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    Selena Lowery

    Just trade my Honda fit 2015 four a 2019 and let me say I love my car but the raido sucks I am so disappointed my phone sounds better. Than that. Raido sucks I am63 yrs oldlove my musice sounds. LOve. Honda (EMAIL)

    1 year, 14 weeks and 1 day


    We traded in our 2012 Honda Element for a 2014 Honda Pilot in 2014. We also paid for the bumper to bumper extended warranty. Love my Pilot until around November, we noticed the paint was peeling on the roof above the windshield. So I called Rusty Wallace and they said to take to their collision center. So around November 10th or so, my hubby took the Pilot in. They took pic and said they would submit to get it fixed. We were informed that the manufacturing had changed the sealant and that the paint would peel. We didn't hear from them until I called them in January. Talked with Dan Martinez and he stated that the paperwork had not been submitted and he would do that as soon we got off the phone. So about another month later his secretary calls and said that it is caused by the sealant and they will fix it but it will cost us 500.00. We were at a loss. We don't just have an extra 500 sitting around something that was not our fault. So around the 1st of May we noticed another spot on the other side of the roof above the windshield was not peeling. So my hubby took the car back to Dan. He talked with Stan this time and was then informed that we only had 30 days from when we were told back in January to get it fixed for 500.00. Well of course hubby was no that it is not right. So they took pics again and submitted. This time they have stated they will honor the 500.00. so hubby asked if they had any loaner cars that we could use, because this was going to take about 3 days. They told us no. so not only do we have to pay 500.00 to get the paint done even though this was not our fault, now we have to dish about another 175.00 for a rent car for 3 days. Are you kidding me. I am in shock that we purchased a 30,000+ car and in 4 years the paint is peeling and we have to pay for it. They asked why we didn't get the paint extended warranty, I told them when we got the extended - that was never mentioned. And plus, who ever thinks that a 30,000 car the paint is going to peel. My hubby drives a 2004 truck and not a spec of paint has peeled. Then we were also informed that if another place comes up to peel that will cost another 500.00 plus rent a car again. So basically every time the paint peels it will cost us 500.00 plus rent a car. I loved my element and I loved my Pilot. But I will tell you because of this issue, we are going to get another vehicle, and it will not be a honda. This is not right. Knowing that this defect is an issue and that the customers are having to pay out their pocket every time the paint peels. I have googled about this issue and it has been happening for a while. This is sad that loyalty, humanism, and what's right does not work for Honda.

    1 year, 24 weeks and 4 days