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    10401 Monroe Rd.
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    Howard Levine
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    Hi my name is tasheba johnson i been trying to get a job at one of your store locates on south Pearl st albany ny . everytime I went to talk to store manager she computer is broke and she can't pull my application. Off computer and she told me take she to hire more people

    16 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours

    My name is Al Jackson. I just visited store#08062 at 6765 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 10/27/2020 Today at approximately 2:00pm to purchase some shaving razor. When I walked in the african american male employee 1 (I am black as well) was cursing in a very audible tone to another employee 2. One of the the things I heard employee 1 say to employee 2 was "I am sick of this **** and do not expect me to be clocking you out all the time" (That suggest a type of fraud being committed against Family Dollar) but let me continue. After looking in the soap, lotion area for razors I asked employee 1 where I could find the razors he said "on the other side" in a very curt tone. Unsure what that meant I walked to the backside of the isle. After I did not see the razors I informed employee 1 I was unsure where he is referencing the razors were at. Employee 1 then unloads on me, yelling and to my shock told me if I couldnt figure out what he meant that I could just leave. I located what I needed, purchased them then exited the store. I was taking a call from my wife when employee 1 then came outside and yelled across the parking lot "you can call whoever you want, cursed and walked back in the store. This employee was beyond unprofessional and rude and menacing. I strongly encourage you to watch the tape of my encounter with this employee. I would find it shocking that you would approve of that conduct. It was beyond the pale.

    16 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    I have been trying to reach someone that gives a dam. This is ridiculous I can't reach anyone. This is pertaining yo your store in maidison Maine. I was a frequent shopper there for a few years. This store is beyond 9ut 9f control! Your employees don't wear their masks, the store is filthy dirty. The front doors have not been wiped down in at least a year. The manager just complains yo her customers that she can't keep any help and thats why store is NEVER STOCKED! She closes store 10 minutes early a lot of time. Yesterday I was in there and your employee at register had his mask on his chin, coughing into his hands, then he reached out and grabbed my phone, my husband brought this to his attention. Employee called husband a liar. He should not be at work sick! Clean up this store or you will loose many patrons.

    16 weeks, 6 days and 21 hours

    Amy G

    Hi my name is Amy Gonzalez I live in Utica,N.Y. my teenage daughter was in family dollar on court street in Utica N.Y. shopping when a worker not sure but I think she a manager Marion stopped her at the door and asked to look in her purse basically accusing her of shoplifting my daughter opened her purse and there was no stolen merchandise so I told my daughter to ask for the worker name and number worker than proceeded to argue with my daughter and gave her a incorrect number for corporate.Not the first time this manager has harassed and falsely accused people in the store usually people of color it's embarassing especially when your really not shoplifting and she had no right to stop a minor.

    26 weeks, 3 days and 15 hours

    Hi my name is Ron Reese and i live behind a Family Dollar store in bakersfield Ca. , the one on Norris st. . No complaints about the products or employee's everyone is very polite and store is clean . But every day im constantly picking up garbage that gets blown over into my yard from their dumpster . Its not the fault of of the family dollar staff its the people digging into the trash that cause the problem .If if you all would spend a little money and have your dumpster enclosed it would be doing the whole neighborhood a service . also about a week ago some one has parked a van in your parking lot and it has been torn apart progressivly more and more each night . the police will not tow it off because its on private property . please make it go away

    26 weeks, 4 days and 20 minutes

    I have been in your store 02499 Cortland NY twice in three weeks this is my last time. Both times you have an employee who wears a mask only over her mouth. When I ask her to wear it correctly she was upset. We where in the same aisle and and as soon as went to another aisle she pulled her mask down. I explained that I was at very high risk I have cancer and have been through chemo . This store is at high risk. You need to inform your employees how wear a mask correctly

    26 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours


    I have shopped at Family Dollar many times. I will have to say that I will probably never step foot in one again. I am very disappointed. I drive up, two customers walk in without a mask so I sit in my car to wait and see what happens. Nothing! We are in a hot spot, cases are out the window. I see the cashier standing on the side of the door smoking a cigarette, okay taking her break...but she says nothing to them. I literally have no other store to go to because my Dollar General is being renovated. Finally a couple more people walk up WITH face masks so I feel a little more comfortable. I get the few items I need and go to the checkout line. Now mind you there are signs ALL over the place saying face masks required and please social distance, even on the FRONT DOOR. When I get to the cashier I see she's not wearing a mask. I have had Covid, still suffer from long term symptoms and I know how serious this is. So I ask her, "Are the employees required to wear a mask?" She says "Nope and if anyone comes in without one I don't have to say anything to them"...what??? Then she says "I have a medical condition, so I can't wear one", WOW, and she was out smoking and looked in great shape. Now I have a medical condition, other than Covid, and I still wear a mask out of respect! Not only that but it has been medically proven, face masks do not hinder you in anyway! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT A FAMILY DOLLAR AGAIN! She was rude anyway, wouldn't smile, say hello or anything when I walked up.

    26 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    Not sure why they think it's a good idea for one store manager to do all of the hiring for all the stores in an area. We've been short staffed for months because we can't hire anyone while the hiring manager keeps all of the best applicants for their store.

    26 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours



    Both stores on Main Street in Springfield MA

    have only the lids for sale and do not have the receptacles

    26 weeks, 5 days and 16 hours

    To whom it may concern;

    I live in Albuquerque New Mexico, shop at you store located on the 7000 block of Second St NW. I finally had the courage to speak to a manager at this store. The sanitation of this store is disgusting. Floors are dirty, unswept, with product spilled on the floor and on the shelves. I can go in two days later and it's in the same condition. I complained to the manager, compared it to a garbage can. She asked if I wanted to apply for a job so I can clean

    it? Stating it was a high volume store was her excuse. I retired from a high volume retail store with over 45 yrs if service. As a consumer I want to support you store, however with the condition it's in I would probably contact the Health Dept. The manager was rude and forgets where her wages are supported from. The consumer! Please take the time to investigate and take some positive action.

    Thank you,

    I Montoya's

    26 weeks, 5 days and 17 hours

    Law abiding citizen

    Was at family dollar in ennis. Big sign on door that says you can't enter without a mask. I walk in and a manager is working cash register and doesn't have a mask on. I asked if they enforce wearing a mask, she said yes but she's not wearing it. Why is she above the mandated mask in Ellis county?

    26 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours

    Family Dollar has terrible customer service. I just left a Family Dollar in La Marque where the cashier named Rosie thought clipping coupons was more important than attending to a customer. I am under the assumption that servicing the customer comes first so why did I have to wait. 9323 Texas Ave in La Marque, Tx is where this took place. Why Home Office or Corporate doesn't have a customer complaint line? They should if they want to improve their customer service because if I had to rate them then it would be a flat zero.

    26 weeks, 5 days and 23 hours

    Never shop here again

    Rio Vista store. The employees are rude and trashy. The store manager doesn't wear a mask. They yell at you when it's close to closing time to leave. How does this store stay in business

    26 weeks, 6 days and 1 hour

    Thanks for demeaning me for wearing a backpack lie to coworkers accuse me of behaving rude and then proceed to belittle me on my way out

    I hate your company now. I am proud to take my daily business elsewhere

    Good day

    26 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours


    How can get in touch with the someone in headquaters??? I really need to talk to someone about a serious matter....

    26 weeks, 6 days and 19 hours


    I am having a problem with employees not wearing mask and not asking customers to wear a mask. There was a time that I was the only one in store with mask. I now drive further to neighborhood Walmart where mask are worn.

    26 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    No that's not legal.

    27 weeks, 11 hours and 59 minutes


    With change shortage!!WHY do family dollar short the customer not them self??

    27 weeks, 19 hours and 50 minutes


    Family Dollar stores in Iowa, all of the ones I have been in, are dumpy, dirty and trashy! Always boxes in every aisle and you can hardly get through! Probably a fire hazard if you want to know the truth. Trash all over the area outside as well. Have a little pride to keep it picked up. Weeds everywhere as well. I am talking about the store on S.W. 9th and Watrous in Des Moines, Iowa. Terrible!!!

    27 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour


    They are all the same, they don't want to see the evidence. I just post on FB.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 13 hours


    There is no shortage of change. You just believe what they say.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 13 hours

    Susan Bell

    You really dont want the truth about your store, so just posted a picture on FB. The store is a dump inside and out, and you pay your employees to do nothing ,or only one employee doing the work of 5people.

    You must not be paying them or training them.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 13 hours


    I am really upset with the Family Dollar stores here in El Paso. They are rounding up the price of the merchandise if you pay cash unless you have the exact change. I was not even asked if I had the change. Is that even legal? Why don't you add tax to product or change price point. I know there is a coin shortage but not all stores are having problems. What a ripoff. I will not shop there any longer.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 15 hours


    I would post a picture of I could, of the employee cigarette wall just by the entrance, where they shove their smokes in the wall cracks until their next break, and the whole wall is streaked repeatedly with black ash from died out butts. SO GROSS and then you get in there, after grazing past the cancer wall, and it's like "make sure you wear your mask!" Seriously? For the sake of their miserable souls, I'll not name the store location.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 15 hours


    Family Dollar in Payette Idaho took the best manager away two years ago give or take and since then we have had the worst people working there. Also when posting signs stating that you need to wear a mask in the store while your workers do not wear a mask is pathetic. One everyone should be wearing a mask especially when this store had people whom got sick from this virus and your managers are rude and have no customer service skills. They ignore customers the store is dirty and the way they stock shelves is horrific and you need to do something about it. If the main district manager is the cause of the unhappiness you might want to think of changing this. I have been in this type of service for years and I have shopped at family dollar for years but you have lost a customer for good now. I have tried and tried to except this store and changes but to be treated like I am not wanted and the mess and the prices it is not worth it to me to shop at this store ever again.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 22 hours