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    In the past whenever I knew of family or friends looking to purchase a home, new build or resale, I would always recommended Fulton Homes. I would let them know they are quality, well built homes, with a trusted and respected reputation in Arizona. So when it came time for my husband and I to purchase a new home we only wanted a Fulton home and on February 24, 2019 we signed a new build contract.

    While we were in signing our contract at the Cooley Station location with Kathy Wood, patiently waiting for her to assist other potential buyers I overheard the following conversation:

    Potential Buyer: "Would there be any risk for us, if we sign and are unable to clean up a couple things on our credit before closing?"

    Kathy W: "No, there is zero risk. Our homes sell themselves!"

    This conversation gave me additional comfort knowing we were signing with a company that stood behind their reputation. I was so confident in our decision to purchase a Fulton Home that during our structural meeting I paid more than the required 1%, $3334.00.

    Fast forward to March 14, 2019, I contacted the Cooley Station sales office to let them know that due to unforeseen marital circumstances our contract would need to be canceled. At this time I was informed by Albert he was not able to assist me I would have to wait for Kathy Wood to return from vacation on Monday, this information was very upsetting. My realtor then made an attempt to help facilitate this process; Albert told her he would email the cancellation form, which did not happen. On Saturday March 16, 2019 I went into the sales office and asked for the form, which was at this time provided for my signature. At that time Albert informed me my husband would also need to come in and sign and I would need to speak to Kathy regarding the earnest money and structural deposit that had previously been paid. I left the sales office clearly upset; relayed to my husband he would need to sign the cancellation document and waited for Kathy's return.

    Monday came and I placed my call to Kathy, where she informed me the monies would not be returned and that it was clearly stated in the purchase contract. For clarification I asked her if we had gone to the end of the build and not qualified, before I could even complete my question she said very abrupt and harshly "You would have lost all deposits, the process is beyond the structural phase." That statement contradicts the conversation between Kathy Wood and the prospective buyer on the day we signed the purchase agreement and the purchase agreement itself, which states it's the sellers' discretion. I can understand if a lot was "beyond the structural phase", one could potentially lose their earnest monies and any deposits provided to the seller. However, Lot 0311 was only in the beginning of the "permit stage". I am aware there are fees associated with permit requests along with knowing approved permits depend solely on how backed up the city is. I didn't have any documents in my portal to reflect all of lot 0311 permits were completed when I spoke to Kathy on Monday. I don't believe it would've been too much trouble for the sales associate to have made one or two phone calls to determine the status of the permits.

    In my haste to get off the phone I neglected to ask when the cancellation would be complete, my realtor called back and was provided a 3-5 day process time for the cancellation, this time frame seems a bit excessive. This was the last thing I needed to deal with when other parts of my life need more attention as this time.

    I am now left to try and find a safe suitable home for myself and my disabled daughter with less money than I thought I would have based on my trust I had in Fulton Homes. Sadly, I will no longer recommend or encourage family and friends to purchase a Fulton Home.

    1 year, 32 weeks and 6 days

    I am so soured on the Fulton Homes hype. We contracted for our home in Cooley Station on Sept. 6 and just learned that after numerous delays and lost work time that our tentative closing date will be July 2nd. Over 9 months to build a tract home is absolutely ridiculous. This is our 9th home - a few by private contractors which were the easiest to handle; one Pulte home that only took 3.5 months to build, a Ryan home in Ohio that was a done in 3 months in a development much larger than Cooley Station. All I keep hearing from the rep is that there are contractor problems - not surprised to hear that because it is the lack of workers that I see. Adding to the lack of workers is the problem with not being able to get any direct answers even to simple questions. Example: We paid to have the sink installed in the laundry room, where is the water hook up? 3 days later we were told the error was being corrected. Even the site foreman can't answer a question without 'the need to check into that'. Doesn't anyone have a management brain? I am not anxious to move into this new home - if it ever gets finished. We have already had 3 different completion dates promised so I do hope July 2 is a real date. There is no excitement in the thought of moving into this house. You may claim you are proud to build but I doubt after this experience I will be proud to own.

    2 years, 28 weeks and 6 days