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    The people that maintain the integrity in the fraud division; maintaining solace of confidance. They. I believe need a raise. I will never change fron Chase because of their expiedency and accuracy in responce with their actions. your policies are exacting polite and courtious. I feel safe. ON NET??! Thankyou Steven

    1 year, 28 weeks and 1 day

    Anybody looking for lucy degatano well she traveling with barbara rinaldi lacommare and has cashed my fraud net checks at local establishments...too update from central library rochester ny...as debbie basil stalks me and opens my emails..as she has a dual cell phone..to take my call forwards...as is harshing me..as to diamond dealer laundry mat owner lucy basile didn't like me posting her name to amtrak corp page she was a gossiper when she was a church member at fortress ..well i didn't like her drawing a crowd while i was in times square...inviting everyone to come and see the side show as she leave and goes out to lunch with kirsten gillibrand and did neighbor laurane...introduce lori the stephanie father...as the all lived off central ave in yonkers ny and" the bank of new york "manager right at the start of their block was karen rinaldi marrinzo one who used to work in white plains N.Y. with Bill Nojay..let's all go to saxon woods

    2 years, 18 weeks and 6 days

    Lucy a medaglia

    As i tryed to go to the rochester ny central library it didn't open until 11:00 am cause breakfast was being served was i included nope..too as last night went to m&t bank in Rochester ny put my direct express card in and found out that to steal my money nys lt gov kathy Hochul produced 5 debit cards in my name to steal my money cause it's a state bank and that's how she makes her money stealing from citizens in new york state and in america as her own seperate office located at 110 state st albany ny controls all the corruption of theft against people as i am a victim of hers this women needs to be put in jail...cause she is a **** that has stalked went before and violately invades others lives and gives lee way for others to be corrupt...as dena basil japness creep self serves my friend papers to for a lawsuit cause i walk around at night..and i am harshing her from when we lived at 116 west sidney ave mt vernon.ny as...Deborah basil and her family are following in the foot steps of kathy hochul the bipolar **** hit women of the 70"s that hasn't changed..so when i dump garbage on thr street it nothing compared to what i want to do to these people as mayor lovely warren helps them and encourages this action another liarer who replaced my laptop but gave it to others in calif and not me. Possible her friend debroah basil or elizabeth gwen or carol antabelli and debbie frost..seek of stalking..last time i empty the rochester ny garbage mayor lovely warren got arrested with 15 others for cocaine use..after a party with windstream steven amello

    Lucy a medaglia

    2 years, 19 weeks and 19 hours

    Lucia medaglia

    So does chuck holiday.still work in Rochester ny at chase bank after opening a bank account my name of lucy rinaldi with my sister diane piedmont i understand my account is growing each day with.interest the original deposit was $404,000.00..keep it safe as i will not have anyone rep.me until i return to rochester ny myself.

    Thank you lucia medaglia

    2 years, 21 weeks and 3 days