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    Tim England

    My name is Tim England I just got fired from them yesterday after 3 years. I was a driver for them at Joplin Missouri under our old name of Baker color Warehouse. the corporate fired me supposably when the corporate people came in I would be setting down waiting on a delivery and doing notthing and being rude to Greg weaerds out of Little Rock Arkansas don't know if I spelled his last name right. I say bull I was always working so I wasn't working when 6 months ago. I had to scrape up the tile and sand it and then someone had to come in Sunday to clear it that way Monday it would be dried when that should have been done by a professional and is probably a $1,500 or more job I didn't get paid any extra for that. I would go outside and weed eat the grass and pull the vines off the outside wall. I do kind of see that but yet again I was just hired to be a driver not a landscaper or a maintenance man. i was always nice to Greg when he came in and I would pick up the phones whenever the others was on the lines with customers and I was always was nice to the customers and would get their parts to them when ever they needed it and I wasn't doing my job? That does not make any sense to me. He only gave me 10 minutes to leave or he was going to call the cops on me again this was Greg weaerds. People I worked with was always good to me. my boss got me the job when I was still in Franklin tech for auto body collision repair I have nothing bad to say about them they are excellent guys i just have the problem with the corporate people. Thank you for reading this if you did

    2 years, 9 weeks and 1 hour

    Katie Thevis

    Please change email address for Crowley Rice Drier Co-Op # (PHONE) to (EMAIL)

    Thank You

    2 years, 17 weeks and 2 days

    reamed customer

    Was just wondering what the real price of a briggs an stratton carb diaphragm is . Yesterday I was charged 8 dollars for two , Guess the new autozone is putting a crimp in crows game plan, I had to have the part or I wouldnt have bought it , one thing for sure Ill never go back ,

    2 years, 37 weeks and 3 days

    It appears the company does not care about this at all. Probably related to owned/manager and he has different standards than the employees who work hard every day

    3 years, 16 weeks and 2 days


    You have an employee at the Texarkana store that constantly stays on his phone while out making deliveries. He uses a Bluetooth headset so people think he's not on his phone. But he's constantly on it from the time he clocks in until the time he clocks out. Isn't it against company policy no employee should be on their phones on company time? He has almost caused accidents due to being on his phone and he's on the phone when he delivers parts to your customers. If you cannot take care of this, I will take my business elsewhere. He acts like his phone conversations are more important than his job. He's kinda tall, chunky, brown hair, blue eyes, and rude as can be. If he can't do his job then he needs to find him something else to do. He is going to cost you all of your business. He always smells like sweat also. Like he doesn't take a bath. I can't have him delivering parts for me looking and smelling like that! Please take care of this matter before you lose more business. Thank you!

    3 years, 20 weeks and 18 hours


    Dealing with the team in Tulsa is a blessing. Jimmy especially is adept at locating and sending the correct parts. He never seems to mind looking up details to assure the right fitment the first time. Keep up the good work.

    4 years, 11 weeks and 4 days


    Cancel my acc 632019. The man you have in charge of the store in Danville Ar is rude and I have been ignored for the last time. I'll take my business to another parts store.

    5 years, 24 weeks and 1 day