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    Important proposal

    We are a team with more than 20 years experience in the manufacture and development of Brake, Fuel, and Vehicular Gas tubings.

    Proven experience in developing products for assemblers in Venezuela as: Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, and GM.

    We are ex-workers of a manufacturer of brake pipes and fuel only in the country, of diferents authority label, which closed its operations in Venezuela and we went active part in the implementation of the TS-16949 Quality System.

    We are interested to know if your importantcompany would be interested in opening operations in Venezuela and using our experience and contacts in the assemblers of vehicles, with the guarantee of being unique in the country as was the company that closed its operations in Venezuela 2015 and obtain this interesting market.

    This opportunity could reach not only Venezuelan market but also be able to reach and compete in Colombia and Brazil, since we are in the capacity and the knowledge of the weaknesses and strength of these products. Waiting your response or any contact to discuss this proposal scope and alternatives.

    Best regards.

    Jos Uzcategui

    3 years, 39 weeks and 19 hours