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    Nicole Neitzel

    I went into your store today after fighting with 3 separate individuals, just to set an appt.

    After talking to Dee to get an appt set, the men who are outside for service are rude! Then the advisor Gary was not nice, he did not show us where the waiting area was, stated their was no shuttle service... etc

    Talked to a sweet lady in the front and she said there was a shuttle service, to go see the parts Dept. I head to the parts Dept, speak to a pregnant young lady and said that's outside ( where I just came from) I said they told me to come here- she was annoyed. Go back outside, turns out there is a shuttle service that runs every 3 hours!!!

    The older male subject who did the shuttle was rude and was talking at me like I was incompetent.

    I went inside instead of taking the shuttle and went to the cafe, the lady there was dressed in an old raggy shirt- not in any kind of uniform, very nice but she cursed the entire time... their was another young lady she was taking to named Alicia and they were discussing how they were going to hook up with one of the advisors there in front of all the customers; no professionalism at all, however very nice!

    The advisor, Gary came back and said he will have to charge us 3.8 hours of labor to charge our 2 system serpentine belt because they will have to take out the radiator. However we were there less than 2 months ago to change the radiator, I asked why he didn't tell us then they need to be changed... he stated, because I knew you wanted to be under 700 so I did not want to mention it!

    I was done, I asked for my vehicle back and left.

    Best part is he gives me a receipt that states N/C no charge for looking at truck, but says they gave us a curtosey wash- they didn't!

    My spouse and I are both in law enforcement and I have never been treated so terrible, not by one or two people... but everyone there was just RUDE.

    2 years, 12 weeks and 21 hours

    Hi, I purchased a Ford at the Chandler location, and really like the Focus. What bothers me is that after almost two years, I owe more on the car than current price on a Focus advertised at Sanderson Ford. I thought prices should be competitive. While I'm happy with the car, I am unhappy that I owe more, had I purchased it at Sanderson. originally. A mistake I will not make again.

    Just do research before buying.


    3 years, 20 weeks and 5 days