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    I went to the Ballwin store where the sign says they take walkins. I wanted to see Leslie who has cut my hair in the past. She told me that there was one in front of me so I sat and waited my turn. When She was finished with her client, a man and his son came in and they went past me straight to Leslie. When I asked what was going on I was told he had an appointment. I can't believe they let me sit knowing I wanted to get my hair cut and didn't tell me she had another appointment. I have been going here for at least 5 years. I will never go back.

    25 weeks, 4 days and 1 hour

    Shonda G Moore

    I wrote a message earlier and I forgot to say one thing that needs to be addressed . If you call corporate office they will not take your call but refer your to make a email to them but do not direct you to am email site or anything so what kinda of shotty business are u all running anyway ! Customers who have complains should be able to hold somebody accountable !!!!!

    25 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours

    Shonda G Moore

    I posted a review earlier this evening but I do not see it anyway so dispite leaving one earlier I intend on leaving another one ! I called yesterday August 19 to see about getting my haircut by Ashley in Jacksonville , Arkansas great clips but was informed by Sharon that she was no longer there . She said Skyler went to same school as Ashley and would be in at 1:30 which was today August 20th I called around 2 pm and was told she wouldn't be in until 3 pm . I went to see her unfortunately and she did cut my hair .when I got home and got a closer look at it , I Hated it . She cut my hair WAY to short . During the haircut she did say that now that Ashley was gone that she had gotten a promotion . Ha, listen up everyone this lady can't even hold a candle stick next to Ashley . Ashley was fantastic , good cut a great head of hair and was very polite and friendly !!!!! I miss Ashley . Anyway , my haircut is an even shorter version of a man's cut . Needless to say I hate the cut and I am a very dissatisfied customer . When I got up to the register to check out she said that will be 20 dollars I said how much is a haircut and looked up at the sign that said haircut 15.00 . I said ok well Ashley use to charge me 13.00 and she said that's part of the problem she's gone . She is giving out personal information about what happened to another employee which is SO WRONG !!!!! She herself told me the haircut was 20 dollars which eventually she handed me back a 5 dollar bill that I told her to keep now I wish I hadn't . Your store needs to understand that with Ashley gone it will lose business .!!!!!!!!Ashley made that stores location and she was / still is to me the best hair styler that u had there. U promoted a lady who talks poorly of Ashley and glotes that she got promoted because of Ashley's absence . I am not at all happy . Who u promoted is NOT going to benifit your Jacksonville Arkansas location in anyway I assure u . This location will lose customers and business because of Ashley absence . U have lost one customer here me for starters and there will be more that follow me . I have plenty of time to decide who will be my next styler because it will probably be 3 months at least for my hair to grow back so I have plenty of time .

    25 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours

    Duke Mafrigilute

    I would to say one other thing other than the comment below. I just don't understand why this place has to look like a home for misfits. This is a really shaky place to walk into sometimes. These people may get a knife next to your throat in a shaving scenario. This scares ya! Not really but just sayin'.

    26 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours

    Duke Mafrigilute

    I like using the Great Clips chain HOWEVER the one thing I DO NOT LIKE is that when I sit down I don't care to have someone keep pounding me about their Socialist ideas and their stupid mentality as to why we need to get rid of our president. They are totally clueless. One of the things that makes this country great, to this point, is the fact of free speech.They do have that right for now, but it's just not worth getting into an argument with a moron with half of her head shaved, tattoos covering every part of her exposed body, and a nose ring and all the while being trapped by a women that has those issues going on in her life already. I doesn't look like to me she has made very wise choices up to now and she's in Great Clip's place of business trying to convert everyone she meets. NOT HAPPENING! That practice needs to stop!!! If it happens again here in Des Moines, I will not go back.

    26 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours


    I had a wonderful haircut by a young lady named Kate, at the Murrells Inlet, SC Great Clips Salon. I have a really hard time, because I am in cancer treatment, and my hair is very fine and thin. Not many stylists can give me a tolerable haircut. But she did and I want to go back to the salon and have her cut my hair again. I couldn't get through to them on the phone to find out if she was working, so I drove the 15 miles to the salon. She wasn't working, and I asked the lady there if she was still working there and she told me yes, although she seemed very reluctant to tell me. I asked her what days she was in the salon, and this lady said she wasn't allowed to tell people that information. And furthermore, she said that I couldn't request her if I came in and she was there, because I would have to take the next stylist in the line. I find this very unusual. When you find a stylist who can give you a good haircut for your type of hair, you really want to stick with them. I have received many bad haircuts, and no woman wants to walk around for a month or so before it grows out and then you have to go back to the Great Clips salon and start all over again. Please let me know what policy they are following, because my daughter has frequented a salon in the Raleigh NC area, and she was allowed to ask for a certain stylist.

    I always wondered why this Murrells Inlet location didn't ever have many customers waiting, but now I think I know if this is their policy. I'm rating the salon poorly this time because I have to waste my time to go 15 miles to find out if she is there, and then possibly I won't be able to request her.

    My last visit when I got the stylish who is so good was definitely 5 stars.

    26 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    Marilyn Szabo

    beware of the 7th ave and Indian school place they smoothly suggest other things and /or say i need to do this then at the counter its 30 dollars which you never heard beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the 22 year old explained to me indepth about his career....

    then when i said i never heard the extra 20 dollar charge he argued with me and immediately told me never to come back there. Guess what I think i agree with that.

    the cut was fine but the entire experience was bad.

    28 weeks, 21 hours and 27 minutes


    me and my family have been going to the great clips in Hudson WI for a while now this Saturday me and my daughter were going in to get our hair cut I called the great clips to ask them about me and my daughter not having to wear a mask because we both have notes from a doctor saying that we do not have to wear a face mask because of medical conditions. The lady I talked to said she had to talk to the manager and call me back she called me back and told me that me and my daughter would still have to wear a face mask or a shield that is a clear violation of the governors mask mandate. Clearly states that if you have a medical condition that you do not need to wear a mask so I called fantastic Sam's in Hudson to ask them if they would have a problem with us not having a mask because of our medical condition and they said that would be fine and that didn't have a problem with it. So from now on me and my family will be going to fantastic Sam's for our haircuts Great Clips has lost our business.

    28 weeks, 2 days and 3 hours


    The Commerce Township, Michigan store has a miserable human for the manager. She has continued to harass the patrons of the barre class next door and was filming us on the weekend while we did an outdoor, socially distanced exercise class. Just sat in her car, smoking cigerettes and FILMING us. I will continue to spread the word about her behavior to anyone that will listen. After the class, she decided to use profanites to several of us. WHO lets this lady manage a salon???? I think she might be happier if she would actually exercise.

    29 weeks, 2 hours and 45 minutes

    I have been a loyal customer to great clips (at various locations) for years. I was just refused service for not wearing a mask. I offered to do so if a mask would be supplied (as has been the case at other locations). The manager was very aggressive and told me to "just go...leave". I'm terribly disappointed with the lack of flexibility. If the policy of the store is to wear a mask, it is my opinion they should provide them as this is a decision they are making that directly impacts others. I will not be returning to this location and seriously considering taking my business elsewhere (as I did today).

    30 weeks, 2 hours and 26 minutes


    Hampton village st louis

    30 weeks, 1 day and 19 hours

    Great clips. I am a customer who comes to your business. And because of the the covid .you will not accept my coupon that had expired in April. I think that is terrible business. I will find a different place to take my business.

    30 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours


    i went into the Seneca, SC location store #7021 to get a hair cut. the manager told me that the wait would be about a 35 minute wait. i said no problem and proceeded to wait. while i was waiting, i could her the young lady telling everyone that it would be about a 25 minute wait. the only problem with that is that it wasn't a 25 minute wait, it actually was at least an hour or longer. at this time i had already been waiting fro 50 minutes. i also watch as the manager put an other customer in front of the customers who had already been waiting. I ask the customer why she had chose to put him in front of the other customers and he said that everywhere else was booked up and that she always cuts his hair. when i ask the manager abut it she said it was he had gotten his hair cut over a week earlier and he decided he didn't like it.. no problem, but yet another lie from the manager who is representing Great clips. i know right now that everything is crazy with this stupid covid 19 and people are stressed, but at least have the ascendancy to tell your customers the truth and let them decide, not lie so you can make a dollar. I have been a faithful customer of Great clips for over 6 years ,but after the way i was treated today. i will be needing a new place to get a hair cut.

    30 weeks, 5 days and 19 hours


    Jane Luffman my husband went into the Winder Ga store. He asked for a trim. She shaved him near bald! He said ," she grabbed the clippers and buzzed from the back of his head forward." His nice head of hair is gone! We called the store he was off. We were told she would call us. WIted 24 hours.. no call came from the Mgr as promised. We wonder if this was done in retaliation of spite for what's happening in the world today. He is as close to bald as one can get. This was done deliberately.

    32 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours


    Took my UNDER 2 year old son to get a hair cut. Followed the rules called before we got there also checked in online......the staff wanted him to wear a mask He's under 2 ! CDC does not I repeat does not recommend a child under the age of 2 to wear a mask not only that but they then tell me that I would not be able to be with him while they cut his hair! He's a baby! Give me a break telling me I can't accompany my baby to leave him with a complete stranger ! Get it together yes there are rules and guidelines but telling customers they need to leave there babies with complete strangers and then telling them they need to mask a child under 2 is not only ridiculous but dangerous.

    32 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours

    Not happy with Great Clips G.M.s posting work schedules 2 days in advance. How are we supposed to schedule our life's with kids. You are 2 ,week pay so post schedules when they need to be convenient for your team and not when your g.m.'s. Need off fyi.

    32 weeks, 6 days and 1 hour

    Joseph DiGiovanna

    My son has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. He has a noninvasive respirator which requires him to suck on a hose every time he wants to breathe. He cannot wear a mask because of this respirator. I went to the Great Clips at the Rimrock Plaza in St George Utah and I was denied service for him to get a haircut and they absolutely refuse to let him and even when I explain the situation. I have filed a complaint with the department of justice for an ADA violation and I have an appointment tomorrow with an attorney. Somebody told me I should contact you first and see if we can handle this without a lawsuit. I hope you'll get in touch with me soon

    33 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    One of many managers

    Thank you for the glowing review. All our locations are struggling to give people the cut they want while maintaining the best possible safety precautions as recommended by various regulatory establishments. We do take it serious and we do comply. This is why we are not making any exceptions to policy. Such would compromise the safety of our staff and the consumers who help make us great. Thank you for your understanding. Please have patience with us we are doing all we can to make it through these troubling times. Making exceptions would be discriminatory and would compromise some peoples safety-- and this is why we do not engage in it. I wish all people could grasp that and accept it. I certainly do not want to lose customers because their is fear over this concern --so I assure you our locations do not make exceptions when it comes to peoples safety.

    34 weeks, 4 days and 14 hours


    Best haircut EVER!

    A few days ago I went to a great clips in Bellingham Washington. I was traveling through the US.... work a work related reasons.... I work in public health. I have had many cuts, some good, and some not, but I think this is the best cut I have had since I was in the Navy! The manager of this shop cut my hair her name was Jenny. The only gripe is the amount of time but then this is understandable given all the CDC precautions this shop is taking. Her location was understaffed and she would have to stop repeatedly to intervene and help staff with resistant clients and some that were not being reasonable to deal with. I was please that I work in a federal position that deals with industrial cleanliness and this shop was amazing clean. The manager seems to have her shirt on right and regulatory. It is rare to see that. Usually based on my profession when I walk into businesses I see nothing but code violations. So not only was I happy with the cut but the sense that some places are remaining professional in the worst situation seems to be true with some businesses.

    I want to send this to your corporate officer, if I am right that is a person named T Hunt? Well anyhow thank you for the positive experience.

    34 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours

    Hate i worked for her

    Shirley bornstein. Has about 12 stores out of the milwaukee area she treats her African American worker like trash the lady pays less than a cost of living wage to her employees she hires drug addicts she's an asian owner who shows her racism .i dont advise anyone to patronize at her business blumound road ,state street, east side stores .slum employer

    34 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours


    Reading all of the negative comments about Great Clips is disturbing. I, on the other hand am writing a EXCEPTIONAL review for the Great Clips in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin.

    I am retired Military and they treat me like royalty...which isn't necessary but it make me feel good that my service is recognized and the staff there are as patriotic as any American!

    However, I would be remiss, if I did not mention a truly exceptional Stylist that works at the Fort Atkinson, WI location.

    Her name is Lillith.

    During my military service, I have lived all over the United States; and believe me, I have had some AWFUL haircuts (even military style!).

    But Lillith is the absolute BEST stylist that I have ever had. My last duty station was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I used to pay $75.00 for the quality of a good style/haircut. But Lillith brings a good haircut to the game for a fraction of that cost! Not to mention, she is a really good conversationalist, and she actually cares how her customers feel about themselves and how they look.

    I do have to mention however, that during our "back to work" processes, I cannot reach the Ft. Atkinson location by telephone to see if Lillith is working. I travel a great distance (50 miles) to get a style from Lillith and I want to make sure she is working before I check in and hit the road! Is there anyway to reach out to the Ft. Atkinson location to tell them to answer the phone? Not a complaint, just a request. I can only imagine how busy they are but I will ONLY LET Lillith cut my hair!!

    So now that I am 'Sporting The Mullet!' I need to get my hair styled. It's been SEVEN months since my last style from Lillith - so if you could have someone from the Ft. Atkinson office call me that would be very genuinely appreciated!

    34 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours


    In re: Great Clips, Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Hawaii

    If I didn't have COVID-19 when I entered the salon, I had it when I went out the door. Terrible experience characterized by rudeness, no boss, an unlawful hair vacuum, sloppiness, clutter, and an operator who didn't speak enough English to understand me and what I wanted in a hair cut; she kept assuming malice on my part, I think because she didn't understand my words. I guess my hair looks all right now because I had figured out to ask that my hair be cut 2.5" all over (it's naturally curly and with a tousle it can look wonderful, plus, the horrible results caused by a cutter's just following a picture and my instructions prevented by this one succinct instruction (it hadn't always worked).

    But a bad haircut and being treated rudely aren't the main thing. The big deal is COVID-19 transmission. I heard once Great Clips was at one time considered a "hot" center for viral contact. Well, it's about to get that distinction again. First, and I think one of the foremost reasons for Great's being a giant petri dish is that there is no boss. There is no one to be an example, to enforce sanitary procedures, and speak nuanced English to customers--and listen to customers so that their requests may be interpreted to operators. The operators wandered all over the salon, some operators and almost all customers wore no masks. The place was cluttered with aprons wadded up and just thrown onto counters. In a lame effort to demonstrate proper technique a pump bottle was shoved at me; I had to guess what it was for. There was no evidence that my operator washed or disinfected HER hands, nor had the various instruments been cleaned, and it appeared that the scissors that were used on my hair had been used on the hair of every customer that day.

    My operator's mask kept sliding down her face, and she spent most of the time pushing it up or just leaving it down. She took offense at my asking her to cover her nose. After all this handling and manipulating, buy the end of the appointment her mask's intended use was moot.She was about to give HERSELF COVID-19.

    I think another important feature of this Great Clips was the floor vacuum that supposedly sucked up all the hair that was lying around. It did, sort of; all the teeny hairs remained after all the sucking, still on the floor. But the worst part was the exhaust from the vacuum. It blew a strong wind out a vent and presented me with a gust of warm, probably germ-laden wind (category 4) right into my face.

    You need a boss. You need to hire some operators who can speak English. You need to get rid of the vacuum and replace it with some soft bristle brooms which when used slowly and softly will not spread aerosol pathogens, dray skin, hair, mites, and dust all over the place as well as into the room air clear to the ceiling. Clean the place up and put things neatly away. At least you don't have to be so obvious in your breach of all the public health rules that minimize transmission of COVID-19.

    I'll let you know when I get my first symptoms of coronavirus.

    35 weeks, 1 day and 14 hours


    So I'm in Tucson, az. I understand the difficulties in running this business during a worldwide pandemic. But having said that I had a very negative experience just TRYING to get a haircut at your 1st _ Roger location here. I called letting her know I live right across the street from the store..okay, no reservations, that's fine, I'm then directed to your app, which did nothing except refuse to recognize my passwords. It told me though, that there was 0 wait time at this location. I walk over, and there's someone ahead of me ok, I'll wait. But, I'm instructed to wait OUTSIDE, okay again, it's a pandemic. I walk nextdoor vo the supermarket, and pick up a couple items. When I return 5minutes later, the client ahead of me was long gone. But, she says to me, "I have to disinfect my seat ,can you wait outside?"...AGAIN??!!


    so, I was done jumping through hoops to patronize your business...I told her nevermind.

    35 weeks, 2 days and 17 hours

    G Kan

    This must've been the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I asked for simple layers, and the stylist Arlett chops off a huge bundle of my hair, I was mortified! stopped her to tell her that it wasn't what I had asked for and she started arguing with me that it is how layers are done etc, I tried telling her that it is not but there was no point as she did not even want to hear it. No apology, comforting or an offer to fix it. She did, however, ask me what I wanted to do, I asked her if the person who cut my hair last time was available, she pointed at Nancy (curly hair) and asked if it was her I wanted, I wasn't sure but I said yes as I feared Arlett would further botch my hair if I said no. I had to wait for Nancy for about 15 minutes, then when she became available; I spoke with her nicely and expressed that I'd hoped she could fix the mistake, she pretended like she couldn't pinpoint a mistake, which got me even more frustrated. She claimed to be the store manager, I explained the issue to her and she could see that I was in distress because of the mistake her coworker did, still no apology and on top of that she didn't even acknowledge a mistake, then she told me to 'drop the attitude or else I won't fix it', wow! I wasn't even yelling, being aggressive, cussing anyone out or making a scene in any way shape or form, all I was hoping for was a simple apology and the offer to fix it and make it better, which did not happen. I asked for the manager, Nancy said she's the manager, I asked for their supervisor's number and began calling the supervisor while standing in the lobby. Nancy then told me that I was no longer welcome at the store and must leave, my response was that I would like to speak with the supervisor while still inside the store, she then threatened that I either leave or she will call the cops, I told her that she could go ahead and do that. She called the cops and 2 police cars showed up, the officer asked me to step outside so we could talk, I explained the situation to him and his response was that their involvement was not justified in this issue, apologized for the poor customer service I had just experienced and left. I then was able to get a hold of the supervisor, he was extremely nice and apologetic, He acknowledged that I should not have been treated the way I was and promised that this wouldn't happen in the future.

    I was humiliated, mistreated and mocked. All I wanted was a simple apology, some sympathy and the offer to get it fixed, that is it...

    35 weeks, 3 days and 12 hours

    Worst haircut ever in Wedton Wisconsin

    36 weeks, 6 days and 2 hours