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    2005 E. Indian School Rd.
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    Michael Egeck
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    We went into the Leslie pool store in Lancaster PA to purchase a pool about a month ago. They told us there was none avaliable I was told to keep checking website to see if there was any pools restock. We then finally got to put in our name and email for a representative to get a hold of us. We got a email from Matt tinnin asking us what pool we were interested in. Eventually we decide to go with the edge. Matt informed us to go into the lancaster store to put in our order. When we got to the store the sale man told us they couldn't put any orders in for a few months. So we emailed Matt again to discuss our situation and we still haven't received an email. I really wanted to do business with Leslie pool but im not getting any response from anyone. This is very disturbing to me for a company not to respond back.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 19 hours


    andd your a buttwipe

    27 weeks, 2 days and 2 hours

    Tina Dias

    Still waiting for any kind of response from these people unbelievable how ridiculous this has gotten!!! I wish I had never dealt with Leslie pools!!! How are you guys still in business when your customer service is so bad.

    27 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours


    Fairfield ct store is horrible no one seems to care about the customers and the manager is never there. I have had many problems everytime i go to this store..it is very poorly run and no one seems to wanna help.

    28 weeks, 3 hours and 14 minutes

    Angela G

    Awful customer service. Weeks later and still no refund on the product never shipped! Buyer beware!

    28 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours


    Do not order online..they cannot stand behind delivery date..taking 15 days just to ship..with shipping like 20 days to fill an order for 1 thing!

    28 weeks, 2 days and 4 hours

    I bought a Jacuzzi pool water heater from Leslie's Pools I've had to repair it every year and my warranty doesnt cover the service I have had a service tech out for the third time or the same problem only because I had to continue calling to get him to come out 2 unit from jacuzzi is completely unreliable unfortunately I spent the money I have to live with the results and the lack of service that I am being given my bad

    28 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours


    I just want to give this place like 2 starts because I use to work there at the DC and it's super hot, and they don't have no kind of fans or nothing to give us or anyone some air, I called osha hopefully they help those girls there, I could not take that heat, it's over 100 inside that warehouse.

    29 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours


    So I use to Work for Leslies pool DC , in Dallas tx , and I was fired because some lady Teresa was always getting on to me and when I finally spoke up and told her she was not my boss she went and told the supervisor Georgia that I never wore my gloves and or had a mask on that I would take it off. But she never wore gloves either. I even have pictures of her never having them on and handling stuff without them. Giving other ladies product without them. I should've listened to the other ladies when I started that she would have me fired if I ever said anything about her. I don't know why that DC defends her so much. I'm not the only one that has been fired because of her and I feel like that is unfair to a lot of us that go to work hard and earn a paycheck just like her. Over all other supervisors like Mr John and Mr Alberto were very nice and always helped with what could be done.

    29 weeks, 2 days and 8 hours

    Tina Dias

    Horrible customer service call center. I've been calling since July 7th regarding our pool ladder we purchased last year July 9 along with pool package. Our ladder is still under warranty, I was told to send pictures of our defective ladder, I did what they told me and I was told 3-5 business days. I have never felt with such a unprofessional bunch of people every excuse from COVID-19 to tell me I have to just wait. Virginia is going through a heat wave and we have been unable to use our pool due to safety issues. Why is it so **** hard to get an answer back from someone. If corporate wants to look up my order please do so and get me a resolution. Order # A1004291

    30 weeks, 2 days and 21 hours


    I go to the Bristol Ct store all the time. Everytime i go in there at talk to the asst manager Ricky, he smells like booze..this has happened on multiple occasions. Not very professional.

    30 weeks, 6 days and 17 hours


    So I have an issue I have been in local stores to purchase the nice cooler on sale for 49.99 in store price. The seafoam color and still no luck have been told several times that it would be in or the ones in store or missing a handle. Quiet frankly I'm tired of wasting my gas and time away from work and putting myself in the line of COVID all for nothing when told otherwise by staff. This email is asking what can be done to get this cooler? I don't have the time to leave work any longer and it won't allow me to purchase on line. Please let me know


    31 weeks, 5 hours and 49 minutes

    Absolutely **** terrible who doesn't take acredit card over the phone in 2020 are you high

    31 weeks, 4 days and 1 hour

    Pissed Off in Virginia

    Worst service I've ever encountered. Glenwood shopping center in Chesapeake, VA., Sales associate named Jason has no customer service skills at all. Everytime I go in I have a problem with him. Rude, condescending offers no tangible solutions for customer issues and lies about how to get some problems solved. Will never deal with this guy again. I feel sorry for new peson he is training. Although new person actually seems to care and want to help customers out. If he stays training with Jason may not last long

    32 weeks, 18 hours and 34 minutes


    Tristian Ortiz is a horrible manager!!!!!

    32 weeks, 6 days and 2 hours

    Loser. You didn't do what you were supposed to.

    33 weeks, 21 hours and 29 minutes

    Florida is a cess pool. Deal with it.

    33 weeks, 21 hours and 30 minutes

    No. Deal with it.

    33 weeks, 21 hours and 31 minutes

    Hot under the collar

    I went to a Leslie's retail location to purchase a rubber gasket. Shelf price was $19.99. After I got it installed, I was curious what competitors charged for the same item. Amazon had a FIVE pack or the same gaskets for $11.00! I understand Leslie's needs to make a profit, but I'm guessing Amazon made a profit on the $11 pack. I'm incensed. From now on, Leslie's will be for emergencies only.

    33 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours

    Worst service I've ever encountered. The older blonde lady in large on 113th and 102nd streets is a complete ****. Everytime I go in I have a problem with her. Rude . I was sold couple hundred dollars of supplies I didn't need if the girl listened to me. I explained 3times my problem but she just ignored me and sold me tons of stuff. When I got home and read what was there I realized it had nothing to do with my issue. I called another store , described my problem in same manor and was told what to do ...and it didn't cost a dime and corrected the issue. A o now I take all the chems bsck...carry them in and she tells me she can't take them due to covid. ...state rule no returns. So I wait and go back few weeks later and now I'm told they don't take chemicals back ever by a different person. Let's not mention the first day the girl who sold me all this had a raging sniffing cold and touched all my stuff...thus was during covid...why was she working . So I'm a level 7 Google reviewer I'm going after them and on the neighborhood app 34 local neighbors . They will fell my wrath. If this is the way they treat people its bad stay away. Pinch a penny pools few blocks away much nicer place . They told me there was no block in returning chems cover or not . So Leslie lies as well so not to take back the stuff they sold me in error. I will get my 200 back in pleasure of burning them on Google yelp etc. I'm so done.

    33 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours


    I ordered a ladder on May 21. I've call several time and had to wait over an hour on the phone to always be given an answer that it will be soon or there is nothing the person on the phone can do aside from sending a complaint email, which has also not been responded to.

    You didnt have any problems taking my money but now you have problems sending the order OR telling me what's going on.

    The only reason I even chose thos company is because when I ordered it said it would ship within a few days. How can I get someone at your company to help me?

    34 weeks, 5 days and 9 hours

    Pool Care Made Easy

    **** the covid checklist. You're dreaming. It's obviously a **** liability thing. Where's my assistant's and my Summit Polo shirt? Is being a douchebag a prerequisite for working in Central Purchasing? ; Since most of you **** are working from home, can you spend the $12 a month for landline?

    35 weeks, 1 day and 33 minutes

    Rebel one

    Was in store in Port Saint Lucie, Fl the manager was as rude and nasty as Pelosi He wouldn't tell me where stuff was, asked several times. He said shock was behind counter then walk over to the wall and got it. 16 bucks for 1 bag of shock just like a Democrat went to pinch a penny was greeted like I was family was shown where everything was explain how to use it and she even wrote it down jug of chlorine shock and algae treatment lil over 17 dollars. Goodbye RIP offs hello pinch a penny.

    35 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours


    Poor customer service - Pikesville,Maryland location. Not knowledgeable enough and does not speak to customers in a professional manner. Does not keep enough supplies available to customers in the store. Because of this I go out of my neighborhood to another location and another pool supply company. I refuse to spend my money in this store location. Please check on this location and get it back to an acceptable business for your customers.

    36 weeks, 2 days and 8 hours

    Sold me a pump that lasted about 4 months and still under warranty and still waiting a month later after inquiring about it

    36 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours