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    Ok...Something has been bothering me for some time now. I am still going to call the number but I hope people see this review. I waited with my husband for 5 hours outside in the rain to pre order the ps5. So, after a little while a young man I work with showed up to order one too. Well, this young man has worked for me for 2 years and he is special needs. Well, he had to wait in the car and a few more people showed up. The manager of the Galax ,va store came outside to start taking info from people. I told her he has been waiting for hours as well. She said he has to be standing there, although everyone knew and was fine with the situation. He IS special needs with mental disabilities. Several people tried to explain to her about him .. The manager said he runs around this store all the time and rules apply to him as well. She did NOT want to accomodate him at all. So is she trying to tell me he has no disability. I will call and explain more to the office tomorrow.

    3 years, 13 weeks and 6 days

    Worst customer service ever. It looks like they "outsource" d it to Manila and is very difficult to understand, if you add that they have no clue how to handle a problem. Might be this is systematic to discourage customer calls. I purchased an gift card and never received it.

    3 years, 14 weeks and 1 day

    First off let me say thank you Gamestop for the many years of deals and offers I've received over the many years of being a customer/pro member.
    **** YOU. This has gone on long enough and I'm **** sick of it. I'm so irritated with the numerous amount of items that the employees take and not let the customers have a chance at them. I recently conversed with an employee who goes by the name Ashley and i was informed that the store is missing over $200 in inventory due to the employees taking **** and keeping it for themselves. To each his/her own. I'm most sick of your **** **** bag employees who deem it ok to take items that individuals like myself who have pre-ordered **** and then they take it for themselves and to make matters worse, they dont even offer a discount for the inconvenience or my **** money back. So here's what I'm going to do! I'm going to go into the establishment and get the name of the employee who literally STOLE property from me and the store and I'm pressing charges. This **** has got to stop. This is the 3rd **** time this **** has happened to me and I'm **** fed up, I've had it up to her with this ****. And by the way, I will be contacting my lawyer about this. TRUST ME!!!

    3 years, 14 weeks and 3 days