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    We bought a 65" JVC model EM65FTR from PC Richards 2 1/2 years ago. In the past we have had JVC televisions that lasted many years. This one already had a fuse go on it--and it is not even watched that much. I find it extremely unacceptable that a reasonably new tv, well maintained as well, should have a fuse go in less than three years. The way the tv is made, required us to replace an entire board because fuses are so complicated and to determine which one it was necessitated replacing an entire board. Since it is impossible to tell which board caused the problem, we had to order three different ones.

    I am certainly never purchasing another JVC given the problem we had with this one. I would appreciate some feedback from the company as to why this would happen....no it was not a power surge in case that is what you are thinking.

    2 years, 14 weeks and 3 days

    JORY Newman

    I purchased a JVC 42" TV from Brands Mart in Florida. The volume never worked properly. The remote control back was broken and would not stay in place. The store sent out a JVC contractor repair man who indicated that the set was not repairable and called for replacement.After many months and many complaints about the problem I finally received a call from JVC in California promising me a n/c replacement. Never received.

    I have been a JVC and Kenwood stereo

    Loyalist early in life. I have yet to receive a replacement or another phone call. I find their business model of customer satisfaction to be non existent.Jory (EMAIL) I will be contacting Mr.Yasuyuk

    And in corporate at (PHONE) if I do not receive a prompt response.

    By the way the people in your California customer service department show poor customer service skills and I expect them to be weeded out at the conclusion of this issue.

    Is anyone at JVC listening? Does anyone even care?

    2 years, 26 weeks and 6 days


    I bought a set of Bluetooth head phones. Less then a month old the battery overheats while I am wearing them and I send them in. They wouldn't send me a return label, and they will not send me a replacement for another month. Very dissatisfied customer. I will recommend jvc for anything going forward!

    3 years, 1 week and 4 days


    Bought a tv a little over a year ago, of course the warranty is gone, and the backlight has already gone out, making it too expensive to fix. I paid $350 for this television, which was a little higher than some, but it got great ratings. Of course JVC isn't going to back up a tv out of warranty, but $350 for a tv that only lasts a little over a year is just WRONG!

    4 years, 45 weeks and 5 days