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    100 Mission Ridge
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    Richard Dreiling
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    When is the Dollor General Corporation going to get someone to the Churubusco, Indiana store to fix the heat in the store? Your employees have been good natured and going to work every day and freeze in the store in hopes that this will be the day that corporate has got someone coming to fix the heat....this has been going on now for over a week..and so far no response from corporate...not a very good way to run a business and treat your employees. But please...you stay nice and warm in your office and you make sure you have your employees have your store open daily and making sure money is coming in to your Corporation...just have a heart...as cold as the store is getting if you don't get heat in there you will probably be dealing with busted pipes next. Kudos to the Churubusco Indiana Dollar General employees for dealing with this for over a week now. Praying the heat gets fixed soon...like today would be nice

    2 years, 32 weeks and 2 days

    Use map quest on your phone and find a different place to drop off your FedEx packages ,

    2 years, 38 weeks and 3 days

    record his abuse then take him to your CEO he should help if he is a goodman or a dic

    2 years, 44 weeks and 6 days

    I have been working for dollar general for 6mons. We got a new store manager right before halloween. He has abused me everyday since he began. I need help. I have to have this job. I am a single mom and I take care of my elderly mother. So instead I just deal with it and cry in silence. My customers always witness it and they do whatever they can do in that moment to defend me. If you are reading this message and you can help me please. Store #01776 Baytown Texas

    2 years, 44 weeks and 6 days

    Albemarle NC store has signs all over the doors saying masks are REQUIRED, but when I went there today, not only were there shoppers there with no mask, but the employees had none on! They're breaking their own rules and putting people's lives at risk when Covid is on the INCREASE, not the decline. I hope Dollar General does something to fix this, because there are other dollar stores around here that DO adhere to safety protocol. Wearing a mask isn't gonna kill you, but NOT wearing one most definitely COULD. Just man up, and put a **** mask on. The longer knuckleheads don't wear them, the longer Covid is gonna be around!!!!!!

    2 years, 45 weeks and 2 days

    **** you denier. You are the **** problem.

    2 years, 46 weeks and 1 day

    What the he'll is it with you **** mask freaks? There's no scientific evidence that a **** cloth mask prevents the spread of Covid19. Cry, ****, moan, you must be a **** Democrat?

    2 years, 47 weeks and 6 days

    Lowell indiana store employees not wearing mask nor customers when there is a state mandate. Obviously this is a issue with this company by all the reviews about mask issues. You don't care about your customers or employees by not enforceing this mask mandate. 10/28/2020

    2 years, 48 weeks and 5 days

    Our dollar store is so nasty, always something in the isles, shelves are empty constantly. Employees do not wear their masks, manager is rude and ignores customers. Where in the world did you find her, on the streets? She does as little as possible except when she smokes out front of the store.
    Gibson city Illinois

    2 years, 48 weeks and 6 days

    Dollar General in Kissimmee Fl on 4457 S.O.B.T. 34746.
    I been coming to this dollar general since it has opened there doors. On 10/27/2020 around 3:08 pm.
    You guys cashier was so disrespectful towards me it was unbelievable.
    Please take a look at the video camera around that time.
    I can't make this up it was unreal.
    It was so bad i didn't buy anything i just left the store.
    My name is Willie Coleman and my number is (PHONE)

    2 years, 48 weeks and 6 days

    Your Store Manager Angie at Dollar General Store in Gordonville, TX is dealing drugs stealing from ur store and allowing her friends to steal along with having her family and boyfriend to do stalking off camera. She will use a gift card to get back money. I watched her take a blanket from the store because she didn't want to put a price tag on it. SHE WAS FIRED FROM HER OWN DADS BOAT SHOP FOR EMBEZZLEMENT AND IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO WORK FOR HIM. LIKE SHE SAYS THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT AND IF I CAN GET BY WITH IT FOR THIS LONG WHY STOP. THIS IS UR MANAGER AT DOLLAR GENERAL IN GORDONVILLE TX. WHEN SHE GETS A BAD SURVEY SHE DOES HER OWN.

    2 years, 49 weeks and 4 hours

    The store manager in angels camp ca is illegally withholding my packages from fedex, she fights with customers and the district manager and her are the best of friends so it's impossible for her to even be looked at. This is a CRIME TO WITHHOLD MAIL!!! Please do something about this I've complained before. This is the 3rd time she's withheld my mail!!

    2 years, 49 weeks and 5 hours

    Visited #4450 in Bishopville SC on Saturday, noticed that a customer was buying Clorox wipes in bulk. Why is that when supplies are scarce. Should limit it to one per person. Please check on this store.

    2 years, 49 weeks and 21 hours

    Repeated visits to store #20456, 14200 Moody Rd, North Prince George, VA, proves a cashier who does not wear a mask. And, patrons wearing no mask. I asked the cashier how she could be waiting on customers without wearing a mask. She replied that she has a "Skin condition". Unacceptable, Dollar General. Reporting this store to VA DOH on Monday morning.

    2 years, 49 weeks and 2 days

    Your store manager is Angels Camp,CA is not pushing my packages out to fedex due to personal reasons. So all my packages are going to days later or even the next week late. She yells and argues with customers. This is not the first time please look into this continued problem.

    2 years, 49 weeks and 6 days