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    I think it's sickening what the Democrats are doing to President Trump. Now they're going after him civilly, ( for what? ) putting America first? OMG, how dare he. Donald Trump did more for our country in 4 years, than the Democrats ever did. That's why they hate him, he didn't play their game like last Presidents. So for going against them, this is what he gets, they're going to teach him a lesson and anyone else who might be thinking of going against the establishment. It's really disturbing that we have such stupid people in our country, they can't see what these Democrats are trying to do to our free country. Third world countries use the military to protect their leaders, (Dictators) look at Washington D.C. now, over 25 thousand military personnel remain in our capitol, WHY???? Get used to it, because they aren't going anywhere anytime soon! Our country was taken over by domestic terrorists in our Government. They are just getting started, you haven't seen anything yet America! Tyranny has arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, prepare yourself for what's coming and it's definitely NOT Unity. The mental patients in the Democratic party have finally taken over our country and we have the spineless cowards in the Republican party to thank for this, they did absolutely nothing to stop it from happening.. Be sure to send three RNC a thank you card, I did...
    The time has come to leave the Republican party, it's easy to do online, it takes 3 minutes to change your affiliation to Independent.

    2 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours

    It is good to hear from you. Yes, it is hopeful that we may be able to recall Newsom. Not only have the required petition signatures been met with a comfortable cushion to cover the signatures not accepted for various reasons, but we must keep in mind that he is Nancy Pelosi's nephew and she, along with the tech and Hollywood machines will fight like crazy to keep him in power. The New York situation is unbelievable. How can one state/city have both the worst mayor and Governor! Sadly, those who are leaving New York and California probably are taking the same misguided liberal ideas with them. Like you, I have given up on Fox. I understand Suzanne Scott's contract has been renewed so the Juan Williams, Chris Hahn's, etc. will continue being part of this organization. Letting Lou Dobbs go was inexcusable. I have been watching Newsmax and will check out Sky News - thank you for the suggestion. The Democrats are obsessed with President Trump. He accomplished many things they have never been able to do - all for America First. Less than 24 hours in the Oval Office and Biden eliminated 10,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen! He is not only a puppet President for the far left, but brings absolutely no experience, other than political, to the WH. Now Nancy has our nations Capitol surrounded by National Guard - a third world country tactic. It is good to hear you are enjoying working with the Paramedic students. They are truly special people. I have my first COVID vaccine dose tomorrow. It has taken sometime to get an appointment as vaccine is scarce - another reason (among many) to recall Newsom. It is my understanding LA (thank goodness I don't live there) is closing down several vaccination points, such as Dodgers Stadium, due to the lack of vaccine with no new supplies on the horizon. Trump would have been all over this - his personality often left much to be desired, but he did not put up with mediocre performance. My apologies for going on and on and on. Please stay in touch my friend - Stay safe and well. CA

    2 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour

    Hello CA,
    Hope you're doing well and in good health? Well it seems that governor Newsoms days are limited? I sure do hope he gets recalled after what he did to California. Cuomo is another one that karma is catching up with. President Trump acquitted again, but the obsessed Democrats are talking about civil cases now. They just can't leave the man be, the harassment will continue, now Biden has stopped any security briefings for him. Although Bush who was responsible for thousands of deaths is still getting his. All future Presidents are in for very difficult times if the right people are in power. I'm disgusted with everything. I found a good source online called Sky News, they're on YouTube and based in Australia, definitely worth checking out. I gave up on Fox News after they fired Lou Dobbs, they still have Juan Williams, Brazile, Tarlov, Hahn, and the rest of the haters who got away with way to much. Just the News is good also with John Solomon. I've been keeping busy with my clinical work with the Paramedic students, I enjoy the time I spend with the bright young minds that want to make a difference in our world. It's definitely rewarding. I had a student pass out in the trauma room last night after seeing a chest get opened. I don't think this one will make the cut. Unfortunately not all make it through their clinical training. Okay CA, I'll keep in touch, hope to hear back from you my friend, be well.

    2 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours

    Why ask why? Watching Fox News is a waste of time, the network is ran by money hungry leftists who could care less about the conservative people that watch their lame network. This week it was Lou was who was fired, who's next? Judge Jeanine? Hannity? I no longer support Fox News, they use the conservative people who watch to keep their network afloat. Millions are saying bye bye.

    3 weeks, 7 hours and 26 minutes

    Okay, I give up. Why does Fox keep acknowledging Hillary Clinton and Meghan McCain? Hillary is still trying to be relevant and who knows what The Views Meghan McCain (or anyone else on that useless program) is trying to accomplish. Either way, who cares. Of course, I readily admit I might be overlooking some redeeming factors. ?????

    3 weeks, 12 hours and 11 minutes

    Just wondering if anyone watched any of the unpeachment hearings? If anyone questions the claims of the Democrats losing their minds? Try watching a couple hours of the made for TV mini series. I guarantee you you'll change your mind real fast. Without a doubt, I'm convinced these politicians in our government and their cronies in the media are responsible for everything that's wrong in our country. The things they say and do have put us where we are today. We had our chance to take America back from these corrupt people on both sides of the aisle, they used deceit, lies, intimidation and violence to make sure the American people stay under their control. That's right, power & control is all they care about. We the people are merely pawns to them, if you think for one minute they care about you? Then they have you right where they want you, under their thumb. When you look at the big picture, Democrats are in total control of our government, our institutions, our schools, unions, large corporations, Hollywood, social media, MSM and big tech. We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen. Now they are going after our states, look at the one's they control. Not one of them represents America, not one, they're all corrupted and failing. I'm hoping people will realize just how evil and dangerous the Democratic party has become after seeing what they've done and will do to our great country? Unfortunately, some people have to learn the hard way and believe me, we are well on our way under the Democrats policies. There's still time for the American people to take our country back from these insane people, who without a doubt, shouldn't hold power of any kind. Time will tell.
    I read something very interesting the other day, President Trump wanted to help our country so bad that over the 5 years he was in politics, he ( lost half of his wealth ) if that doesn't prove that this man didn't love and care about our country and its people, nothing will. What the Democrats have done to this man is pure evil in my opinion. What did he do to deserve it?? Someone please tell me. I sure do hope and pray that the American people open their eyes and see what's happened to this country?
    This isn't the United States of America I once loved so much and was willing to give my life for.....

    3 weeks, 2 days and 10 hours

    Reply to anonymous,
    Sadly this is just another prime example of the double standards in our government. Maxine Waters, Omar, Tlaib, Swalwell, even the sad excuse of a vice president, Kamala Harris have said and done much worse than Rep, Greene. Omar has committed felonies and is still a sitting congresswoman, AOC is another one who has no business in the position she's in. To be honest, we have millions of illiterate, ignorant, people in our country, when you combine them with the illegal immigrants, corrupt, power hungry corporations, the media, politicians and elites, They form today's Democratic party. The rest of us are hard working patriots who love our country, respect our laws, believe in our Constitution, Justice and our country's history, values and beliefs. Sadly the corrupt Democrats have used their political influence to corrupt the minds of those who don't know any better, the quest for power, money and control of our country is all the Democratic party cares about. President Trump exposed them for who and what they truly are, we witnessed this first hand during the entire four years President Trump was in office. He opened the eyes of over 75 million Americans and if we don't come together as one and fight back, we will lose our country to these very dangerous people. They succeeded at brainwashing an entire generation, we let it happen. The party we trusted, the Republican party, let it happen. We cannot put our trust in them anymore, They are weak, spineless, cowards, who only care about themselves and their political futures. There's only a handful of Republicans that truly care about the American people and our country. I hope and pray we find our way through these difficult times ahead of us. I know most Americans see the dangers that lie ahead, the question is, how do we stop it from happening? giving the government total control of our lives is not our destiny, Freedom is and always will be our destiny. The American people will never live in fear like the people in China and Russia. America is the land of the free, home of the brave and nobody will ever change that.
    God bless America!

    3 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours

    For anonymous,
    OMG, this will mark the true downfall of Fox News, he and judge Jeanine were the only one's left that I watched. This comes after a lawsuit from Dominion, the company who owns the machines used to help steal the election from President Trump. Now that the corrupt Democrats are in ( full power ) of our country, They must feel invincible. Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and judge Jeanine are named in the lawsuit. Are they next? I'm sure that Lou Dobbs made out, Fox had to pay out the remainder of his contract in all likelihood. I think he was ready to retire anyway? I hope the idiots running Fox News know what they've done? In all honesty, I think they do. Those who you mentioned, especially that little runt Juan Williams will remain in sure. Might even get their own show? Cancelling Dobbs was a huge mistake, just wait and see!!!

    3 weeks, 4 days and 8 hours

    Sadly, Lou Dobbs has been fired by Fox. His highly rated program will be missed. The next thing you know, Fox will replace him with Donna Brazile, Juan Williams or Marie Harf!! And they wonder why their overall ratings within the cable community are slipping!

    3 weeks, 5 days and 21 hours

    Rep. Greene was removed from her House Committees. Will Maxine Waters, IIhan Omar and Eric Swalwell be the next to be removed from committees? Or Rashida Tlaib for her derogatory remark about President Trump when she won her first election? Bet not!! Lol

    3 weeks, 6 days and 11 hours

    We have a DIMWIT for a President, a stooge. What's even more concerning is the ruthless Democrats have total control of our country and the sad part is, it's not the will of the American people. Everyone knows the only reason Biden is President, is because the left used the China virus as a weapon. They changed the way Americans vote so they could cheat President Trump out of another term. Everything else they tried failed. If you actually believe that Biden won the election, then you're a fool. When these radical authoritarians get done destroying our country this time, it's going to take a miracle to save it. Look at what they're doing to our military, ( Again ) immigration, schools, energy independence, taxes, just to name a few things. Listen, if you're not wealthy, your way of life is going to change drastically in the next 11 months. In fact, some of us are already feeling the affects of their insanity at the gas pump. This is Just the beginning, hold on everyone, the hard times are coming.
    Just remember who's responsible for what's to come.

    4 weeks, 7 hours and 13 minutes

    Something should be done to the lying hoochie momma, AOC, for describing an incident that never happened. She claims the rioters were in the hallways outside her office banging on her office door, saying where is she, where is she? This never happened, this girl is delusional, this is how these ignorant Democrats do things. They lie to their supporters and they believe these made up stories. Disgusting, absolutely, sick. AOC should be impeached and banned from politics forever.
    Oh, don't forget to run out and buy Hunter Biden's book of lies. What a hypocrisy, this guy should be in prison for what he did, not selling books.

    4 weeks, 7 hours and 45 minutes

    Here we go, Biden is going after Russia, he said the days of the US rolling over for Putin are gone. Yeah, the idiot Biden will say that about Russia but in reality, it's China he should be saying that to. Joe Biden is going to mess with Putin and start another freaking war. What a jackass we have in the Whitehouse, a senile gimp who stole the election from President Trump. Biden isn't my President, that's for sure. Trump should be our President right now and the world knows it. Democrats are going to destroy everything we've accomplished over the last four years. Hope you dummycrats are happy? Better live it up while you can Democrats, it's not going to last long!

    4 weeks, 8 hours and 29 minutes

    Hello, I am 73 years old and I never thought there would come a time that I could no longer watch Fox News. I've been watching since 1996, over the last two years they have gone in a direction that's been absolutely unbearable to watch anymore. I can barely watch Lou Dobbs for an hour, it's not him that's turning my stomach, it's the news being reported. Sadly our country is being torn apart by the current government, the Democratic party and their operatives in the media, along with some Republicans who want to change America. Our country has been the epitome of others around the world. Why would you choose to change what's not broken? Freedom, equality, Democracy, law and order, Justice and so much more is what makes America great. I fear the current administration is going to take America and make it like other country's around the world that millions want to get away from. We cannot afford to give amnesty to 20 million people, we cannot handle what comes with opening our borders to millions of immigrants. Why can't the Democrats see the American people need to come first? Only people who dislike our country would turn their backs on putting America and it's people first. I'm so saddened by what I'm seeing, Americans turning on each other and America. What has become of us?

    4 weeks, 10 hours and 15 minutes

    Well it looks like there was enough corrupt Republicans to save the good for nothing Rhino, Liz Cheney? I've read several posts on the board touching on (Term Limits) have you noticed that no politicians are talking about term limits? Because it will affect them directly, we the American people cannot count on the politicians to get term limits passed. It's going to be up to the American people to get it done. I don't see anyone talking about it anymore. I guess Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the career politicians will be in our government till they die? What's it going to take for people to understand they play a big role in the many problems with our country? The people in our country better start getting involved in our country's future before these corrupt politicians and the elites take total control of everything. From what I see, it's already begun. Look at the censorship that's happened, the double standards, the corruption in our institutions. Wake up!!
    Remember the $2 - $2.50 gas prices? Say goodbye to them, we'll never see gasoline that low again. The rising prices of gas are going to bring many changes to America and it's not going to be change that will be in favor of the American people. The Monarch in the Whitehouse and his reprobates will see to that. We can't just watch this country be turned into the Democrats utopian playground, it's time to act, if the Democrats can raise hell, we can to. Don't expect any help from the Republican Cowards in our government either!!!

    4 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours

    Have you heard what Pocahontas want to do? The nutcase wants to impose a Wealth Tax. First of all that would be unconstitutional, it's just more proof that these Democrats are insane. Why isn't anyone standing up for the American people? Look what the idiot in California has done, telling bars and restaurants they can't turn their tv's on. These Democrats are something else, power hungry dictators. This is just the beginning of what's to come. When it comes to business, the Democrats are clueless, They proved this in the Obama administration and that's one reason why Trump was elected. Now these nuts are doing the exact same idiotic things, They didn't learn a thing. Our country is screwed!!! Biden doesn't know what he's doing, the monsters behind the scenes are calling the shots and everyone in America better be concerned. The man is incompetent and has no business being in the Whitehouse.

    4 weeks, 2 days and 11 hours

    After seeing a picture of the freaks on the left from the Senate lined up looking like Nazis, it dawned on me, I realized just how much I hate these people for even thinking they can disregard our country's Constitution. Trying to ( impeach ) a now private citizen is exactly what the Hitler regime would do, or some third world communist country. If what these wackos are doing doesn't bother you, then you're not a true American. I'm disgusted with the Democratic party and their Dictator ways. The American people need to start voicing their concerns, this isn't how our free country operates. Look at all these insane executive orders coming from the Whitehouse, these aren't coming from Joe Biden, they're from the elites, the deep state and the radical left. Where's all those newly appointed federal judges Trump seated? Why are they not finding ways to stop these executive orders? More and more people are acting like cowards, too afraid of the Democrats. This cancel culture is all part of their plan to control the American people and push socialism on us. What's sad is, we're letting it happen. The other day the lady that cuts my hair told me her niece was kicked off Twitter for her opinions on the impeachment of President Trump, she's 16, then her daughter had comments taken down because she talked about the Democrats stealing the election., Parents in America are afraid to speak out about our schools being shut down so long without scientific proof children would be in danger. The Democratic party has Americans living in fear, now you tell me, does that remind you of anyone? We must not fear these authoritarian regimes who think they can control us. Americans must fight back against these people, their policies and their radical orders they are trying to impose on the greatest country in the world. If we sit back and do nothing, then we deserve what's coming and I can assure you, you're not going to like what the Democrats do to America!!

    4 weeks, 3 days and 9 hours

    The Democratic party should be ashamed of the man in the Whitehouse? he should be representing the American people, instead he's basically ostracized anyone who isn't a Democrat. Joe Biden can't even speak to the American people or the media without the use of notes, or telaprompters. He refuses to take random questions from reporters now. His staff hand selects who will be called upon and everything is scripted. Watching Biden today struggling to read the notes in his hand was absolutely sickening to see. The President of the United States is supposed to be a strong, smart, articulate, person. Who communicates well and is open to questions. As an American citizen, I'm deeply concerned about the mental health of Joe Biden. Why are the members of Congress not concerned about Joe Biden's health? The man clearly looks sickly, something is definitely wrong. The delirious Democrats didn't hesitate to question President Trumps overall health. Why are the Republicans not saying anything? Because they're COWARDS, that's why. I'm absolutely ashamed to call myself an American, our country is going to be torn apart by the Biden administration and nobody will do, or say anything, because they're afraid of the Democrats. We had a President who stood up to them and the deep state and look what they did to him. America as we know it is DEAD. I hope these sick Democrats are happy? Wake up America before it's too late.....

    4 weeks, 5 days and 6 hours

    Regarding Biden cutting jobs. I think we should keep in mind, that for the most part, Biden's administration is a redo, including personnel, of his and Obama's dismal, previous 8 years in office. Examples: Susan Rice - she said on every Sunday morning talk show she could get on that Benghazi was the result of a video! She also stated traitor, Bowe Bergdahl, as having served his country with honor! John Kerry - negotiated the disastrous Iran nuclear deal including delivering billions of dollars in cash, in the middle of the night, to this dangerous country. These are just two of the Obama retreads in our current administration. Remember when Obama said "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone." Well, it is obvious Biden plans to move forward with this type of "leadership?" Let's not forget - Biden is really only a figurehead being used to put forward the far left agenda as quickly as possible - then Harris will become the figurehead President. Heaven help us all.

    4 weeks, 6 days and 17 hours

    Why would Biden take actions that would cut jobs in America? President Trump created jobs, now we have a guy killing them. Democrats think they know what's best for Americans. Example, Mr Biden says that if you can work in a coal mine, surely you can learn how to be a computer programmer. Buttigieg and John Kerry say that pipeline workers can simply find jobs in the solar panel industry. Are these Democrats are brilliant people aren't they? The Democratic party has done absolutely nothing good for America, not one good thing in over 50 years. Democrats have failed at everything. America was going places before the China attack and somehow the party of hate managed to use that to their advantage by changing how we vote. The American people had no way in it, corrupt politicians and attorneys used judges to get what they wanted and they got away with it. End result, they stole the 2020 election and now our country is going to pay a heavy price. If you think anything good will come from the Democrats being in power, you're mistaken. The senile Joe Biden has already signed more executive orders than any other President, he hasn't been in office two weeks. A President cannot rule by executive orders, just wait, he's just getting started, never before have I seen such a dangerous party in our government. To be blunt, the American people are screwed.

    5 weeks, 7 hours and 25 minutes

    Bye, bye, Liz Cheney!! It's time for this woman to step down, not just because she voted to unconstitutionally impeach President Trump either. Cheney has done nothing for the Republican party. I'm glad to see Matt Gaetz gunning for her to be removed from her seat. To be honest, Kevin McCarthy needs to go also. I was amazed to see that President Trump recently had him as a guest in his home. McCarthy threw Trump under the bus when he insinuated that President Trump incited what happened in Washington on 1/6/21. There's something about the guy I despise, maybe it's the way he talks, or carries himself, idk. Mitch McConnell is done, There's no way he will get reelected after what he did. I really do hope President Trump starts the Patriot Party. Sign me up!

    5 weeks, 10 hours and 29 minutes

    I was watching Mr Biden sign his sixth hundred executive order yesterday, the man is clueless, he could barely figure out how to get the pens out of the box. He has no clue what he's signing, that was obvious. They dress him up, feed him his oatmeal and send him out to do their dirty work. I bet the radical left are as happy as pigs in the mud? They finally found a stooge to use. Biden's wife should be ashamed of herself, Hunter is ecstatic he's not going to prison and is probably smoking crack in the basement of the Whitehouse, lol. Democrats did good, didn't they???? XI Xing Ping is loving it, I'm waiting for him and Putin to throw a big shindig for Biden!!! LMAO!

    5 weeks, 11 hours and 41 minutes

    Just to clarify, I'm not a male chauvinist. I'm glad to see the Republican party bringing more women onboard, now if we could just get term limits passed and send the dinosaurs packing, we'd be in good shape. It is unbelievable that the View is still on the air. I would venture to say that at least 90% of their audience are females on the left. Thanks for the reply.

    5 weeks, 11 hours and 57 minutes

    I strongly agree!! Biden is an incapable blubbering idiot, grumpy, angry old man.

    5 weeks, 19 hours and 18 minutes

    The women on The View are all stupid, hateful and bias as ****. We wouldn't watch that show if it was the only show on TV. Only mindless idiots watch that ****.

    5 weeks, 19 hours and 21 minutes