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    Are company name is Arch city hauling. We buy a lot of parts from your company. We are located in Columbus Ohio but we have to go to your Zanesville location because when we call parts or service. I have waited up to 45 minutes for someone to answer the phone. This is at night because we do a lot of night work so we need parts or service in a timely manner. Not for sure if you are aware of the money that your company is losing every night we can call the Zanesville location and get excellent service it a shame that your Columbus location doesn't offer the same. My name is David Shackleford a partner with Arch city hauling. Email (EMAIL)

    17 weeks, 1 day and 16 hours

    Anderson Indiana dealer bad service over charge very rude they don't know how to diagnose your truck

    30 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    I was at freighter dealer in Anderson Indiana I brought my truck to fix it .they diagnosed it and told me that I need to change harness I agreed .they charged me 1500 dollars 250 parts and 1200 laber .and it didn't fix the problem then they told me that I need to change another parts for over 15000 dollars.when I asked to talk to the Maneger he kicked me of .they where not professional .

    30 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours

    Don't feel good

    I understand how staff and workload balance out. Repairs are what they are. Freightliner dealer in Florence south Carolina customer service personnel are not very personal. I can't treat my customers the way they conduct business. Need I remind people I'm the customer and if it wasn't for me they wouldn't be their. If they gonna be point of contact for service customers they should learn and accept their positions and not giving people a sour taste.

    32 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    Alonzo Walker

    My name is Alonzo I was recently in Freightliner of Birmingham Alabama where I was overcharged at least about $1,000 for repairs that they did I was charged for a diagnostic and a test drive after the repair was made.

    38 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    Jake H

    terrible company, good thing that there are lot of other options in the market. tried at least 10 freightliner locations for repairs but only frustration nothing else...

    44 weeks, 1 hour and 3 minutes


    This Triad freightliner is the worst shop North Carolina the worst place I've been got here at 7:00 took 5 hours for someone to look at it 3 hours to replace the regen pump and now I been wains goin on 2 hours for sine one to test drive it so I can go and still waiting smh

    44 weeks, 4 days and 32 minutes


    I have had a very bad experience with three Freightliner shops in Alabama and Texas..Each sent me on the road and we broke down out side of all three.

    Jack Armitage

    45 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour

    Ester McAllister

    I am not satisfied with this 2019 Freightliner. It has had a leaking problem since I had it. I had it in the shop and the problem is still there. I think the problem was from the factory.

    47 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours

    The interior comfort for the bunk is terrible, I can not sleep Because I am not comfortable, which is unhealthy and unsafe to me and the public due to fatigue... How will you fix this problem?

    49 weeks, 5 days and 17 hours

    Mendez Hauling and Dumping LLC

    Mr. Robert Cunningham, do you respond to these reviews

    50 weeks, 21 hours and 16 minutes

    David Walta

    Recently purchased a 2020 Cascadia. Absolutely love it. That said. Absolutely hate the driver assist feature designed for safety however in actuality creates a safety hazard(s) almost hourly. This driver assist technology is terrible and should be completely removed from new truck and really any vehicle ever designed. I want control of the vehicle at all times in both my personal vehicles a d commercial vehicle. Should the future of vehicle technology really be in the hands of and influenced by individuals like mr. musk who is most definately on drugs the entire day?Thank You

    1 year, 2 weeks and 1 day

    Cindy F

    Had a truck built for us and it has been nothing but a problem. We have more maintenance bills then income. Even with a warranty. I DONT RECCOMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!!!

    1 year, 4 weeks and 1 day

    Latrice and Joshua

    I had an issue with the Freightliner in York, PA. Both my boyfriend and I explained to them the problem we were having on Monday morning so Thursday night after staying in a hotel all week they called us and let us knew that our truck had been fixed. Friday morning we went to pick it up spent $2800 just to go outside to hook up to our trailer only to find that all of the lights that were on the dashboard initially and the nox sensor had not been fixed. We knew the nox sensor needed to he replaced bc the T/A had told us prior to coming there. Then they said they test drove our truck but they lied on the paperwork and said they went 9 miles when it turns out the odometer had only moved 3 miles. So looks like maybe they drove to a stop sign a came right back. So we let them know that all the light were still on then they came out with their computer and told us they were going to have to put the truck back in the shop. Mind you now we're supposed to be heading to pickup a load bc we were told that everything was fixed. They ended up making some kind of harness bc it wouldn't be there by the following Monday which is crazy bc had they fixed what we initially told them it would have been there. They ended up breaking something on the truck which caused our truck to now not start and they were going to charge us $75 to tow the truck out of the shop if we wanted to sleep in it and $75 to tow it back into the shop and we would have had to pay that everyday. These people Todd was the service manager and Corey was the first person we talked to all speak like they know what they are talking about but in terms they are just covering up for each other. Even the corporate office Ann and Jennifer they are no better. These people are frauds, scammers, and definitely a ripoff. And to make matters worse what I went in for was covered by warranty so why are we out $2800?

    1 year, 4 weeks and 6 days

    James Gray

    Had a truck towed to the Des Moines Repair Order R103029342:01 location after they said they could get to it. They failed to get to the truck the following day and then called and said they needed more hours for diagnostic. Which we approved. Still the tech must only change oil because after 9 hours he and they still didn't know what was wrong with the unit. I finally sent a truck to pickup the unit and the paperwork showed they were looking for their multimeter to run a test. I was charged 1171.65 after the service manager stated that he didn't have the right guy on the truck and waved all the time he had in it. There are procedures in running test on truck, there should be one for dealerships being crooked and unethical.

    1 year, 9 weeks and 3 days

    Robert Cunningham/CEO

    *****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

    How he gets it.... makes no difference."

    - The Eternal Jew, 1940...f66

    1 year, 10 weeks and 4 days


    Truck went in Greensboro NC shop for rear axle leak was told out in one week .Now day 11 still talking about waiting on tool. Still talking about not having any idea when it will be finished. You would think this was the first rear axle job.

    1 year, 10 weeks and 5 days

    Wolfgang Bayer

    While cruising through Canada last summer in our new 2018 Tiffin RED motorhome, for some unknown reasons, the boot protecting the steering wheel next to the brake pedal got caught by the steering wheel and ripped the top of the boot off. It didn't quite sheer it all off, but a piece was hanging there, dangling next the brake pedal and seriously interfering with my use of the brake. After a lengthy discussion with a Freightliner Truck service center in Canada, since there was no spare boot available within several hundred miles and it would be three days for a replacement to arrive, it was decided, that I should cut off the lose piece of rubber boot to make driving safer. And so I did! And that worked perfectly, even though I mentioned that new opening could be an invitation for rodents to come for a visit through a newly created "Welcome" door. With a three year warranty, I took my time to get this inconvenience properly looked after at a Fontana, California Freightliner repair service center. I was rather shocked when the service advisor, without even stepping out of her office, presented me with an estimate of $332.00. It was called something like an "investigation" fee. Boy. I thought, here is some real creative fleecing going on. But I kept calm and my mouth shut. Then, a mechanic proceeded to investigate. He didn't really have to, since I took several pictures of the torn up boot and showed them to him. And that's when the overly talented service advisor arrived and took over. She wanted to know who cut the lose strap of rubber that was in the way and I told her the story. "Sorry," she replied. "Since you cut that piece off yourself, you voided your warranty." I had never heard such a lame-**** excuse for wiggling out of goddamned ten dollar rubber boot. But with my admittance to this act, I was, according to the stipulation of my warranty, screwed. The idiotic part of this was, they didn't have a spare boot either and the mechanic, very clever, I might add, took a twenty cent plastic tie and tied it around the damaged boot - and charged me for parts for this eloquent and ingenious repair and graciously left me a can of silicone spray, included in the price, to use it once in a while to keep the boot from rubbing. And so the repair was close to $400.00 - all for one plastic tie. And that was the easy part. The bad news was it took almost a full day for this procedure and I had to drive 180 miles to get this much excitement. Furthermore, We had to wait for nearly six hours, even though the motorhome was sitting in the parking lot the entire time with the technician tying a plastic tie around the steering wheel. The service advisor said something about being a liability to wait in our own motorhome. Luckily, there was a Subway Sandwich shop nearby, so not all my time was wasted. I hate to think what would happen if I had a serious warranty issue!

    1 year, 13 weeks and 12 hours


    Do not go to Empire they sell you things that is not bad

    1 year, 14 weeks and 3 days


    Freightliner of Philadelphia has one of the worst parts dept. ever the orders are never right they take forever to answer the phone they are never eager to help anyone and always have attitudes. when called and told that the order was wrong the parts that were ordered was not what was received. that's even worse. Not to mention when you call several times looking for an order and you get 50 different answers and reasons on where your parts are and a week later they tell you that it was delivered to a location that has nothing to do with your company and that you will have to figure it out. When it is clearly there mistake.

    1 year, 17 weeks and 6 days

    Larry Jones

    Birmingham Freightliner is totally a rip off my truck 2010 Cascadia had clutch and etc done in Forest Park Ga In April this year spent over $5000 I thought I had oil leak I pulled over at T/A in Dodge City ala to get it fix the technician said it was transmission fluid and I needed to take it to dealership I contacted the forest Park freightliner they told me to contact Birmingham Freightliner and send them the assessment Birmingham Freightliner told me to call weis wercker service to toll my truck to them the driver of the wrecker broke bolt on drive shalf and told Freightliner he broke the bolt in the yoke well I'm outta $1557 and still got transmissions leak I got rob poor customer service no

    Workmanship It wasn't shown plus the manager for Freightliner in Birmingham told the toll truck driver he was not at fault for breaking bolt I paid $475 toll $653 labor and $357 for yoke they fix what wrecker tore up and I paid for it and the problem I had I still got leaking transmission very dishonest service

    1 year, 24 weeks and 4 days

    I bought a 2019... at overall happy with it. If I would make one recommendation. The ladderr to the upper bunk gets in the way for the person using the lower bunk. I like the top bunk access in the older trucks. I.e. 2017 and before.

    1 year, 24 weeks and 6 days


    my truck was delayed for 2 days at Freightline North little rock, Arkansas, job number E301053644 FOR a gasket replacement. We were told that truck would be ready the next morning, Manager, ordered wrong part, which caused delays in replacing the gasket, truck carrying load, and business delayed. Lost contract and the service people were not apologetic at all. Please I need you to reduce the service charged on this job $1503.00 . I am compassionate to do business with Freighliner, but let down by poor service offered. As am writing my Truck is still parked spoke to one of the services guys who said it can only be completed after 3:00pm today.

    Please intervene. Am Loveness Biza, for Royal Wisdom. My number (PHONE)

    1 year, 25 weeks and 4 days


    what is the breakdown of a freigthliner truck refusing to start.

    1 year, 26 weeks and 2 days

    Freightliner dealers are all scammers.

    1 year, 27 weeks and 6 days