• Dilliard's Inc.

    Little Rock
    Street Address
    1600 Cantrell Rd.
    Number of Employees
    Contact Name
    William Dillard
    Zip Code
    Chairman and CEO


    For weeks we received a 8am weak up call 7 days a week from Altoona IA. No message so we never answered. After calling Altoona's police and our local police found we could do nothing about the harassing calls. Finely answered AM call and was told it was Wells Fargo collection agency and that we owed for 3 months bills with penalty's. We never received any bills, email or calls to inform us we were late. I have a 814 credit score, so I pay my bills. Wells Fargo is in charge of all Dillard's billings. Had problems with Wells Fargo in the past at P&G. Payed the bill and canceled my card. This is a poor reflection on Dillard's I think. dillard's need to cut Wells Fargo. They also said they will keep calling until I pay. Still no bill in mail.

    2 years, 15 weeks and 6 days

    Mr Dillard my name is Joann forrest and i am sending you this message concerning the dollar general store at 1012 poplar st in fort gibson, ok. The store is nasty an employee's are lazy and sometimes rude. I have to drive 6miles to another store to shop today my husband stood in line15 minutes to buy3 idoms with 10 people in line another employee came to the front on her cellphone turned around and went to the back of the store and another customer got of line to look for someone to help and couldn't find anyone. What's up with all of these incompetent lazy people that your company is hiring. Since you're last turnover of employee's this has been the norm. Most of the people who shop there don't have a choice of shopping elsewhere. I'm sorry that this store has come to this. I'm a senior citizen and don't always feel like driving 6 miles to shop so will you please please please please do something. Sincerely Ms. Forrest

    4 years, 1 week and 5 days


    My favorite place to shop for men's clothes. They usually have a great selection and fair pricing, or at least a good selection of items on sale.

    8 years, 4 weeks and 5 days