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    Am done with Nascar and GM! After 50 years of watching and attending races I am totally done with Nascar and GM!

    20 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours

    Dave Causey

    I bought a Chevrolet pickup and after a few years the white paint started flaking off. The Chevy dealer would not repaint the body panels.

    Later, in 2004, i bought a new fully loaded $40k plus Suburban. I thought whatever issue was causing the white paint to crack and flake off surely must have been corrected. To my surprise a couple of years ago my top, right,rear corner started cracking and flaking off. This was a new dealer, not the one I bought the pickup from. They stripped and painted the top and hood at no charge. The doors showed faint hairline cracks but they said it was not flaking off so they couldn't repaint. It now has big ections of primer showing but they said I waited too long. The faint cracks were to soon and the flaking off I waited too long. I still have the new car sales contract and only about 120k miles on the 2004. The interior is excellent grey leather--the exterior excellent white top and hood but the doors have grey patches primer showing through the cracking white.

    You should not purchase any new or used white Chevrolets!!!

    3 years, 17 weeks and 6 days