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    I totally agree. that ad brought me here to look how to email corporate. It's a completely irresponsible message. If you want to hunt, hunt and be sure you hunt for your food, not sport. Won't ever buy another Cabela product

    21 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours


    I see the ad showing a man mounting a field camera on a tree while a little girl putting corn on the ground. Baiting......really? that's not real hunting.

    22 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    Contact James via email (EMAIL)


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    23 weeks, 2 hours and 11 minutes


    Ordered a gun they advertised in their mailer and found out that my order was cancelled because they couldn't get the gun from the manufacturer. No phone call!!! No email message!!! Horrible! They owe me money!!!!!

    23 weeks, 5 hours and 17 minutes


    2 weeks ago I saw a .22 I like on sale. Syas you can order guns and get them shipped to the store. **** you can't order them online. I emailed customer service and still have not heard from them . That is false advertising bunch of liars . and its obvious there customer service sucks

    23 weeks, 2 days and 1 hour

    Cabelas you are the worst at online delivery dates. I will never order online again. I ordered a week ago free 2 day but it has been a week still not here. I will buy somewhere else and return when the package arrives. Last time i buy from you!!!!!

    23 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours

    not a fan

    I am really mad about your delivery of ordered item. Cabela's could care less about the environment or it's customers. I received an e-mail that my order was ready for pickup. I drove 50 miles 1 way to pick my order up and open up a 6 x 6 x 4 inch box to find a package of 10 hooks. I ordered approx 11 items. Then i get an e-mail that it was a partial order. Lets look at the waste you idiots cost over 2 hrs of drive time for me, 12.00 dollars in gas the huge box this tiny item came in, the cost for you to package a 3.30 dollar item and not one person is satisfied in the end. Your total disregard for our environment, the piss poor customer service and waste of everyone's time is horrendous. The people in your company that dreamed up this process and delivery should be fired. "Tim Scott"

    I would like to be compensated for the money it cost me to pick up 1 item. If the rest of the order goes the same i will have to drive 1000 miles to get my complete order.

    23 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours


    Been trying to make a purchase of a rifle for months with no luck. Item never in stock at any store and stores will not or can not order item. I understand with covid things are backed up, I understand with covid things are not available! I am not asking for next day overnight delivery.....I am asking that Cabela's honors their sale prices that they are advertising and to put my name down for when the item does ever come in!!! I don't care if it takes months to get...I just want the advertised price without having to wait six months for it to go on sale again. Heck how about a rain check!!!

    24 weeks, 3 days and 9 hours


    We ordered shoes online that were the wrong color, sent them back. Cabela's got the package back June 10th. We have not received a credit back yet. We have called several times to find out where our refund is. Get a runaround every time, even from a supervisor last time. I will keep calling until I get my money back but I am DONE with this company.

    25 weeks, 5 hours and 11 minutes

    Steve Walker

    Don't buy a boat from Cabela's because my friend bought a 43000.00 ranger boat and hasn't got home because it won't crank. Nobody calls and it's going on 2 months. The Cabela's close to rock hill South Carolina and he is getting ready to tell them they can have it

    27 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour


    I am a cabales employee and i am not surprised by any of the reviews on this site. I would like to add some more reasons why you should not shop there. First there credit card is a scam all the points you earn are only good at the store. Second there is a daily quota to sign people up and i am expected to signup x amount of people per week. In morning meetings i have been singled out by the store manager and told not to sell certain merchandise. I was told to sell them more expensive gear because we need to boost overall sales. The sale fliers are a fraud 90% of the items are not even on sale and the few things that are, well we only receive a few of those items and they are sold out within a few hours. Also they haven't really been taking any steps to stop the spread of cornia virus. I have seen 100+ people standing at the gun counter all huddled together most without masks, not that it makes any difference because masks can't stop cornia. A n95 mask can only filter particles that are .3 microns or higher, cornia is.1 microns. I don't want you to take my word on that do your own reasearch. In fedurary several managers were let go because of company restructuring most had been working there since the opening of the store over a decade ago. One of the managers told me they were told they had to take a pay cut or they would have to find a new job.Then in march when most companies are giving employees hero pay for coming to work during the pandemic cabelas cut managers saleries by 15 to 20%. The firearms counter started putting ammo behind the counter so people buying firearms could have some ammo but the store manager stopped it. He said they have to take there chances like everyone else. I could write a lot more but i am stopping here so i can stay somewhat anonymous. If this sounds like a place you want to do business with then maybe i will see you there. I do suggest you go someplace that cares about your business. This company is only interested in making as much profit as it can.

    29 weeks, 2 days and 5 minutes

    Denny Hamlin, Ridgway, Colorado

    I just want to personally thank Debbie Tessta , a general manager at the Grand Junction , Colorado store for her professionalism,

    folllow up,and tremendous communication skills in regard to a

    product issue! We have been shopping Cabelas since the 1960's.

    She is a rarity in today's world of large retailers and truly an

    individual we hold in the highest esteem! You should be proud

    to have her!

    29 weeks, 5 days and 3 hours


    Cabela's in Phoenix, Az is PREJUDICE

    29 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours

    James Tilley

    Someone need to answer the phone at the Waco store.

    29 weeks, 6 days and 8 hours


    Just wanted to offer my thanks for y'all canceling my order. As it turns out you saved me$53.11. Got the Henry 45-70 H010B from Bobby's Guns and Ammo. I cut my Cabelas Club card. I will never go to Cabelas again for anything. Good Luck!

    31 weeks, 1 day and 3 hours


    Hello and good morning. I'm letting you know about my my experience at your store yesterday. I normally don't let stuff bother me but I can't let this go. I took the day off work just so I could be there before your store supposedly opens at 10Am. I arrived at 9:45 so I would be early and stand in any line that you might have to get in at 10am. To my surprise there was no line and the parking lot was full of cars. So I got to the door at 9:50 and was surprised to walk right in BEFORE 10am. I made my way straight to the gun counter only to be told there was 20+ people ahead of me and I was told by the employee that the hand gun I was after for the sale would more than likely be sold out. Not the news I wanted to hear but I told him to take my name and number anyways. I waited a hour and a half and finally got called up. And of course the gun I wanted was sold out. Long story short while I was standing there waiting I over heard a lot of people's stories and not one of them should of been let in the store before me. They were in no way any different than me. It's VERY DISAPPOINTING that they were let in the store and received something that should of been mine. Not a very good on the behalf of Cabela's/Bass Pro.

    31 weeks, 5 days and 10 hours


    Will not buy from either Bass Pro or Cabela's again. First and foremost be aware they will send out fliers with rock bottom pricing but no inventory to back up the item. Also, you go to the store itself and ask if they can order it for you, and they tell you no and to go online and do it yourself. Also, their regular pricing is definitely higher than you can buy elsewhere, so the only time I would purchase from them was when they have a sale. Here again, only problem is no inventory to back up their current fliers, and store employees do not care whether you buy from them or not. If you do business with them, price shop first, and if it is a sale item, call first before wasting a trip to the store.

    31 weeks, 6 days and 5 hours

    Shout out for integrity

    I wanted to give a shout out to the Cabela's employees in the Allen store today. I dropped an envelope with a significant amount of cash in it. Due to the high integrity of the folks working, I received all this money back.

    Thank You!

    32 weeks, 5 days and 2 hours

    Robbie lewis

    I would not shop with this company and give them any of your hard earned money their managers in Allen Texas are very unprofessional went in to purchase a firearm stood in line for over two hours to be sent away because of early store closure this is ridiculous I have spent many thousands of dollars at this location but never again I will gladly pay more money elsewhere to someone who appreciates business no wonder they sold to bass pro won't be long and they both will be only a part of history

    33 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour

    j t dobson

    the cabelas capitol one credit card is not a reliable card the incompetance of the employees at capitol one is outrageous i will be removing myself from doing any business with capitol one,cabellas and bass pro shop until i amsatisfied that they can provide a satisfactory experience.if anyone cares.

    35 weeks, 3 hours and 38 minutes


    I am sorry I forgot to say who I am.

    Laurie Stevens

    35 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours

    Hello, my husband and wen into your store in Glendale, AZ. Our salesman ,Dan, took all of OUR information. Including copies of BOTH of OUR drivers licenses. WE went in to sign the papers. Happy day right? Not for me. At the end we realized WE were not buying buying the boat. All the paperwork was in my husband's name. I have a problem with that. My husband never got a response to his first e-mail. I finally emailed the manager Harold. He said that's how it was doe and we should contact the bank that financed. We were the victim of fraudulent paperwork. That contract was NOT what we submitted.p

    35 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours

    Anthony B.

    I placed an online order on 04/18/2020. The order hadn't shipped so I called customer service on 04/27/2020 to get an order status. The representative told me that the item was backordered, that they just received the item today and it would be shipping within 24-48 hours. I called again today 04/30/2020 because my item still did not ship. The representative told me the same story, that it will ship within 24-48 hours. I told her that's unacceptable and I wanted to cancel my order. She told me I couldn't because it was "too far in the process". How can you tell a customer that they cannot cancel an order???? What kind of company is this, the item hasn't even shipped and you're telling me you can't cancel an order??? I will never shop Cabela's again. Piss-poor customer service.

    37 weeks, 6 days and 5 hours

    Mark Webb

    I recently purchased a shotgun from the gun library the add described the shotgun as...Overall it is in nice condition with some scratches and scuffs. In the process of cleaning it I discovered several long cracks in the stock, the buttplate was broken in multiple pieces and solder or led had been poured into the receiver to try and correct for a badly worn fit at the barrel which made the gun dangerous to shoot. Apparently Cabelas does not inspect their guns before they are put up for sale. Do yourself favor and go anywhere else for your gun purchases.

    37 weeks, 6 days and 7 hours


    I keep trying to buy a Winchester sx4 compact from the website for the last month and half. I keep ordering it on my cabelas club card to pick up in Green Bay Wisconsin and every few days canceling it so I have to reorder it. Every independent dealer I talk to can get it. This is truly deceptive practices or a bait and switch. If it's a shipping problem from the warehouse due to corona virus I can wait as long as I get it for the sale price.

    38 weeks, 1 day and 11 hours