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    Don Odum

    Dear Dodge dealership, I'm disabled 34-year Combat Veteran that was just hoping to purchase a fun car to enhance my spirits and add a little well needed turn to my life. I'm sorry, but you're one of several dealerships that's called me after I had showed interest in purchasing one of the Challenger RT Scat Pack's offered at a 'True Price deal. Several people called me earlier today from True Price offers and began their typical car salesman nonsense and in a very condescending and deceptive manner with back and forth word play. The 'True price offer I was given to possibly purchase the car with ended up being 'thousands of dollars away from the actual True Price deal I was given. Previously, 'True price at several Dealers I'd checked on came in at 35,300 to 35,700. At that time, I'd become excited in purchasing one of the offers given between the various Dealerships, some as far as Georgia and West Virginia. After Dealers began contacting me, all this dramatically changed!!! I absolutely hate this **** and it couldn't have pushed me any farther away from purchasing a car I really didn't need but had wanted for just for reset and or fun. Please know I wasn't expecting the car for free, however I'm well aware of their new price ranges. These types of sales tactics are not only offensive but are not very ethnical in my opinion. Sales People/Dealerships shouldn't waste others time as well. My Honda Civic may be a really boring car as compared to a Dodge Challenger but at least it runs well and keeps me from making a bad decision in dealing with Dodge dealerships, as I've now been experiencing. For what it's worth I plan to forward this text/message to the Dodge/Chrysler Motor Corporation in hopes that future sales tactics can be reformed or improved. Have a good day. Sincerely, Don Odum. For any questions, feel free to call me at: (PHONE). ( Retired Combat Veteran and once potential Dodge buyer).

    21 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours


    Nice to see this website is current.

    I have a 300C with an interior dash ignition issue. It was an absolute recalled item that Chrysler dealership is denying is "happening" to my vehicle under VIN number.

    The recalls have exceeded past 40 recalls on this make and model. Can the vehicle identification exclude my vehicle alone? I am disputing, filed formal complaints and the dealership is asking me to get relief from Chrysler myself.

    Really?......a dealership giving me a referral to the headquarters of Chrysler.

    I had to restrict them to emails as communication to avoid any confusion to the evasion of accountability.

    21 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours


    Wow! Reading all these reviews tells me this company is an unethical horror show!

    The only way to deal with them is to


    I have ZERO respect for companies that don't give a **** about their customers. THEY ROB YOU BLIND AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.


    21 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours


    It's so disappointing to know Chrysler has employees that are mentally disturbed and can snap at anytime at the Trenton engine plant she has been off more than worked since she started. People that are around her can be in danger if she snaps. That isn't a good work environment.

    22 weeks, 11 hours and 36 minutes

    I am basically having the same issue but not with steering mine is with my back door and having them pop open when driving down the highway and having 4 small children oh and on top of that after 5 times of them saying it has been fixed crushed my 3 year old back and still don't work right.I hired a attorney and am pushing the issue now you should do the same because they don't and will not work with you shame on them

    22 weeks, 13 hours and 41.46 seconds

    I just bought a certified 2019 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel form John l Sullivan in yuba city, ca about 1hr from my city.I had the vehicle about 3 months now, I notice my roof and driver window molding started to deform. I took my truck out local dealer Chuck Patterson Chico, Ca to have them check it out. The service writer came out saw the issue, he said that item is not cover under factory warranty. I told him the truck had less than 20k miles how it is not, he said oh that item only only cover under 12 month 12k. So I ask him what does 3/36 stand for? He couldn't answer my questions.....smh. He said if you had purchased the vehicle from us we would have covered. I called the place where I purchased the vehicle to ask if the item is cover under warranty they couldn't answer my questions due to I have to drive a hour I didn't want to drive down there for nothing. I work for different brands of vehicle Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai I have never had to deal with such a bad warranty issue with vehicle less than 20k miles and cost me almost 50k.......Those item should be cover with no question ask especially deform not broken......never will I buy another vehicle from this company again until those problem are solve

    22 weeks, 2 days and 27 minutes

    Richard Leighton @ (EMAIL)

    I would like to tell you that my 2005 dodge caravan which I purchased new, and drove off the lot with 3 miles on it now has 317317. Still runs great. Everything is Original, engine, transmission, even starter. Only changed batteries, tires, alternator, power steering pump, and many oil changes! Best vehicle I ever owned How many people get this kind of mileage out of theirs?

    22 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours


    My local dealership will not remove my contact info from their records after requesting this on numerous times of calling them. I just called to talk to manager was told he wasn't available, asked to speak to assistant mgr, same answer so called corporate office & was told they don't deal with my problem & need to talk to my local dealership. I am totally upset with the whole **** company!!!

    22 weeks, 5 days and 7 hours


    I understand how going through same situation with my Dodge Journey my daughter is scared to ride and the car and so I'm I car is currently at shop only drive car twice when out the shop the first time just 4 day life span when same issue happened again and everything locked thank god I was not on highway. Paying money on a car that is unsafe and dodge repair doesn't care

    22 weeks, 6 days and 6 hours

    Jeff Kommer was suppose to replace my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica due to their faulty subframe I still haven't got a different car or $2500 check to replace it ig I'll contact a attorney an get WAY MORE just thankful when motor dropped my family including my 2 yr old grandson was okay but I need car been walking over 6 months now president said he'd replace mine with a check Jeff Kommer still hasn't did what he was told tho an sent me my check

    23 weeks, 1 day and 14 hours

    Your Average Joe

    After reading reviews here and on Yelp, I have no idea how Chrysler/Dodge even STAYS in business. I've never owned a Chrysler/Dodge product but was recently interested in buying one. Most of the reviews I've read tells me to stay clear of C/D at all costs. But as usual, I bet the CEO and the higher echelons at corporate in Detroit are in a protected bubble and enjoying their martini with their $100 lunch, with zero regrets about selling **** PRODUCTS to consumers. How sad, but glad I've never had to experience the hell C/D customers had to go through. I trust my gut and it's telling me to go buy a TOYOTA. Success leaves clues and they're not #1 in the world because they run their ship like C/D - They're #1 because they DO NOT run their ship like C/D.

    23 weeks, 1 day and 19 hours


    Company can not seem to locate the part to fix my Ram 1500 truck. The Dealer has had my Vehicle for 40 day and Chrysler won't even give me a rental car to cover for my inconvenience! Ridiculous, so much for American Quality-

    23 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours


    I'm a 63 year old black man living in Upstate NY Newburgh, NY and the service dept. employees were going to attack me at the dealership. Manager stood there and didn't reprimand them! One employee removed his shirt to fight and had to be restrained by two other employees! The police were called. My car has had nearly 10 safety Recalls!!! They are a racist dealership...no black employees to be seen there.

    23 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours

    Disappointed and shocked

    Seriously @Chrysler @ChryslerCares you gave me my car back after we specifically told you the car is unsafe and we do not want the car back!!! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for my daughter to get killed before you listen to us?? Why don't you take the car and test drive it yourselves or better yet, put your loved one behind the wheel and see how confident you feel when the steering wheel locks up on you on the highway!! This is a serious problem! There were several attempts to fix the locking of the steering wheel and no success. You can't drive a vehicle if the steering wheel locks up on you randomly! This Jeep has left her in 3 to 4 unsafe situations!!! Please give her a new Jeep and use the Jeep that has only 9,400 miles on it and study it and try to figure out what the problem is so this way nobody can get hurt. #shameonyou

    23 weeks, 6 days and 6 hours

    Suzanne Bowser

    After buying 6 vehicles, you would think I would be a valued customer. My truck's check engine light is on. It's throwing a emissions leak code but because it's reading ok when they check the emissions, & ITS UNDER WARRANTY, they can't do anything? So, I just drive it with the check engine light on and can't tell if a bigger problem occurs? This will be the LAST vehicle I purchase from them.

    24 weeks, 1 day and 15 hours

    Be better fix your service dept

    I have bought 2 new Jeep wranglers in the past 4 years I love the product. My problem is with the service department at our local dealer Tim Short Jeep of Pikeville Ky. The first one I bought at Tim Shorts but after numerous service department issues I told the sales manager that as soon as I got it out of the shop I was getting rid of it that I don't want a vehicle I can't get serviced. I did just that. I drove it off the lot and went straight across the road and traded it for a new Toyota 4 runner. Then my daughter wanted a Jeep. I told her I would not buy another vehicle at Tim Shorts. We did get her a Jeep 4 hours away in Louisville. Now comes the frustrating part again. It had a caliper sticking so I called Tim Short service. They made us an appointment for 1:00 today to repair it. My daughter drives it there and they take it in and my wife picks my daughter up because I already knew she would sit there the rest of the day if we didn't pick it up. So 1 hour before closing we haven't heard from them so they go to pick it up only to find out they didn't have a caliper so nothing got done. Now they are saying bring it back next week. My daughter is driving a vehicle that the brakes are sticking on. To make things even worse they left my daughter standing while someone drove it back around but she had to go ask them 3 times was someone bringing it. My comments don't describe how bad this dealers service dept truly is. Someone at the corporate level needs to get involved here. Customer service should be a priority in my eyes. Without customers you don't need a service dept I guess.

    24 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours


    Can I get onwers manual on my 2001 Dodge ram truck 1500 5.2 L 4x2

    24 weeks, 3 days and 14 hours


    I am absolutely appalled at how the Norristown Chrysler Dodge treated Ms. Nancy Shell. Racially profiling someone is unacceptable, but to racially profile a woman who is disabled? Seriously? Ms. She'll deserves an apology and Norristown Chrysler should openly denounce racism and racial profiling, and apologize for doing so to Ms. Shelly.

    25 weeks, 16 hours and 39 minutes

    They do because the owners are theDevil himself they Dont care or give a **** about you or me.. believe me word of mouth is very powerful tell everyone you know to never buy their cars or trucks or jeeps or any style ever again

    25 weeks, 2 days and 9 hours

    O my God 20 people died because of their **** greedy ****? Really?? Poor people. I bet it's the same issue I experience the other day I was driving with my two-year-old granddaughter in the car and I lost total control no spearing no no breaks I meant to say steering, and there was a traffic coming ongoing on my left side that I almost hit it like 30 miles an hour couldn't control it I thought I was dying because the car if it would've gone a few more inches off to the right it would've gone down a hill that's probably about a mile straight down and I would've died the Chrysler doesn't give a **** and I'll do them the way I understand there's 500,000 people waiting for this **** part. It should be their **** responsibility to make sure people that have giving them so much money for their cars to be guaranteed that they were safe how could they mass produce cars that are not safe for people to drive in the **** Devils what the ****? Greedy **** that's what they are but they're not even taking care of everybody they have the money they have the **** money to give everybody a loaner car for as long as it takes maybe they'll make everybody in their warehouses hurry up and fix the **** part for everybody to get their cars fixed. We should all start a website let's do that on Facebook let's all make people aware to never buy any more Chrysler jeeps or Chrysler automobiles put their **** out of business not giving a **** about our safety and see how they're going to **** like it almost made me die with my granddaughter and they don't give a ****. Whoever wants to get a hold of me I can start a Facebook page whoever sees this get a hold of me At h a l o c h I x at a o l d o t c o m Everyone reading this and everyone posting how they're not taking care of them let's all go on my page that I'll create and we can all go on there and boycott anyone buying a car from them anymore until they stand behind their product they should be giving everyone rental cars so we can take care of our business every day why should we have to worry about their stupidity and I'm not helping us when we need it especially now when everyone's lost all their jobs and it's hard to get by their billionaires they don't give a **** they've screwed people for years. So everyone get a hold of meAnd I'm going to set up a page that says Chrysler screws everyone and doesn't give a ****. And then from there maybe we can all get together and go on TV like on Fox News and stayed our complaint of them not standing behind their product and not giving a **** if we die

    25 weeks, 2 days and 9 hours


    I'm so glad you're bringing up this issue. I have the same problem in St. Louis what I understood is that there's 500,000 people waiting to get their jeep I think it's a fuel pump relay something or other recall done and Chrysler doesn't give a ****. I've called and I've called and all they do is tell us that they can give us a temporary fix at our local local dealership but it's not safe to drive even if they give us a temporary fix the Chrysler is going to allow dealerships to do until the parts come in. That is that some **** **** why would they care to do a temporary fix not guaranteeing a person Would be safe. Now what the **** is that the Chrysler doesn't give a **** to do at least give everybody a car to use that works but has this issue with their car that they pay to them every **** month plus our taxes plus our car insurance they don't give a ****.

    So who makes them rich we do buying cars from them and they don't give a **** to help us when we need it with their car being Dangerous to drive. I think that everybody should stop paying them as long as it takes to get that part let's see how they're gonna like it not having everybody pay them you're talking 500,000 people waiting for that part right now let's see how they're going to like it if we all Stop paying their ****. Are they going to compensate us for the taxes and the payments that we've done to them so far a while we've waited 10 months for this **** part? I think everyone that's affected by this part not being given to them because they say that it's like because of the Covid it's being mass produced and they can't make enough of them fast enough **** they should've had all those parts ready inStock just in case something like this would've happened they know how many cars they sold. So I see everyone that's affected I think we should never pay them anymore and let's see what they're gonna do about it they're going to have to reverse our credit if it causes us to have bad credit they're gonna have to pay us back our 10 months that we paid themAnd they're going to have to pay our personal property tax portion of the car for the months to prorate what we've had to lose because of their stupid **** would they do that I don't think so. So how about we don't pay them at all let's see how big of a loss they're going to take and see if they like it

    25 weeks, 2 days and 9 hours

    Jean Seley

    I don;t ll i've near your city and I don't drive anymore but will post this so people everywhere can read how this African American woman was treated by your company. This is unacceptable.

    25 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours



    25 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours

    Julia HIll

    Dear Mr. Marchionne,

    I am writing to object to your Norristown dealership's treatment of Ms. Nancy Shell. I don't know what measures may have been taken to discipline the salesman, but I hope they were stern. Beginning with his suggestion that she ask her boyfriend to loan her money, losing the keys and finally calling the police demonstrate his callousness at best, and racism at worst.

    I suspect car sales are a little slow. Chrysler should be going out of its way to treat all potential buyers with the greatest of care and compassion. That Ms. Shell is also handicapped, making it trebly hard to buy an appropriate vehicle, should have seen this dealership rolling out the red carpet.

    She doesn't mention the dealership supervisor. I don't know whether this is because he/she was actually involved in these events or because he didn't know. Either way, it is a management and community FAIL. I recommend you personally send her a handwritten apology as well as publish one in the Norristown paper. Good luck turning this around. Pantsuit Nation on FB has a huge following.


    Julia Hill

    25 weeks, 2 days and 17 hours

    Roberta Anderson

    Is Norristown Chrysker-Dodge selling so many cars that they can afford to treat a customer in such a rude and unprofessional manner? And accuse her of taking the keys? And accuse her boyfriend of taking the keys? And calling the police when they had video and knew exactly what happened to the keys?

    In any case, if the dealership does not retrieve the keys from the test drive immediately, guess who is at fault? Hint: IT'S NOT THE CUSTOMER. IT'S THE DEALERSHIP. When I test drove my current car, the dealer employee parks the car, not the customer. Why? It lowers liability and ensures that the dealership has keys in hands before the car is returned to its original parking spot. Easy-peasy.

    Shame on that dealership. And a disabled customer too. Y'all have lost your minds and apparently your desire to be in business much longer. Choices, people. It's all about choices.

    25 weeks, 2 days and 18 hours