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    El junio 16 fui a que revisar la llantas por mi luz de car me prenda llego y un joven me revisa la presin me dice que mis llantas estn bien que nesesito un sensor del lado izquierdo el de atrs pregunto cunto me sale . Paso a dentro para que otro vendedor creo que michell va revisa las llantas otra vez y me dice que necesito 3 sensores bueno le pongo los sensores yo pensando que me estn dando buen servicio . Me voy llego a breake master le ago el aceite al caro y el manejador me llama para enserme las llantas que estn para reventar en cualquier momento les esplique lo que le hisieron al caro y conseja que vaya para atrs y alble con el manejador que llego otra vez a discount tire le explico y que otro joven me atiendo admite que fue su error y me vende llantas bueno no traigo dinero abro una aplicacin para poder comprar las llantas obvio nesesito llantas para llegar a casa y mi rutina de todos los das segn me diero el discount pero vine pagando todo cuando fue el error de ellos el banco no puede bloquear este pago por que ahora me estn pidiendo los sensores para atrs cuando fue su hror y como se que le van a poner los mismos sensores que yo tena los originales de carro cuando solamente era las llantas al fina creo que yo perd domas porque soy un mujer y no hay quien me defienda fue una esperiensa que hija que ests peronas nunca le again algo a su a sus hermanas o esposas .

    26 weeks, 3 days and 8 hours


    Headed to gatlinburg for weekend vacation with the family. Right before Cleveland, TN exit, my run flat blew. Discount tire(Joshua Clarke) was very helpful. Realized that inside tread on front tire was showing belt. They were able to get me in and out in less than hour and half. The whole time I was there, the whole team was moving swiftly! I was impressed with everyone's work effort and friendliness to each other and customers.

    28 weeks, 6 days and 5 hours

    Tom Woods

    I have bought tires from this company for many years but I must say that I have bought my last tire from them. I had an emergency a couple weeks ago, my tire was going flat really fast. I was across the street from the store in Jacksonville, Florida so I pulled into the parking lot. By this time my tire was completely flat. I went inside the store and ask if they could help me. The young worker behind the cash register said they were very busy but that I could leave the vehicle there and they would check it out. He said that he had to talk to the manager first to make sure. He came back and said the manager told him that they couldn't do anything for me because they were busy and that I would have to move the car off their property. I told him that I would change the tire myself and leave it with them to repair. He said that the manager told him that I could not do anything to the vehicle on their property. I asked if I could speak with the manager and shortly the manager came out and said that they were too busy to help me and that I would have to move the vehicle off their property immediately. I told him that I couldn't move the vehicle because the tire was completely flat and that if I moved it the tire would be destroyed. He said that it was the rule. I asked if I could take the tire off the vehicle and leave it for them to repair and he said that he would not let me do anything to the vehicle on their property and that I had to move it immediately. I got in my vehicle and moved it off the Discount Tire property resulting in the tire being destroyed. I thought that this manager was very inconsiderate, especially since I have bought many tires from this company. I believe that customer service skill is a must in the private sector and I feel that this particular manager showed no skills in this area. This store is located at 9440 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida.

    29 weeks, 3 days and 11 hours

    Discount store here in Houston off briar forest

    This what happen to me at discount store, I went found out my tire was completely gone, well it closing time and they tried to sell me one of the highest tire, I told the store managers I knew how systems work meaning you have a their tire must cheaper, but no this man put words in my mouth went as far as lying and saying I was going to work the system and he repeated it over and over, and told me he was not going to sell me a tire and asked well how am I going to get my car out he said he did not care, but he said he was not selling me a tire because I call main off there so he went on to say if you going to get your money back why sell you tire, that just the cake of it I said if I was a man I would been treated like this so call man went far as accusing me of threatening him body harm and said I'm calling the law on you because you said you was going to get a man to hurt me lie, my boss was on the phone and was shock that he made up the lie, it get worst, I called the the so called big people and all thy did was apologize and the higher up called missed his call you think he tried to call no, been a week, I feel race of profile, because why would you think I'm trying to work the system I work every day this man was out of order, and something should be done about him, and those that are calling them selves in charge should be released to obviously he'll agree with His actions against me, again racial profile.

    30 weeks, 18 hours and 31 minutes


    I went to discount tire long point Dr Houston to have my tires

    Balanced and rotate. 7 minutes later Thay told me my SUV is

    Ready. When I got home I noticed the tiers were not balanced

    Only rotated.

    30 weeks, 6 days and 3 hours


    Had a small leak in my front passenger tire and took it in uder warranty for this to be fix and rotate my tires. The last time I had this done your company stripped a lug nut stud and I had to spend another saturday inconvenience to have this fixed, luckly it was across the street from your store. Today again had this same thing happen and now I have to drive roughly 20 mile to have this fixed with the company you are now having contracted to do your repairs. This is b/s since this company is not open on on saturdays when I am able to do this. Now I have to miss time off work, if not the whole day to have this fixed. Discount tire ??? I do not see any discount in this ****. Your strore is 1301 in Indianapolis /Greenwood & mgr initials are RB

    31 weeks, 6 days and 5 hours


    For better customer service and due to covid19, you need to ask who has an appt and check them in first, then assist other customers. People with appts took the time to make them and they should not be waiting in long lines to get in.

    32 weeks, 10 hours and 8 minutes


    I drop my truck off to professionals, to have my tires swapped. Two hours later pick it up and, realize that my wheels were scratched from there poor tech experience. I brought it to their attention, they would not Take blame. I know accidents happen, I would like them to make it right. I'm a very upset unsatisfied customer, from the poor work Done to my truck. At this time I would not bring my vehicles back to discount tire...... I brought it up to corporate contacted them.I called corporate discount tires. They later they had their insurance call me and make a claim supposedly they were going to take care of me for the damage. At this time they have not took it default for the damage that they caused.....

    32 weeks, 2 days and 1 hour

    Patricia B Allen

    Hi Mr. Halle

    Since this is not the first issue I have had with your online scheduling system for appointments I thought I would enter my review. Several times now I have tried to make an appointment online and it did not seem to register in the system. For example today I got here at 10:30 for an 11 o'clock appointment and my name was nowhere to be found. They looked under several other locations and it could not be found there either. As a result they could not see me for an hour and a half to two hours and I chose to leave.Unfortunately I have 10 pounds of air in my tire and had to find another location to repair it before I made the 20 mile trek home. This was not satisfactory to me. I have purchased all of the tires for this car at discount tire and at the location in cool Springs. I was very disappointed that they could not accommodate me considering I had made an appointment in arrived early. So this is also notice that I will not be using your service or your products ever again as I am sure there are other companies who would appreciate my loyalty.Best wishes to you.

    33 weeks, 8 hours and 47 minutes


    I would pay an extra 200.00 a tire to another company then to buy from discount tire EVER AGAIN....

    33 weeks, 3 days and 7 hours

    Erik Clingerman Mauldin SC.


    I would like too point out a Outstanding.. Employees.. At your Spartanburge SC Store..

    As a father of 4 adult children. My Daughter finally had her own first car. With in the first week. My daughter had two flat tires. Days a part. Your store in Spartanburg store didnt have the tire in stock. (But did) change it too the spare. My Daughter was now able too return back too the store, the Next day too have two tires installed.. (Shawn) stood out among the most understanding.. Care and saftey of my Daughter.. Please uplift this store.. I truly feel that there should be a Appreciation Day at this store that would cover the whole staff.. As this took place over two days.. ( Derek) was also very caring and understanding of care saftey.

    I have been a customer since 2006 for all our vehicle's and will continue to do so.

    Thank you

    Erik Clingerman

    Mauldin SC 29662

    34 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours

    bill p

    i have been a discount tire customer since 2003 and have always received good service until yesterday at your ocala florida shop,my wife is a very easy going woman she went there day before yesterday with a low tire,so they found a screw in the tire then told her they cant fix it that she has to make an appointment so she does for 445 on thursday so on thursday she is there at 440 and they tell her well first they tell her that she has no appointment because she wasnt there 15 minutes early ans so it began she proceeds to tell him that no body told her about the 15 minute early check in,then he say oh ok we can get it taken care of it took them an hour and a half to fix that tire,first off they should have never sent her down the road with the screw we pay for the life time of tire service,2nd if her time was 445 they should have rolled her right in,if your appointment is at 445 and you want a 15 min.check in tell somebody i have been buying tires from you folks since 2003 and this ocala store is the closest one i have found since moving to fl.the service there is taking a bad turn and needs to be looked into,take a look at yelp from what folks are writing,

    34 weeks, 6 days and 3 hours

    I've been a customer for Discount Tire (900 N. Nellis Blvd. Las Vegas, NV) for a long time. I had purchased my car, van, truck, and trailer tires and recommend people to them, but this time I was treated like s*it. They handled the situation badly including the manager, and the salesperson forgot to take our tire and rim from the back of my truck which he told me "I will take it just park close to the curb and I will take it" and they promise us it will be done by a certain time. We went there to pick up the tire, but as I open the back of my truck, the rim and tire still there, and I explained to the manager, he gave me ****....

    34 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours

    Tom-North Carolina

    I have been a customer of Discount Tire for many years. I have a Vintage Jaguar and. Chevy truck and always purchase the tires from DT. My Discount Tire credit card was cancelled today. I always pay my account on time. Never missed a payment. Apparently I no longer meet the criteria to have the card. Discount Tire closed the account thus dinging my credit. I have a balance of $1200 on the card and I am expected to pay the balance monthly as usual. I called and closing the account was not a mistake. Thanks Discount Tire for dinging my credit. I will find a new place to purchase tires. Why would you want to lose me as a customer?

    35 weeks, 1 day and 53 minutes


    Not sure if this will mean anything to anyone.My experience with the location on alpine mall route in Houston Texas is always the same Terrible.It seems that they are always trying to sell tires.I came in today with a slow leak tire because my tire pressure light was on.I was told by Manager that he could not look at the tire to make repairs because the tire was worn.I have only had the car a little over a year .Because I was on my way to interview I stopped here for safety.He then offer to put my spare on which will take an hour.He was very unconcerned that I had an interview.Believe me when I say that I will never come to this location ever again if I can help it.

    35 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours

    Every unsatisfied costomer

    Yeah sure you ignorant fool

    35 weeks, 1 day and 16 hours

    Mr Nelson

    I bought a set of 22 inch tires from discount tire I paid almost 1600 dollars it took them almost 6 hours to mount the tires and the employee charged me for road hazard and I had a blow out last night and I went by their shop and they wouldn't replace one tire I would strongly recomend that if you need tires go somewhere else where they actually fulfill their warranty out of 10 I give them a half of one percent...

    35 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours


    Steve Paterson at the Show Low store in Arizona is such a great employee that on his time off while still wearing his Discount Tire shirt is bold enough to verbally threaten a 60 year old disabled veteran with physical harm over political matters such as Black Lives Matter

    35 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours

    Ronekar Hill

    I'm A front line worker went to Washington rd store in Augusta ga to gt two tires changes which one kept going flat I purchased previously and was replacing another tire as well. Was told I could make an appointment to come back tmrw at 330 explained I could wait because tire keep going flat and the. Was told I would have to wait till all the appointments where done I was ok with that well I got there at 345 waiting in my car around 630 I notice only a two cars being serviced and workers walking around so I got out my car and ask how much longer because I had to return back to work the young man ask had I been sitting in my car waiting and I said yes he told me to pull up so I did I

    didn't gt out car while they chg tires I didn't gt out of car to see what tires they changed in thinking they look at paper work well when I gt back to work I look and low and behold the the main tire that needed to change had not been changed they replace both front tires when it was only supposed to been driver front passager back . Now I have to be inconvenienced and go in late to work tomorrow to go back up to tire discount to gt corrected I have never had any problems till today and have let this company put tires on all my vehicles. I'm losing money and while giving y'all money .And Let me not leave out the young man who change my tire was nice but no one else helped him they where all to worried trying to clock out and I get that but customer satisfaction and safety 1st what happen to team work

    37 weeks, 1 hour and 25 minutes

    Jeff Andrews

    Bought new tires.....seemed out of balance when I drove it on highway. Brought back - told wheel was bent. (not sure why I was not told this to begin with). Rebalanced, said I was good. Still experiencing shake in steering wheel. Brought back - different rep told me he had rebalance all 4 wheels, and I had NO bent wheels. Well, still had same issue. Brought back, store manager said all 4 wheels were bent and 2 severely bent (so, not sure why that was not identified before). So, I bought new wheels. When I dropped it off for install, store manager said he would personally drive my car to ensure balance. I was notified my car was ready. When picking it up, rep told me manager got busy and did not drive my car. Well....want to guess????? still have exact same issue.!

    37 weeks, 1 day and 7 hours


    I want people to know that East Texas ( Longview TX ) stores live on one motto " **** you" it's about money,. I have had nothing but a nightmare dealing with there two stores and lack compliance with advertisements...I just called to make certain they would match the Wal-Marts price and I was told a story of how their tire departments are closed and sell's cant be matched. Wal-mart tire department is open in Mineola TX and I will not be going back to Discount Tire. In fact, Firestone has alignment' Techs and full-service mechanics. Unlike Discount Tire, Firrstone warranty's and extends Alignments to a lifetime Alignment if purchased and are a true award-winning company, not cons and lies that you get at Discount Tire

    37 weeks, 2 days and 8 hours


    I have purchased a few $1,000 dollars of tires on more than one occasion from discount! All with the road hazard warranty! I expect to be able to drive into one of the two stores in Abilene Texas and have a flat repaired in a reasonable amount of time! TWO hours is NOT a reasonable amount of time for a simple flat repair at either store! If selling new tires is your new business model without fixing flats then you need to stop selling hazard warranty all together! One man needs to be dedicated to fixing flats as they come into your business, when this person isn't busy repairing flats then they can continue to install NEW tire sales! I spoke to the Manager and he didn't seem to think it was really an issue! He stated they were working by appointment? HUH really... when I walked into the store not one employee stated this! FURTHERMORE I CAN WALK INTO ANY OTHER TIRE SHOP IN ABILENE AND BE TAKEN CARE OF IN LESS THAN 45MIN!. CASE IN POINT HAD A TRAILER TIRE ON A DUAL TANDUN 40' TRAILER REPAIRED IN 30MIN AND OUT THE DOOR I WENT AT "BIG COUNTRY TIRE"

    37 weeks, 6 days and 4 hours


    Arvada Colorado 64th and Simnms store.

    I was getting my winter wheels swapped with summer tires, We are supposed to be wearing masks. Everyone of your employees was working hard with masks but the customers could care less about employees myself and other customer wore a mask! I really feel you need to help them maybe a security person to tell them they can't be served take the pressure off your people.

    38 weeks, 1 day and 38 minutes

    Lawrence Bayless

    Was at the Belton Mo store waited on at 230 was told would most likely be done by 4 pm while waiting watched 2 trucks that came over 30 minutes after me get pulled into the bays neither one had a appointment I will never use them again

    40 weeks, 1 day and 3 hours

    Mark Walker

    EMPLOYEES ARE GREAT!!! Company policy is STUPID!! When a spare tire CANNOT be put on trailer because it is 13 yrs.old and ground tire is flat sounds like COMPANY wants to give themselves a BAD NAME!!!

    41 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours