1 year, 18 weeks and 6 days


    I bought a high end BMW M550i X-drive. The car itself is a pleasure to drive, but the dealership, Reeves in Tampa, is a nightmare. I complaints are too long for me to write, so I will summarize. They tried to charge me too much for the initial purchase, but I got the vehicle for $5000 less at another dealership. Then when I had an issue with my HUD, the service adviser told me it was normal for the display to have a blinding glare. The service manager corrected him later and fixed the problem. Then I took my car in for an oil change. I showed the service adviser, Cory, a picture of an electronics glitch, which he stared at and didn't see a problem. After getting the shop involved they gave me a loaner. Two days later they went to order the part and found it on backorder. So after 3 days I got my oil change and was ready to pick up my car when Cory calls me and tells me I have a flat on my run flat tires, except I don't have run flat tires. Then he wants to charge me $50 to patch it. It was fine when I left it. But the reason I am writing this is because in the end, Cory nor the manager will even answer my calls (tried for 2 hours!!) to discuss the situation. Sigh....

    1 year, 20 weeks and 3 days

    Jacqueline E

    After being a customer over 10 years and continuing to make United BMW my next car experience has never failed me.I did experience an issue with my X7 that was purchased around April 2018 with a squeaking sound that seemed to be coming when I am putting on brakes.After bringing my car on numerous occasions I can say that the Service Manager Brent Beltz along with Chris Chang have come to the rescue to finally get my problem resolved.I am thankful for this quality of service.

    1 year, 22 weeks and 23 hours

    edward j japhe

    On JulyJuly 12 11, 2019, I left my 2013, 750li with Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville, FL for its periodic check. It had only 1 minor problem being that no audible sound could be heard when locking the car. I was promised the car on the following day, July 12, and given a loaner car. On July 12, he servicd agent phoned me and stated that during their check, suddenly the windows were not operable, and that the necessary part/s would have to be ordered from Geermany, and were not available anywhere in the USA. It was estimated that they would receive the parts in 7 to 10 days.

    I have contacted them after 10 days and was finally told that the parts would not be available from Germany before 8/8/2019, approximately 27 days after July 11. This BMW is the first one I have owned, and previously owned Mercedes S Class vehicles for 40 years, during which time I always received prompt and excellent service. While I am pleased with your BMW, this type of very poor service for your top line Car competing with the Mercedes S Class is baffling and inexcusable.

    1 year, 23 weeks and 6 days


    I had a 2008 328i, rear wheel drive, 6 speed manual, kind of a base model, but I liked it. I took meticulous care of it, kept up on all the maintenance, didn't blink when the car suddenly stopped running, and new plugs and coils were $900. Also didn't blink when the starter suddenly went out, costing me another $900. What did make me blink, however, is when it burst into flames while I was driving it. That took me off guard. Get those blower motor wiring harness recalls done! BMW made it right, however. Paid off my loan, and sent me a check for the remainder of the value of the car. I'll have another BMW someday, but for now I'm sticking with a Chevy truck.

    1 year, 24 weeks and 9 hours


    Had my 2001 X5 3.0 since it was new just hit 300,000 miles.

    Thank you BMW

    1 year, 26 weeks and 12 hours


    For Berhard Kuhnt,'CEO We love our second BMW SAI X1 First one was 2015 and second one now is 2018 People at BMW, Bridgeport, Ct are amazing with style, courtesy, knowledge and customer service. Horrible experiences with these run flat tires, Had to buy 5 new tires on these 2 cars, almost $2200. This is absurd and we love the car,,its comfort, its pep, its great features for 2 seniors,.... I would love to promote BMW to friends, families, fellow college professors, collegial mental health professionals... do not if I can having these bad experiences. What can you do for us? Laurence C. Segall, Marriage and Family Therapist, Trumbull, Ct.06611 (PHONE) Larry.

    1 year, 26 weeks and 2 days

    Mike B.

    Cindy Davis,

    All the "additional warranties" are a con on customers. Never buy them.

    1 year, 29 weeks and 3 days

    Cindy Davis

    I purchased my dream retirement car a little over a year ago from Orange County BMW in Harriman, NY. The sales person and general manager were very helpful , as were the service department over the last year. I can't say the same for the F& I guy...the one who sells all the additional warranties, financing etc. I purchased several warranties as I thought this car would last me a while and I know they are high maintenance. I was in an accident early this year which resulted in the car being totaled. I have been calling the dealer for 3 1/2 months for processing reimbursement for cancelled warrantees. Suffice to say, the F&I guy is less than honest and not a straight shooter. I thought I had some safety being part of the "car family" but it proved to be far from the truth when dealing with this person. If this is the guy the dealer wants to have taking care of their customers, the public needs to be extra sharp and make sure you don't purchase any of the extras from the F& I department.

    1 year, 29 weeks and 3 days