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    So I usually do not put negative information out or air my problems for everyone.... but I went on March the 10th and bought a used car at Gwatney Buick GMC. My sales person was a nice young man, the finance person was also very nice.... but as we all know car sales men do not have a good reputation... the thing is my sales man, I do not believe is my issue, as a salesman is not a mechanic! I have never had a problem buying a car "as is" before as I realize there is no warranty.... But, surely, a good dealership which is supposedly #2 in the state has had a mechanic check out and fix a car, before they sell it to anyone! My new used car had lights come on about Jacksonville on my way home. I had the air bag light on not to mention the key connection light was on. They had me bring my car back that next Tuesday ( March 13th ) after I replaced the battery in the key. Their mechanics plus supposedly a Mazda person looked at my car which they had until March 23rd! So far I found out the key they provided to me is an after market key, which is why the key light is on. It will cost me $400. for a real Mazda key plus $200. for it to be programed---according to Gwatney, so there is not really an issue with it having the key light on --- except it's on, or pay $600.... The air bag light was on because they detailed it and took the seats out. When they put the seats back in, they damaged the airbag sensor. Which they replaced and the light is off. I picked my car up on March 23rd... to find they had the exact car I came in looking for, but I cannot swap them since financing is done and now I'm upside down in my car... but wait my car was 16300. They gave me $2500. For my trade. Talked me into gap because I do not have great credit and really needed it to cover this car, added the 5687 plus change finance charges so my car now is22616.??? Anyways, I, being the quiet nice person I always am, took this car back home. At Cabot the tire pressure light came on... ugh , but wait!, I go to turn my blinker on to go left... across traffic to find the blinker still does not work. Ok, ok, it's still not a big deal, go buy a light bulb and replace it .... not!!! Bulb replaced, and did not touch the bulb without gloves on, but it's still not working!!! Ugh! I live chanted ...ok... with someone at Gwatney... they are going to have someone contact me... ugh... Rant over! Sorry...

    2 years, 32 weeks and 4 days