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    I do not normally do this but something needs to be done before someone gets severely ill and dies. This is a complaint about store #11507 order #93 on 01/25/21 @ 3:05pm pacific time. Store address; 8600 N Las Vegas Nevada on 8600 w Cheyenne. I have pictures of both my meals and both whopper's where completely made wrong. the tomatoes was expired as you can see in my pictures, no ketchup, burnt buns, one had a burned patty upside-down while the other one was undercooked upside-down the onion and pickles we're on the bottom underneath the upside down Patty's on both sandwiches one was supposed to have no onion. Both with very little wet bad tasting lettuce both sandwiches served cold as well. As bad as this was we attempted to eat the sandwiches by removing the mush tomatoes and flipping the Patty's reheating them and adding ketchup that was missing. Of course we both ended up with what we believe to be food poisoning. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience here but it's the only burger King with surge soda close to my house and that's why I come to this location. I don't know if me being in Law enforcement has anything to do with this but I continue to get bad food even in my personal vehicle without a uniform on and wearing a mask. If we do not feel better in the morning we will be going to the hospital in fear of covid-19 neither of us have caught it yet but I now have a slight fever of 100.6 and my job will not let me return to work if my temperature is over 100.4 and will immediately Place me on sick leave for 3 weeks. Which will cost me 3 weeks sick leave as well as loss of overtime that at the moment is unlimited due to shortage of Staffing. I will have to get a clearance fit for Duty letter from a physician to even be allowed to come back to work. And potentially infect other people I hope this is not the case but either way this restaurant needs to be inspected as it is clearly poorly ran to say the least. I would like to give you the opportunity to please investigate this as soon as possible eating raw meat from Burger King and expired, wet,cold, burnt food is a definite health hazard to the public please correct this before the health inspector does. My name is Richard as listed in my initial complaint as well as my phone number. you can reach me anytime. As I mentioned above this is one of the few Burger Kings or anywhere for that matter you can get surge soda and I would like to continue enjoying my surge without the risk of serious illness.

    3 years, 10 weeks and 6 days

    Reno Thomas
    I was a Burger King employee for a restaurant in mesquite, Texas all for about 4 months. Working there had its benefits but being there seemed like a problem for my team members. They rarely spoke English and any problem they received from in front of the counter would be ignored until I solve them. I started off at a 8.90/hr my issue is I was being discriminated since they barely spoke English, my team members would really dig into my life, speaking Spanish amongst themself about me wondering how my home life went. I am 3 different races and I am fluent with 2 languages... so when the gossip became too personal I would intrude telling them to don't speak the way they were speaking about their topic... throughout my time working there I have heard the words "negro, bastardo, retardo, and poopay" it just wasn't sitting right for me to work there anymore. I have been discriminated and now I'm unemployed with 20 miles left of fuel in my tank. Thanks for the trash **** chemistry y'all have.

    3 years, 21 weeks and 5 days