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    Biden administration = Basically Obama/Biden people with some even more radical than others = Regurgitation of dismal Obama administration!! This begs the question: How many times do we have to listen to Obama's lectures on the failures of Americans? He is starting to become as annoying as Hillary.

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    Wouldn't you think a Presidential candidate would want to know they were elected fair and square by the American people? Joe Biden has shown absolutely no concern about claims of voter fraud in our election. If Joe Biden is sworn in after all these claims of voter fraud on January 20th? Mr Biden will be know as "The occupant of the Whitehouse" not our duly elected President. For the first time in my life, I'm extremely concerned about our country's future. After everything that's happened in our country over the entire term of President Trump, the American people have lost their way. This breaks my heart to say this, but this isn't the United States of America I know and love.

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    I thought "Whistleblowers" were to be heard, trusted and shown respect for being brave enough to come forward? They are to be believed & protected. Well, not if you're a whistleblower coming forward with incriminating information about our election process, that may involve the Democrats. Why didn't the liberal media outlets give these brave whistleblowers testimonies a platform? Hmm, that's even more proof of the double standards that exist in America, I find it to be very disturbing. Can you imagine what would be happening right now if the Democrats were in the position the Presidents in? They would be cutting in on the soap operas to bring everyone these whistleblowers testifying. Someone needs to get the American people organized to go after these corrupt media outlets, they think they can get away with doing whatever they want, conservative Republicans are being discriminated against by these liberal media outlets and it's about time the we start fighting back. I'm trying to get a hold of Lin Wood to see if class action lawsuits can be filed against ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. It's time to act. Enough is enough!

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    Can you guess who I texted this to?
    by Christina Barrett
    Macy's employee FL
    Hi, I told someone supervising that a customer was trying to single me out and irritate me, I meant no harm, only thought it would be to good to deal with. Suddenly, everyone seemed to think there was something wrong with me... I don't think I did anything wrong, but I felt I was being treated badly and was confused and felt confused and upset inside. I just hope the people working there looking at me didn't think there was anything wrong with me. I feel some people who work there feel it out of place to talk to me, too. I was getting on well with someone but after this she seemed nervous around me, but they seemed to know I was being wronged treated like I didn't know what I was doing about something. So, I wanted to let you know so I don't get in trouble for something I didn't do, like if they lie about things about me. I still like working, though. I mean, they seem to treat me oddly, like a lot of people in Orlando, though. They are easily upset/triggered for some reason by me, and I'm just a normal person. Other people there are diverse, as well. I hope it's okay I texted this, if not so sorry. I come back on Tuesday. I hope all is okay. Let me know if I can help.. I'm fine. Thanks!

    1 day, 19 hours and 4 minutes

    Why are the FBI & DOJ showing no concern about the fraud in this election? Apparently the server for the Dominion voting machines in Georgia are missing. A person claiming to be with Dominion showed up in Georgia, said there was a glitch in the system and took the server. As of now it's whereabouts are unknown. This really stinks and the preservation of evidence is failing, people need to go to jail for tampering with evidence. We have a FBI who tried to frame the President, a DOJ that refused to charge anyone and were supposed to trust these idiots? Why are there no Republicans demanding action be taken? Because they're cowards, that's why and I'm so glad I left that party years ago. If nothing is done about what's going on in our election, Republicans will never win another election again. You would think that would bother them just a tad? Shame on them. It's also being reported that many counties are showing more votes cast than there are registered voters. But hey, there's nothing to see here, move along. I know you're surprised, right? What do you think the media would be doing right now if Trump was the "President Elect" and these fraudulent claims surfaced? They would have the people who work in the mail room out investigating along with everyone else.

    1 day, 20 hours and 41 minutes

    Joe Biden is a fraud and so was this election. Check this out, Biden supposedly got more votes than Obama in 221 counties. I honestly believe that between the DNC and the sicko Democrats who have so much hatred for Trump, there was massive voter fraud in the United States.

    1 day, 21 hours and 35 minutes

    Americans should BOYCOTT the NFL until Roger Goodell steps down. Without fans, the NFL will fail. The lack of respect shown by a few is disgusting. Fans of sports watch to be entertained, not to see players engage in some type of message they want to send. If a player has something to say, they have plenty of options available to them. There's no need to do it on game day, on the field. What I find interesting is that there's no players coming out against what these few are doing. That tells me that there's an unwritten order that was given from the top, (Goodell) if you go against the NFL, there will be consequences. The players are in fear of losing their jobs and that's wrong, Goodell must go!

    2 days, 3 hours and 19 minutes

    Democrats are already causing problems with Israel, our progress there is in grave danger under a Biden administration. We've United the Arab Nation against Iran, John Kerry and the Democrats will ultimately cause another war in the middle east with their sick, twisted love for Iran, the country that shouts DEATH to America. The Democratic party has become a serious threat to our country with their radical policies and progressive beliefs. President Trump has had to fight from the very first day in office against these insane, vindictive Democrats. No President should ever be subjected to the treatment Trump has had to endure, especially from the media outlets. Sadly America is forever changed because by the DEMOCRATS actions over the last four years. What's wrong with putting our country before others? Don't people understand how bad the problems in our country have become? We actually have Americans who are starving, the poverty levels have grown expeditiously along with homelessness. Our roads and bridges are dilapidated across the country, we have cities that need rebuilding, schools that need to be built and our education system improved. For the first time in history, we're energy independent, not relying on foreign oil. Our military has been put back the way it should be, soldiers have received pay increases. What I'm trying to say is President Trump has done the ground work for our country, why would the Democrats come in and undo these accomplishments? What good will come from it? If we wind up having a Democrat President during these difficult times we're in, I fear the Democratic party will cause irreversible damage to the United States. It's been proven, time after time, they cannot govern, their insane policies DO NOT work.
    Why can't some Americans get that through their heads? Remember how things were under Obama? Well under Biden, it will be much worse, just look at what Democrats have achieved over the last 20 years, the proof is there in black and white for all to see. Then look at everything President Trump has achieved in four years under extreme duress. Doesn't that seem a bit strange that he was able to get all that done and other Presidents couldn't? Hmm, maybe because they were to busy being controlled by the deep state and to concerned about being "Presidential" ?? Which is just another term for doing what others want done. Luckily President Trump couldn't be controlled or bought, he did things his way and the results were astonishing. After seeing how those on the left acted over the past four years, I'm extremely concerned about our country's future. You should be too!

    2 days, 4 hours and 3 minutes

    If the "snake" Joe Biden does wind up becoming President? What do you think is going to happen with the progress President Trump has made with foreign relations? Not only will Biden destroy our country with his insane policies, but our relations with other countries will be at great risk with a Biden administration. The American people have no idea what's in store for our country of these sick Democrats wind up getting away with stealing the election from President Trump. I hope and pray it doesn't happen, but if it does and our country winds up suffering, just remember who the people are that's responsible. I wonder how many Democrats actually took the time to actually read the Biden manifesto? Not many, I'm sure. Their hate for the man in the Whitehouse interfered with their thinking and decision making process. We have the corrupt liberal media outlets to thank for making President Trump out to be something he's not, a bad person. They will pay for what they've done, trust me. The Thousands of Americans at these Trump rallies are just the beginning of what's to come. We will not let the Democrats and the liberal media steal the Presidency. Democrats haven't seen anything yet, just wait. Today's Democratic party, truly is the enemy of the people and they must be stopped by any means necessary. They are not the answer to our country's problems, they're the one's responsible for causing them.

    3 days, 16 hours and 39 minutes

    If the Democrats get away with STEALING this election from President Trump? If he were smart and he is, he shouldn't run in 2024. Unless, the Republican party changes their ways and I don't see that happening. Very few of them fought for Donald Trump, although he stood up for them since day one. What were they afraid of? Those in the deep state? Politics in America are extremely corrupt and Trump was out to expose the corruption, he showed the world just how sick some people really are and I thank him for that. Politicians, Billionaires, Big Tech companies, Hollywood elites, they all want and thrive on Power. They want control of the President and our Government, they even took over the media outlets in America to help ensure they get what they want. The American people have no idea how corrupt our country is, they all want Trump gone because he can't be bought and they are scared to death of him. I cannot believe that a simpleton like Joe Biden actually down this election, they want us to believe he got more votes than Obama? That's the first sign something isn't right, when you factor in the African American vote for Trump and the fact that Biden didn't campaign, has serious mental illness problems and is a proven failure. The numbers don't add up. I know most Americans feel that too and hopefully we will find out exactly what happened to our election process. The Democrats should be forced to prove they didn't cheat , Republicans shouldn't have to prove they did. Think about it. Pray for our President and our country.

    4 days, 14 hours and 52 minutes

    I hope everyone got to see the magnificent Thanksgiving address Joe Biden gave? This man is an absolute disgrace, his religious comments were pathetic not to mention wrong. Pumice, oh really? Isn't that like volcanic rock? He's a fool. Not one question from the media either, so sad. We conservatives must make sure these liberal media outlets continue to feel our wrath. They are a disgrace to journalism and our country. Fox News needs to learn who helped get them where they are today. I always had my suspicions about them. You watch, they will continue to pander to the Democrats. According to the ratings, they took a hard hit. Let's make it harder.

    4 days, 17 hours and 25 minutes

    To, Anonymous
    Regarding: John Roberts
    You are so right. Justice Roberts has been a disappointment. His recent ruling regarding the election in PA was a cop-out. Let's not forget his final decision resulted in Obamacare. To add to this poor thinking was John McCain's dissenting vote that insured Obamacare would not be replaced.

    5 days, 7 hours and 5 minutes

    John Roberts is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's done absolutely nothing for America since being appointed. Useless is what he is, a true liberal.

    5 days, 17 hours and 34.8 seconds

    Why do these Democrat ran States refuse to let the signatures be verified? These ignorant reporters are sick people. I'm glad President Trump put the idiot in his place. Trump said don't you ever talk to the President like that.... Good for him. The Democratic party and the media think if they keep pushing the Biden won issue, it will make Trump concede. They still don't know Donald Trump. I think it's a shame after everything these sick Democrats did to President Trump over 4 years, they had to literally try to steal the election to remove him from office. There's no way in hell Biden got 80 million legal votes. Too bad the media wants Trump gone, otherwise they would be investigating the election fraud and would have proof already of a conspiracy to cheat on our election by the Democratic party.A . The Republican party needs to fight for the President, he deserves it after everything he's accomplished. Sadly the Republican party are cowards who are afraid to fight and get angry for something they know for a fact is wrong. They would rather give the Democrats the win than fight.This election was RIGGED just as the President said it was. The Democratic party is full of scumbags who shouldn't call themselves Americans.

    5 days, 17 hours and 5 minutes

    It's a real shame that a few ignorant, uneducated, overpaid, idiots have absolutely destroyed the NFL
    I will never, ever, watch another NFL football game as long as this continues. If it weren't for the soldiers who fought and died for our flag, these FOOLS wouldn't have the USA to play football in. That's how ignorant these unappreciative simpletons are. Oh by the way, this coward Roger Goodell needs to be removed as commissioner. What a disgrace to our country the NFL is, it's sickening.

    5 days, 17 hours and 29 minutes

    To Anonymous
    Re: Here we go again should read: Evidently not.

    5 days, 17 hours and 52 minutes

    Correction to NFL kneeling
    The players knelt when the National anthem was played - our flag is part of this very important show of respect and gratitude - two words not part of NFL players vocabulary.

    5 days, 23 hours and 17 minutes

    Here we go again. It seems NFL players took to their knees today prior to the Lions-Texas game. These overpaid, spoiled, self-righteous players still do not understand the respect and value our flag not only deserves, but represents. Many, throughout the years, have given sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice, so all of us, as well as the above pampered few, can live in a country of perseverance, justice and liberty Is it too much to ask this disgraceful group take a few minutes of their time to pay respect to our national symbol of freedom? Evidently. Do their jobs, keep their personal beliefs off the field and away from any arena. Not hard to figure out.

    5 days, 23 hours and 46 minutes

    The Democratic party could very well be the first in our country's history to have a Mentally Challenged President. Or as some like to say " Special " yeah Biden is special alright. Nobody in their right mind would pick staff from a former administration that the American people rejected. Joe Biden actually said he wants to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, he also wants to undo the progress made in the Middle East. The American people will have something to say about his brilliant plans. This man can't even speak properly, he has to be told what to say.
    It's said that Biden received more votes than Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, we're supposed to believe this election was on the up and up? Ha, ha. We're all supposed to unite and come together now? Lmao....... Dream on Democrats!!!

    6 days, 17 hours and 59 minutes

    It's time for the American people to take action against all mainstream media outlets in the US. The people who own and run them are some of the sickest, most corrupt people in the world. For years they have lied to the American people about many things. They played a huge role in the harassment of President Trump. They have ruined the lives of many people, what price have they paid? These huge corporations like Comcast and AT&T keep on swimming in the money. The media was to do the work of the American people. They were supposed to help keep our government in check and keep corporations honest. No more do they do any of this, so why do we need them? It's time to call for changes in how the media outlets bring us the news. If they can't form for the people, then we need to shut them all down. It's time for us to demand truth and loyalty from the media. The people deserve better and it's time to hold them accountable.

    1 week, 16 hours and 42 minutes

    Joe Biden is nothing but a arrogant clown, who if given the chance, will destroy our country. I still refuse to believe that the man who hid in his basement, actually beat President Trump. If Biden is sworn in on January 20th? He should be treated the same, if not worse than President Trump was treated. All 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump should get involved in making Joe Biden's life miserable. He will wind up curled up under the Oval office desk, sucking his thumb, asking for his mommy! Today's Democrats are a disgrace to our great country!

    1 week, 19 hours and 1 minute

    Why isn't Andrew Cuomo in prison? This guy is responsible for the deaths of over 30 thousand people.
    His incompetence caused these deaths, he should be held accountable. Look a NYC, it's sickening to see the city this way. Oh well, I don't live there. Shame on those that do for not getting rid of Deblasio and Cuomo. Sorry, but most New Yorkers are some really sick people.

    1 week, 19 hours and 19 minutes

    To, For, reply
    Thanks fir remembering Chris Hahn and Jessica Tarlov - I almost forgot them. While we're at it, Donna Brazile was with CNN at the time she gave Hillary debate questions in advance. Now she is a Fox contributor! Good grief. She has no credibility at all. Oh, well.

    1 week, 19 hours and 26 minutes

    For, reply
    You're welcome, happy to oblige. It's nice to know we have some alternatives. Why can't Fox News seem to find contributors who can represent the Democratic party with dignity and respect? People like Jessica Tarlov and Chris Hahn and those you mentioned are some of the rudest, arrogant, unprofessional, people I've ever seen. I know there's others out there on CNN and MSNBC who are just as bad, but I didn't expect Fox to stoop that low. I predict more conservatives will leave Fox News, they need to be reminded of who helped them to reach the title " #1 in News " it sure wasn't the Democrats!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

    1 week, 22 hours and 16 minutes

    73.9 million AMERICANS votes have been counted so far for President Donald J. Trump, emphasis on the word Americans. Democrats on the other hand have votes from everyone and anyone. Dogs, cats, dead people and of course illegal IMMIGRANTS. If the sad excuse for a man Joe Biden winds up somehow winning this election? It's because the Democratic party was so desperate for POWER, they were willing to lie, cheat, beg, borrow and steal, to make sure they won this election. It has nothing to do with Joe Biden, or the fact that his qualifications make him the best person for the job. It has everything to do with power and the need for it by individuals in our country and abroad. Without power, these people are nothing. President Trump did amazing things with our country and overseas with foreign policy. If Biden winds up becoming President? He's already said he's going to undo everything President Trump has accomplished, is that really the best thing to do for our country and the American people? What's the point of going through all the trouble if the next President is only going to come in and reverse everything? The only reason Trump had to undo things Obama did, ((which wasn't much) was to get out economy going and to create jobs. We all know he succeeded at doing that. What excuse does Biden have? He wants to rejoin the Paris accord, reinstate the iran nuclear deal, lift restrictions on Muslim countries. Go back to how things were with China under the Obama administration. If he does? China will make sure the United States never gets another chance to cut them off again. The terrorists from the middle East will once again set up operations. If all this happens? Just remember who those people are that voted for Joe Biden, remember who had those Biden signs in their yards. They will be the ones responsible for what's to come if Biden and his corrupted cronies get in the Whitehouse. Biden is already saying get ready to have your guns confiscated. He's dug up the Obama administration playbook and is planning to install the rejects who were responsible for the failed Obama days. Get ready Am for the darkest days you've ever seen, why you ask? Because we all know Democrats can't govern, that's a proven fact.

    1 week, 1 day and 16 hours