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    I have been buying this Bulgarian buttermilk from Dairy Fresh for several years.... The most recent half gallon came from the Naval Air Station commissary here in MS and has sell by of October 8 which was two weeks after I bought it. I opened it the day after I bought it. As always I shook it up to be sure the cream mixed with the liquid... Filled a measuring cup full of what looked and tasted like SKIM MILK!!! I returned it to the container and shook it again... Same thing!! I couldn't make the biscuits I had planned for breakfast and had to settle for toast! What did y'all do? I would like to get my money back but I wouldn't put that burden on my commissary...I will, however, make sure they know to stop stocking it since it's being sold as Bulgarian buttermilk but what it is the container is nothing more than watered down skim milk! I see from other reviews that this has happened before so I can't take a chance on the same thing happening again to me...I will NEVER buy it again!

    1 year, 5 weeks and 6 days


    Some of your delivery guys have turned into real jerks in the grays harbor area. Makes a person want to change who they do business with

    1 year, 9 weeks and 3 days


    $7 per half-gallon of Bulgarian-style cultured buttermilk? The price has been doubled in the last 4 Walmart stores that I checked. The stuff is almost $3.48 good but I can tell you that it ain't $7.00 good. Yall can keep it at that price. I'll make my own.

    1 year, 49 weeks and 3 days

    Barbara Henderson

    I commented recently about the disappointing change in texture of your Cultured Whole Buttermilk Bulgarian Style.....getting WORSE! I have 5 half gallons in my fridge....3 with best-by-dates of April 23, 2 with best-by-dates of April 27. ALL of them have texture of watered down sweet milk AND with globs of butter (or whatever?) that WILL NOT shake or stir back into the milk! Used to LOVE your buttermilk.....what has happened? Breaks my heart that your product has taken such a nose dive.....I LOVE buttermilk, but I can't drink this stuff. Please notify me if you return to your previous "formula" that you used to use to make the best buttermilk on the market.....you are no longer there.....so sad to see such a good product go by the wayside.

    2 years, 28 weeks and 6 days