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    My car 2016 Ford Focus hatchback I wouldn't buy another ford after having my ford for less than 3 years the heat went out that cost $500 to fix. I also notice over the years my service engine light pop on and off when I bring my car in for the oil change I get the light need to be on for the service department to check. I was in 2 months ago for an oil change at 3:00 pm and was told they wasn't taking anymore cars for today because they are behind so I ask Devin Chile's again about my service engine light and get told the light comes on when get gas and the light going to go off I ask if that normal because I read on the news that ford had several recalls he did take the the time to look up and told me it's no recalls on my car, I ask him to place the panel that fell off the last time I got my oil change as I was driving down the highway. I'm here today at 1:30 I get rudely told by Devin Chiles it's going to be a 2 hours wait for my oil change and I ask Devin Chile's about my service engine light on today can someone check I get told rudely No after for years my service engine light has been popping on and when I bring my car in I get told the light need to be on and then he ask why I didn't have get check someone where else! Per Devin Chile's my service engine light can't get check today I can only get an oil change. I won't stop till my voice is heard by landers headquarters. No after today I won't be back!

    50 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours

    Rick L

    I purchased 2019 Ford Expedition Platinum from Collierville , Tn. dealership. The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I told him I could secure an employee discount and would get the number so we could close the purchase. The dealership was so anxious to close the deal they asked me to sign the papers/ take delivery and I could call them the following week with the employee discount number. The salesperson left our meeting three times and told me he was consulting with the sales manager to make certain everything was approved. We closed on the sales, I took possession of the vehicle and a little more than a week later, I provided the discount number to the dealership.

    Shortly thereafter, the salesman contacted me stating the discount was not a great at they expected and the cost would be an additional $3,000+. I know I am Not legally or morally obligated to pay them the additional funds . However they are trying to shame me into paying by threatening to charge the salesperson if I do not pay it. Such an action by an employer would be extremely unfair to their employee. However, I do not know the discussion between management and salesperson during their meetings at the time of the sale. I have requested management meet with me regarding the matter. No Response! I offered to return the vehicle. Let's see what happens.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 1 day

    Carla H.

    I scheduled an appointment to take my car in for service on a recall. My appt. was 7 am. My service advisor told me my car would be ready around noon. The shuttle service dropped myself and 3 other people off at our respective destinations. In the 1:00 hour I started calling because I hadn't heard from anyone. When I was able to get in touch with my service advisor she was unaware of the status on my car and said she needed to locate the technician. Finally I heard from her and she let me know my car would be done before 5.

    At 4pm she confirmed the shuttle driver would return prior to 5 to pick me. She said he would be picking up the same people he dropped off in the a.m.

    At 4:47 I called again to ask the status of the shuttle she said she would check and call me back. Of course she did not. I was dropped off at the location by a co-worker, and how shocking to find the other riders he dropped off in the a.m. already there to pick up their vehicles. The shuttle driver called me at 5:36 pm to ask if I needed to be picked up. Really!!!! if you had 4 people scheduled for pick up, how did you manage to not call one person until after 5?

    I attempted to speak with my service advisor before I left the location to ask about the tire rotation that was not listed on my receipt. She was on a call, and though she acknowledged my presence in the 5-10 minutes I waited she never finished her call or even attempted to contact me after I left.

    This was my first time using this location and obviously my last. The communication and customer service was definitely not what you expect to receive as a paying customer.

    I had a scheduled appointment that took an entire day!!! That is unacceptable.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 4 days

    Iris howard

    I took my truck inform a recall on the lift gate and to have a bolt replace . they call me the same day and said my truck waa fixed. Bill was over 700 dollars. I got my truck on my off day and it cut off on me on tge way home I call landers the next day and told them of my issues. The light kept staying on and was beeping that tge lift gate waa open. It wouldn't lock . had another mechanic to cone look at it and was told I had no dip stick in it it had been remove and no oil was in my car. He told me to take it back to landers Buick. I had the truck taken back there and was told it would be around 150 for them to even look at my truck after I explain to them what wasnt fixed. The recall on the lift gate and that they had left my oil stick out and no fluids was in my truck. I was highly upset andgo therethere again. How could you charge me to look at a problem you shoukda fix. My lift gate still want shut and still the light stays on inside my truck

    3 years, 33 weeks and 5 days