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    Up until just recently I have been able to buy TAB!!! Where has it gone?

    34 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    I purchased some 8 Fl Oz Sprite products from a store off of I-59 N Alabama. I opened one of the bottles taking a few gulps before discovering the taste was tainted. Later made me sick to my stomach. I called the Atlanta Ga Consumer Affairs Dept explaining everything to them. I was not impressed with them from the beginning. Aside the fact of going into all that spill because no one at Coca Cola Bottling cares anyway I feel. I was mailed a box with a jar for pouring the product into along with a UPS label for returning. I packaged it back up then called UPS for them to pick it back up. I was told there was no pre-paid label for them to pick it back up and I would need to drive to the nearest UPS store to return it or pay from $5 to $15 for them to pick it back up. Really. I am a older lady and I live (82) eighty two miles round trip to the nearest UPS store. I explained when I called it was not a call about getting money but rather other consumer safety and I assured the lady I was talking with the tainted product was purchased off a store shelf meaning myself or no one I know tainted the product as that was the suggestion I was picking up on but yes it was a sealed bottle. I now think Coca Cola Bottling Company can join the high ranks of all other giant conglomerate corporations who simply are in it out of greed and money. I have been drinking Coca Cola products for over (60) sixty years but I am now done. I will no longer support a penny pinching company who cannot or will not make the effort to get their tainted products sent back to them.

    1 year, 1 week and 4 days

    Sandra Reilly

    Would love it if you would skip the polar bear commercials and bring back the coca-cola semi lighted for Christmas. It's old and likely in your archives . . . but an excellent, subtle, sophisticated ad. You've done the polar bear thing for a few years. We're over it.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 5 days

    the last few cases of Coca-Cola I've gotten I've got these weird sucked in cans 1 in each case last case I was drinking Jack Daniels with it and I opened it up and it tasted funny just a heads up

    1 year, 21 weeks and 5 days