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    A disappointed employee and owner and customer

    As a 20 year employee of harps I was told today by my daughter that her fellow employee of a retirement home was told they should be ban from coming into the store because they were wearing scrubs. I know that the two older ladies behavior working in the Huntsville harps store is completely against our policies and rules on how to treat our custumers. There have been several complaints daily on them to the manager who blows the complaint off .He is a very bad .manager. none of our custumers should ever be treated like they don't belong in any of our stores. These two ladies need to be fired. This is unacceptable as a owner of this company. Thank you sir for reading this.

    34 weeks, 3 days and 19 hours


    Harps in Haskell Arkansas is a great store in general. But management is not the best about keeping products in the store that people buy the most. Or some specific products the people need or want one regular basis.

    45 weeks, 2 days and 21 hours

    Love the harpes grocery store,but the fresh vegetables and fruits do not keep but a day or two,I think they either get to cold on the truck,or to cold in the coolers

    1 year, 6 weeks and 3 days

    Daniel Thomas

    So this is what your employees do there where you clothing in **** videos????(URL)

    1 year, 33 weeks and 6 days


    I just wanted to let you know about the exceptional customer service I received at your store in Lowell AR today! Let me begin with saying the store looks amazing. Everyone was super friendly and polite from the stock associates and the cashiers. However I wanted to acknowledge a super employee who I believe deserves special recognition. I needed a special food request fulfilled and ERIKA from the deli went above and beyond to assist me. We are having a small department event at JB Hunt and ERIKA saved the day! I wanted to give her professionalism and kindness a thumbs up for sure. Thank you very much and best of luck in your new location and brand new store. With employees like ERIKA its a winning team! Thank you! Shileen L

    1 year, 50 weeks and 1 day

    Harps employee

    I was at the new store on Monroe on Lowell and the meat manager Ozzie was not very polite I found meat that had been in a cart and was getting warm so took it to him and he just took it from me and didn't say a thank you or nothing he just looked at me with a dirty lool

    1 year, 50 weeks and 3 days

    Kimberly Burgess

    I was at the mayflower Harps & never in my life have I been treated so badly & made to feel so bad the manager Macailla treated us so bad .. my nephew & niece had two buggies full of groceries & in the middle of checking out realized that he didn't have his depit card in his wallet & asked the clerk (Ethan) if he could hold these while we run home 2mins down the road & be right back to pay for these the manger rolled he eyes & said ("imagine that") my pregnant niece got upset & embarrassEd & started crying because the way that manager treated us & looked us up & down like we were trash ... we did return & paid in full for our groceries $591.00 ..... I don't think it right for her to treat us like that, we were paying customers & she needs to realize that ..... I'll proble never us any of the Harps or its affiliates Like 10 box or any store that's a branch of Harps ... that girl owes us a major apology

    2 years, 3 days and 19 hours

    Laura G

    Unfortunately this happens a lot. They need to report this to corporate. It's time for the big boys in charge to clean house and get the Bullly Managers out regardless of how long they have been there.

    2 years, 26 weeks and 1 day

    Paula S.

    I have been an employee at the 10 Box store in Ada, OK . After being humiliated in front of other employees and not being given a chance because the manager made remarks of my age behind my back and gave my department to a young girl . She even said that she didn't know what she was doing. I have over 30 years experience in retail.

    2 years, 38 weeks and 2 days

    True enough a Walmart part time cashier does make as much as a store manager at other chains

    2 years, 42 weeks and 6 days

    They read it!!

    2 years, 42 weeks and 6 days

    Harps is a pretty well versed company and if you would ever think that not only is harps reading this website, Walmart, target kroger all check to see what their company gets good or **** ratings this is a dog eat dog industry so much so they will move in right across the street with confidence their company will prevail

    2 years, 42 weeks and 6 days


    I found out this is NOT a Harps website. They do not check this website. To get with the store or Harps go to the real Harps website. No one reads this one.

    3 years, 36 weeks and 5 days


    Isn't putting in a stoplight for the TOWN to do? I don't think a grocery store can just put up a stoplight wherever it wants.

    3 years, 39 weeks and 1 day


    I have LOVED my Harps since it was put in! Now you have started this thing where you have to call in 24 hrs ahead to get your prescriptions filled. I thought it was just if you wanted to use the service, but they say you HAVE to call 24 hrs ahead. Your ads on TV say fast service. I don't call that very fast!! After a very long association with your pharmacy, I am sad to say I'll be changing. The store I feel gets 5 stars but the one star goes to the pharmacy.

    3 years, 40 weeks and 19 hours


    Our Harps store in Haskell needs to do something about the employees that do their smoke breaks in front of the store. There are cigarettes laying on the sidewalk and I have witnessed several times of this happening. It's not very professional and makes the store look trashy. I was going to mention. it to the Grocery manager but she is one of the smokers. I've heard several people mention this before. The inside of store is nice but surely they have a smoke area for the smokers and not do it in front of store.

    3 years, 44 weeks and 4 days


    Still no light. Accidents keep happening. Guess when someone finally gets killed things will change... no they won't. Acceptable losses-- unless it's your loved ones.

    3 years, 51 weeks and 6 days

    Gary & Sandy Blasingame

    How about praise for the pharmacist in Heber Springs AR. Rocky Martin, what an exemplary example of service each and every time we visit. Always wiling to help and goes well beyond customer service. Management should be made aware of the difference Rocky makes for all Harp's customers. He keeps us coming back.

    You'd be advised to utilize Rock's ability further within the company.


    4 years, 11 weeks and 4 days

    Eric Ferraro

    Can we get a Harp's Store in Gravette Ar, 72736. As Walmart is closing. They came to town and chased the Marvin's Store out. We need a good store badly. Thank You Eric Ferraro

    4 years, 46 weeks and 5 days


    Please you are going to have to put a stoplight in Bellefonte store there will be back ups and accidents galore. They were thinking of putting one in years ago but fell thru. There has been several wrecks out there please make it easier and safer for oeople

    5 years, 5 weeks and 6 days

    Ron Garner

    I am with the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway ar, we have inside stores sales in all of Harps except Mayflower, the manager at the Mayflower store told us that they are contracted to the Ar. Democrat - Gazette and can not let us sell there, I just want to find out if this is true, I would appreciate a response back.

    Thank you,

    Ron Garner

    Log Cabin Democrat

    Circulation Manager


    5 years, 32 weeks and 5 days


    Any updates on the Bellefonte, AR store just out of Harrison. i drive by it every day hoping to see some equipment on the property. I am hearing all kinds of rumors- water line issue; deal fell thru; and even possibly opeining at a location in Harrison instead. It would not only be a place on the south end of Harrison to grocery shop, but it will give us another option for lunch, and picking up something for dinner.

    The sign is still up, so i still have hope.

    5 years, 38 weeks and 2 days


    This company has some issues that need to be addressed. they put food coloring in their meat and the meat dept. is very dirty , when i went to my local store to ask the meat manager why when I cooked my meat there is red color all over that stain my cooking utensils I could not get anyone to come out of the meat dept I stuck my head in and seen the lil guy there it smelled of alcohol, the man was standing there in a very dirty room. I am contacting the proper people on this matter ......again and again.

    5 years, 44 weeks and 4 days


    Been going to Grove, OK store for long time now, and know alot of the employee's that work there. Alot of the employees have complaints of a department manager there, yet feel they can't say anything, nor go to the store manager cuz the manager is in his back pocket (just like with the old store manager). I've heard my self as a customer this manager screeming at their employee's in the back, even with foul language. I've heard this manager talking to other employees about the other employees in that department. The employee's I know there feel and have said they can't say anything to this manager because if you make them made or stand up for them being in the wrong, this manager will suttlely mess with their hours and do what it will to make them quit. Why should an employee owned store let their employees feel like that, and feel like they have no where to go to talk to someone. Especially when their manager is the worst. I've never heard any manager be that loud that us customers can hear them yelling at their employees before, even how they talk and treat them. Really who would me or these employee's contact about this. Who would the employees go to for help or complaints.

    5 years, 45 weeks and 18 hours

    We are excited about your store opening near Harrison, AR. We were hoping you would be selling diesel fuel?

    6 years, 16 weeks and 6 days