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    It's literally a reality tv show lol, they're all scripted

    3 years, 20 weeks and 5 days

    The food network is part of the elitists in Hollywood, what did you expect? Amy Schumer is a pig, she's a nasty, disgusting person. She obviously takes after her daddy.

    3 years, 24 weeks and 6 days

    Done Watching B.S. Food Network!! We were BEYOND SHOCKED to see that Sinai was declared the winner of Halloween Baking Championship, and feel SO disgusted that we wasted our time watching the series! All along, she was CLEARLY less talented than Renee and Aaron, and that was NEVER more evident than in the finale!! HER DESIGN WAS SO INFERIOR TO THE OTHERS that she was upset at the end of the baking time because she knew it herself! She was even SHOCKED that she was declared the winner! Sinai was picked to be in the finale over her supposed better design, but then picked the "winner" apparently over her flavors (definitely NOT the design)! Talk about HYPOCRITICAL JUDGES! It seems the judges liked her "story" more than they cared about picking the DESERVING winner (CLEARLY RENEE)! What a crock of s#!%. We are beyond disgusted with the BOGUS outcome and won't be watching any more Food Network shows! Couldn't agree more with the comments about big/big-mouthed Amy Schumer as well. Didn't watch one second of her God awful show, and why is she (Madonna, Cher, etc.) still in America?! Good riddance, despicable, biased, and ignorant Food Network. Keep it up and you won't have any viewers left.

    3 years, 26 weeks and 2 days


    Fire John Hanson. Boycott food network

    3 years, 44 weeks and 1 day