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    I have been getting gas and other things for years at your store in st.cloud fl on highway 192 for the past year almost though igo to work at 4am in the morning for about a year now o go up there at 2am and it says closed from 2 to 5am this happened last night it happens all the time don't say 24 hours if your not open I started going down the road to the 711 because there are always open it puts me late for work this is ridiculous never again

    28 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours

    Someone not as stupid.

    Anonymous is just stupid. It's for his protection if he should lose his card.

    35 weeks, 4 days and 15 hours

    Not happy!!!!

    At Grafton Wisconsin location 1604 Wisconsin Ave.53024. Last three times I was there,CASH ONLY. No credit or Picknsave cards taken. No 5 cents off . nothing off at all. They say the BP link is down. I think it is old pumps, all around bad business practice. Better solve this problem, only BP close to me. Starting to look else ware to buy gasoline, and I don't mean BP stations.

    37 weeks, 4 days and 1 hour



    I paid 30.02 for gas and was charged 75.00. What is going on? How is an extra 45.00 charged to my card. Please contact me ASAP.

    39 weeks, 2 days and 20 hours

    Linda Morton

    Sunday night I bought a few things at our BP station on HWY 67 in Ashippun , WI 53003, The young man behind the counter did not have a mask on and when I asked him if he was going to wear one, he and the man behind me in line were VERY rude, yelled at me and would not let me get a work in edgewise. I do not feel safe going in there and will not be back. I wear a mask to keep other people safe if I were to have coronavirus and was not symptomatic. Is this the way you train your employees to behave? Do you have any concern for the health and safety of your customers?

    39 weeks, 5 days and 17 hours

    Kenneth Paulison

    I want to reach out to whomever needs to hear this. I am a law enforcement officer from Nebraska and was given details on the first responder program. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have not always been a specific company user, but I want you to know I've become a loyal BP customer. There are not a lot of large corporations out there who would do something like this. They just want to sell product and that's the bottom line. I know it's only a 50 cent discount, but it's the idea behind it.

    Our world is a very different place right now with Covid-19 changing everything we do in our day to day lives. I believe we need to all take a deep breath and things will return to some semblance of normality in the future.

    I know several of my co-workers who have taken advantage of this discount. I want to thank whomever made this possible. We are truly blessed to have people thinking about us in this very unique time in our lives.

    Than you again

    45 weeks, 3 days and 12 hours


    BP sent a letter to my mother in law saying she voluntarily dis-enrolled from her Medicare health plan during the Coronavirus outbreak!!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!! My mother in law is 81 years old with underlying health issues that make her high risk for Coronavirus!!! Why would she voluntarily drop her insurance during a pandemic?? She never told anyone to stop her coverage!!! THIS IS INHUMANE. I WILL BE CONTACTING LAWYERS, THE MEDIA AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES

    48 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours

    One of your stores at 909 clarkson rd in stlouis mo is allowing refills from outside cups. This is how this virus is moving along.

    49 weeks, 1 day and 21 hours

    Your company carve 100.00 twice on my credit card the amount of gas o put in my compact car was a fill up at 41.00 then 11.76 how the hell does this happen I need a number so this situation can be straightened out immediately thank you

    1 year, 1 week and 20 hours

    Kim Waidlich

    Your location at 10th and Shadeland in Indianapolis Indiana never answers her phone the reason I was calling is because the cashier scam me for **** bill although it's very minimal but he knows what he did my order came to 2.84 and I got $12.16 back

    1 year, 2 weeks and 19 hours




    1 year, 2 weeks and 1 day

    John Jacobs

    The worst company, the US has ever! I was in a gas station and the station employee wanted to steel my money. I said I do not have cash, he says, the credit card machine just broke. And it broke just for me. This company should be banned for not training it's employees and franchises.

    1 year, 4 weeks and 6 days

    Harold L Berk

    Pay a week early or they charge you $35.36! I will cancel my account.

    1 year, 6 weeks and 15 hours


    Heads up. Mother and son (scam artist team) in Hattiesburg Mississippi. son claims to be an engineer for BP approaches people with out of state tags claiming to have left wallet and has no money for gas. Green Kia tag S9102. Seen him twice now. Confronted him with his story before he could and scared them off

    1 year, 8 weeks and 4 days


    Love stopping by at 100 Miller road Mattoon IL BP in the mornings to see the staff they always upbeat & friendly. Fresh coffee and great customer service .

    1 year, 12 weeks and 1 day

    Al Johnson

    I've had to enter my zip code for years at every station where I live. It's a good and simple way to reduce credit card fraud.

    1 year, 12 weeks and 6 days

    I get my gas NOWHERE ELSE & pay at the pump to save time. I now have an issue with having to put my zip code in before I can get gas. I live in Illinois. IM NOT GOING TO STAN THERE & FREEZE SO U CAN GET MY ZIP CODE. I WILL GO ELSEWHERE

    1 year, 12 weeks and 6 days

    I think that was a guy :) Madison is a man's name. Also no such thing as unladylike language. People of both sexes often curse when angry. I'd be more concerned this person got double charged for an order.

    1 year, 13 weeks and 2 days

    That's really not even worth complaining about :(

    1 year, 13 weeks and 2 days



    On 10/27/2019, I went to BP gas station, 299 Route 35, Laurence Harbor, NJ 08879, & put $20 gas

    in my car using my debit card. Once this charge appeared on my bank account, 3 fraudulent

    charges of $95.90, $99.78, & $99.76 appeared from Wawa 983/00009837 South River, NJ.

    I contacted my bank & did a dispute & received pending credits for the 3 fraudulent charges.

    I contacted Old Bridge Police Dept & did a police report.

    I want to alert you to this scam as it has happened to numerous people & many locals who

    use BP in Laurence Harbor. I am not sure what others have done legally but I am not just

    letting this slide. I believe there is a theft ring related to this gas station & the authorities

    should check into it.

    1 year, 13 weeks and 5 days


    BP is a serious ripoff. I WENT to get gas and had money on my card, just used $10.00 for gas swiped at pump, they took all the money on my card and left me a zero balance on it. What a the heck are they doing taking money that don't even belong to them. Now I have to wait for almost a half a week or two to get my money back on my card. I'll never use them again. Will never use them again!!!!.

    1 year, 15 weeks and 1 day

    You're welcome

    When calling others stupid you should use the correct form of you're.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 3 days

    Ricky Thrasher

    If you get gas at any BP your stupid,,, BP is letting people die from oil spill,, cares more for animals , they should lose all government contracts until all have been made whole ,, at least treat us like a bird

    1 year, 19 weeks and 3 days

    Tony Williams

    This is a bit of a serious issue, my Credit Card purchases at BP gas stations in Memphis TN at Lamar and Pendleton location is showing on my billing statement I'm purchasing the gas at another Bp gas station location in Memphis 11 miles from the original purchase location. And In 2 known locations on Lamar, after a heavy rain water seem to be getting in the fuel pumps.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 4 days

    Stressed Out

    To BP management; I am cancelling my credit card and debit card because of an experience @ BP#1818970R-STORE #61, Riiser #61 @ 1232 Cty Rd. O Plymouth WI 53073. I inserted my credit card and pulled it out. Pump accepted card then jumped to gas done mode and would pumped no gas. Got receipt for $0.00. Tried again and would not pump. Card is valid. Then tried debit card. I put it in, then pump said select fuel type etc. Pump worked without me removing card. Had to enter store for receipt. Viewed receipt today from 10/13/19 12:22:14. Gas was charged to credit card not debit. Does someone have my debit & credit card #s ? [ invoice #: 359311, TRAN# (PHONE) ] PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT ! Store is at intersection of two major Wisconsin highways. One running north/south and one east/west. Perfect location for ripoff. Have been buying gas using credit cards for 20yrs. and have never had anything like this happen.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 5 days