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    Sorry I did not give my name in the previous review . It is Diana Daniel

    3 years, 14 weeks and 4 hours

    Really not sure if this review will go anywhere or not because it seems to me that the management people with Carmax want to hide behind the lower ranking sales people. But anyhow here it goes. I spent this past weekend Saturday and Sunday looking for a car and finally decided on one with Carmax. The car was not located in my city therefore I had to request that it be transferred to me and I was perfectly fine with that . The sales person informed me the location where the car was closed on Sunday and she would have to call me the following day to get my payment to transfer the car. She assured me that the car would not be bought out from under me . I have text messages and also email that say the car has been reserved for me. On Monday after waiting to hear back from the salesperson, I finally hear from her around 1:45 and she informed me the car was no longer available. Somehow it got kicked out of the computer and someone else was not requesting the car be transferred. She was very apologetic and told me she would be happy to help find me another car but this car was no longer available. Basically I cannot believe that this is happening. They screwed up and they need to correct the mistake. I have called the past two days and have had the situation referred to the corporate office people and they are just as apologetic but no one seems too concerned that I had spend hours researching cars and found the one I want , there seems to be something very off about this entire thing. The car I am referring to is a 2016 LexusRX 350 with only 4464 miles . I understand this car is very unusual to run across but what I do not understand is there lack of integrity in regards to this situation. Why is it so easy to tell me they screwed up but can not contact the person who came after me and tell them they screwed up and the car had already been reserved by someone else. Today is another day and I know for a fact that the car has not yet been delivered to the other customer in Tulsa. So why is upper management not more involved in this and doing the right thing . By the way. Car Max business Sloan is " BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF INTEGRITY". Am I the only one who sees this issues going completely against what they are supposed to stand for. Being honest, strong moral and principles and keeping your word. I am not going to back down off of this.

    3 years, 14 weeks and 4 hours