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    My name is Tammy, received medical bills for someone else, went to the hospital to prove that I was at work and that the patient wasn't me. Received bills in August. They said they would fix the problem on Sept. 19th. Just got notice in mail that it went though my insurance, Today is Dec. 12th. They didn't fix the problem. They also will not return my messages.

    3 years, 47 weeks and 1 day


    Hi my name is Abel I hate to have to make a complaint because the hospital is a very good hospital and I can't say anything bad about this place except for the fucken nerve of this guy who came in room 238 Samantha Palmer's room who happens to be my wife his job is to take an exray of her chest so he walks in and says you need to get up and go and I said excuse me why he replied plz leave in a manor as if I was giving him a problem. So I said no why and he said because of the radiation. Anyways poeple like this who are having problems at home should leave that **** at home especially when you work at a hospital i know that I do not feel comfortable with poeple like that when it's involving poeple's help or patients in need of help.

    This happened early morning on November 6,2016 around 3 to 4 in the morning in room 238 and my wife's name is Samantha Palmer who is going going to be a patient there until Thursday it was a guy who's name was Morgan or it started with an M if I remember correctly he needs to learn how to properly ask people to leave the room he's fucken rude and disrespectful if it happens again he's going to end up being a patient at the place he works at he needs to know who he's talking to before he opens his mouth next time.One of these days something he say to the wrong person ....................

    4 years, 3 days and 8 hours


    I am going to file a complaint against your hospital at the Deer Valley location.

    I currently have a 102 degree temperature and a horrible ear ache. I simply needed to know the phone number at your location that is off of Highway 17 in the North Valley. I couldn't find this information online (perhaps that's my bad) but since I don't have time to mess around, I called over to your Deer Valley campus to get the number. I spoke with Ana (?) and Michelle. Both of them had no idea about this location I was asking about. To me, that is unacceptable because you are all connected and that number should be readily available to them. Michelle was an absolutely horrible in her treatment towards me. She ended up hanging up on me.

    It's amazing to me that I may want to drive myself down to the ER for a check based on my fever, and this makes me so disgusted with your entire operation that I will end up driving further to a another ER such to get better treatment. I am not a high maintenance person and this experience has soured my perception of the health care your facility provides.

    I had to call Daisy Mountain FD and they had the number readily. What doesn't your staff? Absolutely horrendous experience and one I will take time to post to social media.

    5 years, 24 weeks and 2 days