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    JC Penney in our local store has 1 definite case of covid19 and 1 suspected case of covid19 and the store manager told my son who works there to just "clean with cleanser"- she's refusing to shut down or anything- this is one of the problems in our community- she's acting like it will all be fine- she doesn't even require customers to wear masks. I find this behavior shameful in the current situation- I personally know people who have died from this virus and for a store manager to be so nonchalant about it is sickening. This is one of the few stores left in southwest Pennsylvania.

    3 years, 27 weeks and 3 days

    I would just like to share my recent experience with J. C. Penney. While it may not be the reason J. C. Penney's stock is worth so little, things like this could very well be a contributing factor.
    I placed an online order on Thursday, October 22, 2020, for a total of $367.96 before tax. Shortly after placing my order, I received an email that my order had been canceled because of "an issue with either your credit card or some other part of your order." I immediately verified that I had over $1600 available on my card and no late payments. I found this odd and thinking maybe there was a glitch when the order was transmitting, I placed the same order again. Same response. I was unable to call your customer service department at that time because I was leaving to go out of town.
    I called today and spoke to Sierra who told me that the reason my order was canceled was because the coupon I was using was not valid. I explained that the J. C. Penney system indicated the coupon was available for two items and automatically put it on my order. She again stated that the coupon was not valid. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for quite a while and Sierra came back on and told me she had reached out to a team leader who told her my order was canceled because my shipping zip code did not match my home zip code. Knowing that I would not get anywhere continuing the conversation with Sierra, I again asked for a supervisor. I was connected to Page who explained that it was a security measure that automatically rejected my order because the zip codes didn't match up. I tried explaining that I preferred to have my orders shipped to me at work instead of home because I don't want my packages dropped on my front porch when I'm not there for someone to steal. She said it was the system and not a person who canceled my order.
    I tried to explain to her that maybe someone should reevaluated the system if it just automatically cancels orders without notifying the customer of the problem. I can easily go online to Amazon and have my order shipped to me at work with no issues whatsoever. I almost did that this time but I wanted to use my J. C. Penney card. This was over $350, which may seem a minimal amount, but if you have multiple orders being canceled because the zip codes don't match and, therefore, create a security risk, you are losing a lot of money. Surely, there are computer programmers who could do some reprogramming to avoid orders being canceled for such a common occurrence. I know a lot of people who chose to receive their online orders at work rather than home to avoid packages being stolen. Especially with holidays coming up. If my order is canceled again, then I will definitely order my items from another company and save myself the aggravation of dealing with J. C. Penney Customer Service again. While this may seem trivial in the scheme of things, it is many instances like this that add up to create larger problems. I've been a J. C. Penney shopper for over 60 years and would love to see J. C. Penney survive the financial issues it is experiencing, but with management like this it doesn't seem likely.

    3 years, 27 weeks and 3 days