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    Donald Guinn


    It's a scam going on that's why they don't know

    41 weeks, 4 days and 13 hours


    These fools keep sending me e-mail messages about authorizing a $60 payment via "people pay", and I don't even bank with them. I contacted them by phone and they are clueless as to why I'm getting these e-mails. It amazes me how stupid these people are. No wonder they have a poor rating. Stay away from FNB.

    1 year, 15 weeks and 6 days


    Same for me, and the loan amount I asked for was much smaller. I only need a thousand bucks and my credit score was plenty high enough. They kept asking for more, more, more time and information until the point where I gave up and called to say nevermind. They can't even process the little ones. At most banks 20 years ago it was a 15 minute visit and you got a yes or no on the spot, not after 12 days of waiting.

    1 year, 48 weeks and 19 hours


    I had my atm card stolen so I called them they put in a dispute for the money that was taken out of my account. Meanwhile after they put in the dispute with the company crscr.com they still took overdraft fees from me. So a total of 88.00 was taken from my account this happen February 10th the company believed it was fraudulent and refunded my money on February 24. It is now April 25 and I have yet to receive my money the bank is holding my refund and will not return them. With that being said since Metro switched to FNB this is the third time this has happened. This is the wrat Bank EVER and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy

    2 years, 27 weeks and 6 days

    I went to FNB because of their loan rates for a construction loan. I have been back and forth with them for about 6 weeks now. Every time I think that we are getting close, they need something else. I am told that I must "be patient". I was scheduled for a closing date and then it was postponed because the underwriter didn't have enough information. I have provided everything that was requested of me. Its almost like we are declined walking in, and we have to prove ourselves worthy. I am even putting almost 24% down on this loan! I promise that I will never go to this bank for any of our future financial needs. I understand that since the housing market crash that the rules have changed, but I feel like I'm being treated like a criminal through this entire process. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    2 years, 30 weeks and 4 days


    I bank at first national bank inside Walmart in Hereford Texas and I have been there for more than three years within those years I have experienced the girls that work there handle themselves very unprofessional not to mention that they let the line get so long that the lines goes all the way to the entrance of Walmart. The girls that work there are loud always playing around hiding in the room just gossiping with one another asking personal questions about my family and flirting with married men that are there in the lines. I have complained to the district manager about the problems I have encountered with three of the workers there and he seems not to take my concerns seriously I complained cause the bank manager had threatened to close our account the day we were at the bank we were trying to withdraw money from our account and she was not paying attention to what she was being told so we told her to pay attention to her job so cause of that she wanted to close our account I called the district manager & he told me that he talked to the manager there at the bank & she said that she would leave our account open only if they didn't expierence anymore problems now that looks bad on them not us we are the customers of the bank and if there's an issue or problem it's up to them to fix it not threaten to close accounts cause they aren't doing their job correctly. I am very disappointed with this bank and they want us to look for another bank very uncalled for the actions of these employees need to be taken seriously and looked into, if I go to another bank I will just be giving them what they want just cause of my complaints no not gonna happen they need to get more training on customer loyalty and service.

    2 years, 30 weeks and 6 days