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    I've been a profession driver for many years, and have driven a wide range of "luxury vehicles". And would say without reservation or hesitation that the Lincoln line of luxury vehicles dominate the luxury car field. And in the fleet of vehicle we drove were a range of Ford Motor Products. From the Lincoln Towncar, The lincoln MKS, and the Ford Taurus. All of which function with dependability and performed wonderfully. And on our Fleet of Towncars were at least 5 Towncars that had over 700,000 miles on the original heads. You can't argue with that kind of sustainability or dependability. I only wish that the Ford Motor Co. would restore both the Towncar, and MKS to the fold. My brother in law an executive for Lexus sat behind the wheel of the MKS and stated it was by far the best performing vehicle he'd ever driven. Ford I salute you for staying on the cutting edge of style, design, and performance; you;re the best. From a huge fan.

    12 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours


    I went to 2800 springfield avenue vauxhall nj

    If I could give zero stars I would I am speaking on my horrible experience this is not my 1st time going to a dealership but this is the 1st time Going to one so dishonest we went there nov 29 base on a car we saw online as soon as we sat down our salesman Gary said I don't want to rush you but some one called and left a 500 deposit that should had been our sign to leave it went down hill from there then he had someone call us from the dealership saying the same thing ok if you like your credit score don't To this dealership our credit was run 7 time when we was Supposedly really to seat with the general manager we got there at 12pm n left at 8:30pmi put a $2000 down payment then after was told the car was $1300 more then Internet price our salesman Gary said is this your 1st time at a dealership that's what we do we put the Lowest price on the Internet so you can come here and I already ran your credit so you would be able to buy nothing else anywhere else we will fix the hood take out the dents and what ever else need to be fix and refund you $500 of your deposit back and take off $300 off the car he said so we said okay because we was already charged for the deposit he ask to see our phone so we can get free oil change and other Service but what he did was leave a review here for 5 stars and saying how good of Service we had and he a good sales man that not the case nov 29 we took the car 30mins in to the drive I know something wasn't right at all the call fill up with a fuel smell inside and out the car the car sounds like a Diesel truck engine on December 2 the car was back at the dealership we told them we don't want this car this car shouldn't never been sold here this is a big deal Gary said they won't fix it the deal is done and they going charge you for leaving the car here I said I have two small kids under 4 and they are riding and smelling this what is this car blow up or something he said this is a million dollar Company so the car had 2weeks an 5 days there and all they fix was the hood that now could open on December 17 the car was parked there we told them we don't want this car it has issues and it should had never been sold to us he said take a different car they was nothing we waited they refuse to refund us they said we drop the price $1000 and fix the car on the December 19 they called saying we did smell the fuel when you 1st drop it off but we can't find it come pick it up on December 20 we went back to dealership same issue they gave me the running I took it December21 to a different shop and they found the issue right away and told me the engine had an issue most likely the turbo is not supposed to sound that loud he told me how they Sold you this car like that on the December 23 went back to the dealership and again waited almost 4 hours they told us pick a different car but then said come after the holiday rack up the miles we don't care about that car we said we not going do that I felt that was a set up which it was on December 27 we went back after waiting and waiting they told us to wait in the car we went back in after sometime we already had 2 hours there waiting for a replacement plate they told us the deal is off we will refund you we asked for a receipt they said they will email it they didn't we had the car for 8 days out of that month they knew we live almost 2hrs away today we received a refund for $41 what a joke from the $1500 we put down they feel like they can keep $1459 when they are the ones that sell damage and It's dangerous cars ever time we went there we saw cars getting tow in back to back so read the negative reviews because if someone got our salesman he writing his own review and giving five stars and by the way the car they took back and said they will refund us is back at website for $1989 more I know they didn't fix the issue because their own Mechanic said he work on the car when it was there he told me that Engine noise is from the turbo but he need to order bolt and take it all apart and it was going take months and they told him not to fix it I would never recommend this dealership never

    43 weeks, 2 days and 12 hours

    Lamont Graham



    50 weeks, 3 days and 12 hours


    A few months ago i brought a car from a lincoln dealership in bayshore. I have been having an issue with the car for the last few months. The service department is not thorough. They just recently scheduled my car to be serviced and kept it for a week saying they were waiting for the part to be delivered. Theu could not get me a loaner car. The whole ordeal was horrible!!!!

    1 year, 10 weeks and 2 days

    Yolanda Malcolm

    Yolanda Malcolm 2 different workers at the Lincoln dealership I guess because I'm a woman a black woman that I have been treated in such a disrespectful way and was disrespected in front of the enterprise workers with one manager. The other manager when I first began going there. There were other worker who were respectful but to have managers who insult you and speak to you in such a disrespectful way. I explained my father was dealing with cancer and heart situation. While I needed to be at hospital I was back and forth with Lincoln I understand if you have a recall but to give me a car I showed them the tire was low they advised me it was fixed after getting a flat on the way to the hospital with my dying father they put me in a Lincoln dealer car that the steering seem like we were dlyingnfrom one side of the car to the other. I saw the car needed and oil change more time taken away from my dad I advised the manager and once the car was ready I asked did u test drive it it said o we fixed it. It was on the recall list wow you take me out if my recall and put me in another recall vehicle. Then a they called said come to enterprise every 30 day ls I had to go back there etc unfortunately my father was never able to ride in the the enterprise vehicle because he died. Through this process I lost 9 month of a extended warranty I bought for my vehicle paid my truck off did everything I felt the story is way too long however, my point is when being told that since my air bag light now intermittently comes on and off and the new manager said they were gonna call me back to resolve this issue never heard from him. Now my light goes out and there are tape in the wires. I showed the dealership where my paint was rusting and buckling they told me to take to your body shop he said you need to take this where you bought it because this vehicle has been in an accident now build is out see tapes up wires and this was supposed to be a certified vehicle. Time for me to purchase or lease a new vehicle how do I return when your customer service sucks. This is the second time I purchased from you and eletrical ssue again your company shows no remorse. They talk like robots with no concern or care if any. I asked to speak to a supervisor an asst calls I asked where is corporate office he says Flordia why play games with people who spend money with you. To have to have racial and issues because I am a black woman is a major concern as a former employee of the U.S house of representatives they hold congressional hearing on such a thing. What does a customer have to do to get some respect as a loyal customer.

    1 year, 28 weeks and 2 days

    stephanie R Keitt

    Pompano Beach Ford Lincoln GM is disappointing to say the least .

    1 year, 46 weeks and 5 days

    Kenneth Keitt

    My name is Kenneth Keitt I have been buying Lincoln's for over 20 years and will only have repairs done at my dealership I have an issue with a repair,so I went back in and the GM basically told me that I was wrong and that they never removed the part that I have an issue with plus they didn't check point my car,when I got home my wife was washing the car as they didn't. So my wife called the GM today and he told her that he would give her a call after he meet with the other managers she never got that call. Pompano Ford and Lincoln has been a great disappointment to me in the past couple of years but with that being said I miss having Kevin Kramer as my go to he always made me feel like I was the only and most important customer he had. DON'T know if I'll be back in another Lincoln.

    1 year, 46 weeks and 5 days

    Samue and Donna Bacoulis

    Two weeks age our Ford Fusion shutdown on Rt. 34 in Orange. Two days before we received a callback letter regarding overheating of the engine cylinder head ((17S09/NHTSA Recall 17V-209). We called the dealership, Colonial Ford of Danbury, which we have gone to for the past 2 years. Stever Camada, our service rep. checked on the computer and suggested we get a tow to Crest Lincoln in Woodbridge which was about 4 miles away from us. So we called AAA and received a tow to said dealer. This was a very BIG mistake. As soon as we walked in and said we had a ford JTs attitude changed. He insisted, without even a diagnostic test that it wasn't the callback and even if it was he had no idea how long it would take him to get parts, it could be weeks. It was going to cost us $120/hour for a diagnosis. We asked him if he could give us a loaner car and he said that they did not give loaner cars to Ford owners, but there was a rental car place down the block. We called Steve and he suggested that when they did the diagnostic test to call him back. Well, after the test we were told it wasn't the callback and it would cost us for more diagostic testing on each of the 5 numbers the first test spit out. After Steve talked with JT, their service person, he said it sounded like the recall and if we could get the car to him he would take care of us. It was very clear that JT did NOT want to be bothered with a lowley Ford. We paid him $132 for the test and had our car towed to Danbury. Before we left JT called me back in and said his manager didn't want us to pay for the test and refunded our money. At least someone there had some common sense. I will never recommed anybody go to that dealership. He, JT, showed no respect.

    2 years, 35 weeks and 6 days


    Hello, I have been trying to purchase a focus and fusion, keep getting turned down because of not credit score, my job and me, getting SSA,, I can pay for a note payments low payments not giving a person a chance, what do you have or who can ,I talk to on this matter, I work in school, and have a breathing problems. I rent this car both style like the cars very much. Too many time renting better to purchase, hope to purchase one of these vehicles please see what can be done so, I can be able to get around better for my job and education please thank you.

    2 years, 43 weeks and 3 days


    I purchased my car (2014 FORD FUSION) at the friendly ford location in springfield mo. I noticed the drivers floor board constantly wet and mold had actually grown (prior to finding) I called them and they told me to drop my car off at the body shop. I did on wed 8/3. When doing so I was told they would call me in a couple days. Friday evening I didn't hear anything so I called to check the status. They told me they haven't found anything yet and they will look again on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday around lunch time, I was in the area and noticed my car hadn't changed locations, so I called to check status again. I was told they had it on to look in the afternoon and they would call me that evening with what they find. Never heard from them. Again, I was in the area and my car still hadn't moved so I called today (wed). This time I was told the gentleman in the office was outside and the lady will get an update and call me back shortly. I never received a call. I understand being busy but this is excessive for a LEAK in the floor board. Then, when a business begins lying to customers countless times it becomes hard to trust them. I will be contacting BBB. I feel as though they are extending this so they do not have to mess with the small stuff. My family has bought 4 cars from friendly ford in the year prior and they will never get my business again.

    4 years, 13 weeks and 12 hours