• Dick's Sporting Goods

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    345 Court St.
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    Edward Stack
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    Chairman and CEO

    Here is my review of dicks sporting goods. You are completely in apt to help an employee who has been with your company for almost 5 years now with a situation that has to do with another employee who has been there since March 2020 countless attempts to speak with somebody at corporate have been made but yet no one in HR has helped this employee. She's being told that she's not gonna get anything in writing from this company which is complete BS that's not how you run a business all because you guys don't wanna be liable for anything. Trust me when I tell you I plan on letting everyone I know know about the situation and how your corporation works I will badmouth you in every possible way because that's what you deserve

    3 years, 19 weeks and 3 days


    I support with your decision to discontinue your gun sales.

    5 years, 15 weeks and 1 day