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    Disgruntled person

    Microwave died and a technician from sears came out June 25th. Couldn't fix it and needs replaced. Called numerous times and the only time I got ahold of an agent they said they were the wrong department and put me on hold for several hours again with no answer. They also do not call back once you use that option.

    25 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours

    Horrible! Cannot get anyone to answer the phone. Canned message always says we are important but our wait time is more than 1 hour.

    26 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours


    Waited 4 hours and still no one to fix my dishwasher, because no one picks up the phone.

    26 weeks, 2 days and 8 hours


    Agree to all the below complaint by people. I too always had very terrible experience with HSA. Despite all these complaints no action, no improvement by company that means they do not care and it is company policy.. As other people mentioned HSA is a fraud and scam company.

    27 weeks, 17 hours and 36 minutes


    This is rediculous , cheat company. No customer service. They should be reported to insurance department. They should be fined. I have been calling them every day at different times even late mid night to get someone to answer the call. Always wait time is 60 minutes. I think they have system setup to start call only after 60 minutes. I get someone sometime in 70 minutes or 75 minutes of waiting. It seems the company has done this way including top officials. Seems company policy to keep people waiting and they get frustrated and get their issue fixed by themselves rather than using HSA insurance. Also a small repair takes multiple time to contact them and also the contractor service company. But if company is not good I do not want to blame contactor company. It is scam.

    27 weeks, 17 hours and 41 minutes

    Kurtis Downing

    My husband and I have waited for 3 hours and 45 min for someone to pick up the phone at HSA to follow up on things that HSA said that they would get back to us on. We are paying for a service and this is ridiculous. We both work and do not have time to hold on the phone for this.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours


    Technician came out for our dishwasher last week. Said I would get a call in two days. No call. Their wait times are over an hour. No other way to contact these people. Feels scammish.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours


    All the information below is so true about this company. Why haven't this company been shut down! I sent an email to my realtor to not use this company anymore with any of her clients. I would hope noone else gets screwed like we have! This place is a joke! Please spread the word to all potential new home owners or anyone looking for a homeownwer policy.

    27 weeks, 2 days and 2 hours


    Do Not deal with this company. They only band-aid any and all issues. They are impossible to speak with on the phone. This company needs to be reported to industry authorities.

    27 weeks, 5 days and 7 hours


    yesterday I was on the phone for over 4hrs. as a I put on hold while the person check for parts

    27 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours

    Pat J

    i am a realtor and I will never again allow one of my clients accept warranty thru hsa my client has been without electric since last friday . eletrician came out Tuesday and said he could not figure it out - he needed help and would be back Thursday with his Boss. Never showed. Then the buyer tonight receives a message that the work was finished and the claim was closed -

    27 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours

    I am going thru the same thing

    27 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours

    Mathew from Indiana

    I have been without air or heat since January when they sent out mosier heating and cooling and he required my unit and messed it all up. Now they say it's in process. For 7 months. This place is a rip off.

    27 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours


    Wow!!! I just read through the reviews and can identify with EVERY SINGLE ISSUE!!!

    I hope every realtor sees these reviews and NEVER allows a client to purchase one for the house they are selling!! I have NEVER been so disappointed in a company before.

    28 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours

    They are bad. I have had them for 10 years and their customer service sucks!

    28 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour

    john mars

    I want to be advised on my option for my a/c unit replacement/repair. I notified hsa on june 15,2020 and have no option; three ac technician have recommended replacement. today is july 14,2020.

    29 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours


    This company is horrible! I put in a service request for our refrigerator that went out. It took an hour to get the request processed. It took 4 days for the service person to get to the house. He told us it was a 15 year old refrigerator and that it would take 2 weeks to get the parts, but they may decide to replace the item. He assured us we would hear back the next day.

    Unfortunately... that has not happened. I called two days later and and was on hold for an hour, but at least they could call me back so I wasn't actually "on hold". Then they transferred me another department. There was not a call back option so I actually waited for TWO HOURS, forced to listen to HORRIBLE music- but it's our refrigerator and we need to know the status on the work order. I finally gave up and tried calling again only to find out that the department was CLOSED! They keep me on hold when they were CLOSED! I tried calling again on Saturday, but they were closed for the weekend. It's now Monday, and I am still waiting for them to answer the phone, I've been on hold about an hour. Our contract is up in 30 days and I will not renew.

    You cannot email the company... so I thought I would write this review instead. Something I would not have done if I could have emailed them directly or if someone answered the phone..

    Beware! This company provides terrible service, I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

    29 weeks, 2 days and 1 hour

    Yes we have no ac and all they want is money they r no help so we have to buy a 10thousand dollar unit due to has not helping. They did the coils last yr by welding and refusing to replace

    30 weeks, 5 hours and 46 minutes

    Irene A

    By far this is the worst service I have ever received and trying to let be known is useless. I was told I didn't know what I was talking about and when I asked for a supervisor I was told no. I asked for a credit I was told no. I regret ever paying for a warranty because trying to get service isn't going to happen. Trying to get am email address to send feedback isn't going to happen either. Do not purchase a warranty from this company.

    31 weeks, 1 day and 12 hours


    No one at company is accountable to their contract companies...but hv no problem collecting all these fees without goid service. Almost 4 weeks and no A/C. No one cares that paying customers are dying in these smoldering summer houses' heat! I want my $$$ back n the BBB needs to be notified about the poor service!

    32 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour

    S. Turner

    HSA is horrible to deal with. I wait on hold forever. They always want to charge when the problem should of been fixed but they say since 30 days have passed then it's a new claim for something that should of been fixed.

    34 weeks and 39.26 seconds


    This company is awful. I made a service request on May 5. The GE technician came on May 12. He stated that my microwave oven needed to be replaced. Thats the last I heard from him

    I have made 4 calls to HSA and all I'm told is that theyre waiting to hear from GE. They repeatedly tell me I will hear from them the following day. It is now June 2, 2020 and I

    have not received a call nor do I have a microwave!

    35 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour


    I have an emergency gateway valve issue and my calls have gone unheeded. They told me it was put on emergency service Saturday and that they would assign someone else if it was not accepted. Instead, they sent me an email telling me to schedule with the plumber, who was over course closed. I have called 3 times since without resolution, and the last time waited 50 minutes, only to be hung up on. The worst of the worst. Oh, and they keep referring you on the phone to their website, which has no functionality to help you, or sometimes you get a message their system is down to call back later, and on the next call you are put into a phone queue. Who regulates this company?

    35 weeks, 2 days and 2 hours


    This company is a joke, Pregnant wife and 2 kids under 5 at home, working on 4 days of 11 phone calls to get an HVAC repairman out. I have to go out of pocket to get someone out here, so ridiculous. In real estate I will be pushing for all of our company and sister companies to never use them again.

    35 weeks, 5 days and 7 hours


    My fridge still not working I cant get through been on hold for a hour tried several times.

    I'm not paying additional money for a service not fixed.

    Ready to cancel.

    36 weeks, 1 day and 44 minutes