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    Dave M

    I am a Mayo patent and I have been trying get an appointment with an orthopedist and have been told by appointments that I need to call in to see if there are any cancellations.

    I told them I would be willing to wait if they could just schedule me within the next 6 months but I was told that the schedules are made every 90 days and that they have not received there next schedules. My question is how does anyone else get an appointment? I was told to call in as often as I want to see if there is an cancellation. So, in theory I could call in every hour of the day and take up the time of one person in scheduling for at least 5 minutes of there time and 10 of mine. That equates to 40 minutes a day of there time and 80 minutes of my time wasted. That's not what I consider to be the best of scheduling time not to mention mine. I don't know what it costs Mayo for the person in scheduling but my time goes for $85 an hour. I think it would be in the best interest of Mayo and to Mayo patents to review this system to make it more patent friendly.

    42 weeks, 4 days and 15 hours



    :Jan 2, 2019

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    (URL) health officials boarded the plane when it landed at Tampa International Airport Tuesday afternoon and sick vomiting passengers removed.


    1 year, 43 weeks and 4 hours

    Rachel from Austin, TX

    Mayo Clinic strives to provide excellent medical care and patient satisfaction. I have been seen for various problems at Mayo several times. I have on a few occasions been seen by physicians who missed my diagnosis, or did not understand it, but even in those cases, I was treated with the utmost respect and care. As a physician myself, I recognize that they are human, and can make mistakes. I would overall rate the Mayo Clinic as the best diagnostic tertiary care center in the United States. I have no experience with other countries, but I will say that I have seen Arab-dressed foreign dignitaries with an entourage visiting at the Mayo, so apparently some think it the best in the world.

    4 years, 35 weeks and 1 day