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    Too many associates on cell phones! Playing music, ear buds in, as a customer I feel it is very unprofessional. Makes me wonder how much it pays????

    25 weeks, 2 days and 18 hours

    Proud to be an American

    My husband went in this morning to get breakfast. He had a Trump face mask on. One cashier rudely walked away and refused service. The other cashier was mostly her body language. This was at the one in Jackson aroused 6:45am.

    25 weeks, 6 days and 44 minutes

    Pissed American Veteran

    What's up with not accepting CASH? I see you've joined the Communist Democrat bandwagon and their agenda... This ignorant decision has lost you a customer but being affiliated apparently with the goals of the Communist Democrats and Communist China, you could care less.... RIGHT?

    26 weeks, 6 days and 17 hours

    Fed up with ignorance

    What in God's name do politics have to do with a **** store?!? If all you can think of is politics and who's out to get you then maybe you should stay home so the sane people don't have to put up with you!

    27 weeks, 1 day and 9 hours

    Ms. uncommon dorkiness

    Your name is "Mr common sense". Dork.

    27 weeks, 3 days and 21 hours

    Me nonsense

    29 weeks, 18 hours and 29 minutes

    Bill Guy

    We live in West Plains MO. and have a store that is now 10 Box. We were excited as we shop the Thayer store and really enjoy that. Yesterday we were in the new store here and very disappointed to see all the beer. We do not drink and have somewhat of a hard time supporting a company that makes it available. I am not saying we will not be back but the first impression is always in one's mind.

    29 weeks, 2 days and 23 hours

    The mask is to reduce the possibility of getting sick, you get a clue, what is your problem? This lady is concerned for her health and you come here and write this rude garbage, get kicked off of a site for your normal trolling? Bottom line don't be a jerk behind a keyboard, get some information before you take your miserable life out on someone you don't even know.

    29 weeks, 5 days and 58 minutes

    Mo. Buyer

    You need to make

    masks mandatory for customers passing each other in aisles. People all over coughing sneezing talking loud. This is a health threat . Please make change for sake of customers . A previous customer

    29 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours

    Robin Tanksley

    I'm really surprised that Harp's is advocating removing cash as an option.

    Going to a cashless society has very negative ramifications that go against the grain of what most of us believe if people take the time to think through it. Please don't force me to stop shopping at a locally owned and operated business by following suit of the Liberal folks that are advocating this communism.

    30 weeks, 1 day and 13 hours

    Mr common sense

    Your an idiot. Along with everyone else that thinks a mask keeps you safe. Hello!! Idiots!! So a person we will call (liberal) Barb, pulls up to the store rubs her nose and whatever else, puts her mask on walk KS in the store, touches everything - do you think gloves are more important. How many people daily sneeze around you. 0. Get a clue. Common sense.

    31 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours


    Perryville, Ar Harps Food Store manager Richard Martin belittles the employees under his "management" loudly, in front of customers and fellow co-workers, he makes comments and asks questions about their **** LIFE, ummm...that is SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!, a fellow manager Teresa Grayson is a witness to his verbal belittlment and harassment and DOES NOTHING , because they have worked there for MANY YEARS before it ever became HARPS. NO ONE can get any "justice" because the person or persons above these managers take no action in this small town. Well it's TIME SOMETHING IS DONE about these 2 "Managers". Enough is enough!!!

    34 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours

    went to your recently purchased store in clarkton mo and to say the least i will not be going back the employees are rude and i witnessed the so called manager give away a cart full of cereal and milk and oatmeal to someone for $7.00 to say the least im not impressed and if one customer can get that then tell me how come other customers dont get that same treatment.

    36 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours


    I went to your store in potosi Mo. The prices are beyond belief. This is a poor community, yall cant expect to have your prices so high, then expect customers. Alot of people are on a tight budget. Yall might price your selves out of business. Good luck. The workers are not friendly at all.

    36 weeks, 3 days and 15 hours


    I wish that the customer would wear mask when coming into the store.The Customer can make the employees sick ,so please wear masks.Thank you.

    37 weeks, 6 days and 17 hours


    I go to the Clarkton Missouri location that was just purchased by Harps on many occasions. This store is messy and there isn't hardly anything on the shelves but if you go to Campbell their store is clean and nicely stocked. The employees here can be rude they are constantly on their phones and never where they should be. One of the carryout's just stands around and talks when by the state of the store you can obviously tell that he has plenty of things in which he could be doing. The odor that comes from this employee is something that needs to be dealt with and something I know many customers have complained about before. The managers husband is constantly in and out and the PDA between the two is disgusting as well as their loud bickering inside and outside the store. My last visit here a rude employee was checking out my things and was talking about inappropriate things. The night manager on duty was very loud, rude, and hateful. Overall I am not happy with my experience here on any occasion that I have been and will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

    38 weeks, 18 hours and 7 minutes


    I went to the Food 4 Less in Joplin this morning and several workers were not wearing masks. I was told they have the choice. I will not be visiting that store again. They actually laughed at me.

    38 weeks, 4 days and 18 hours

    Andrea Higson

    During Covid19, you would think Harps would do everything in their control to protect their customers, but that is not the case at your Gentry store. No wipes at front for carts. Asked for some and was told they were out. I get that with the world we are living in now, but never offered to sanitize or give me a something to sanitize it with. I called manager and was told that if someone asks for it then they would give them something. 2 young men working the cash registered standing there laughing and talking but you can't wipe down carts? Everyone was so nonchalant about it. Not their problem. Won't be shopping there again, ever!

    43 weeks, 2 days and 11 hours

    Think I'll just stop shopping locally and shop where there is product available from now on . That's the solution you leave me and will remain the solution after this dies down!

    44 weeks, 6 days and 19 hours


    I'm seeing products like Flour, eggs , vegetable plants , frozen foods being well stocked in Fort Smith and Van Buren but empty shelves in Cedarville, No one wants to explain in corporate and sends me to voice mail so I'm going to start posting video on social media and have you explain to public how your picking and choosing winners based on socioeconomics. Rather than stock everyone and keep people from traveling 25-30 miles into city they are forcing people to take chances that are unnecessary

    44 weeks, 6 days and 21 hours

    Harps in Alton is disgusting. Dirty most of the time. I am not seeing the cleaning or sanitizing that was promised being done

    45 weeks, 1 day and 22 minutes

    Harps need to give it's employees Easter Sunday off!!!! These have been incredibly trying times and they have been through hell these past few weeks. They need this Easter Sunday off.

    45 weeks, 1 day and 28 minutes


    The Pocahontas Harps store is great. Great employees all over the store. Everyone always willing to help. Quick check outs. Just overall great store. I think all the employees should get hazard pay. They are putting their lives on the line every day just so we can get our groceries. I would like to thank each and every one of the people who are there so we can shop. Thank you all. And Harps, if you are listening, you need to make sure all your front line people are being rewarded for their loyalty. Without them , where would you be? Where would any of us be? You need to think about that and treat these people like the hero's they are. Thank you.

    45 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours


    I love shopping at Harp's because you are an Arkansas company. Based on reading other posts, none of which have received a response, this one probably won't either. I shopped at 7 this morning in the Benton AR store. There were no sanitizing wipes in the store, the checker was sniffing and coughing INTO HER HAND and my groceries were placed in a different basket at checkout (I brought my own wipes and had cleaned the basket I was using). There was only one checker so I could not check out with one who was not sick. I will not return to Harps! Please keep your customers and employees safe!

    45 weeks, 6 days and 8 minutes


    Harps at Morrilton location double charged on 10lb pk of chicken! We know these are hard times but as a senior

    I could use the money or another pk of chicken.

    Long time harps customer

    Walmart is close too. And no problems

    45 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours