• JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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    270 Park Ave.
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    James Dimon
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    New York
    Takeya Neal

    My name is Takeya Neal and there is fraudulent in my account can send me something and see who do it

    3 years, 27 weeks and 5 days

    Tyshondra , I being a chase customer since 2009 and l will be looking into another bank. l dealt with ride customer service over the telephone yet in person. l being having issues with Chase Bank did some time in additin, They have being charging me fees. This past month l receive an $2600 through an online survey in addition, The money is not showing up in my savings account. They responded to let me know if the check was clear yet fraudulent. l have my bank recipient saying the money is my savings account and l can get it out. l needed that money for the most part l am on a fix income. l don't have a lot of money and l needed that for bills. l hate Chase Bank and will be finding me another bank A. S. A.. P.

    3 years, 35 weeks and 3 days