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    Went to the McDonald's located at 17017 Sierra Lakes PKWY, Fontana, ca. 92377. I ordered inside on the kiosk at the same time another family did , that family's food was delivered to their table. Our ordered stayed on the in progress board and never moved from that spot. I decided to go to the counter and ask what's the status of our order and why was everyone getting their food and not us. I was told by the manager Phillip our food was sitting on the counter and they were too busy to bring our food to us.. We were not notified that our food was at the counter , it had just been sitting there. Of course at this point, I'm very upset with this bad customer service. I ask for a refund and the phone number to corporate to make a complaint.

    6 years, 6 weeks and 2 days

    Tim Karr

    I will never eat at another McDonalds until the disrespectful employee and manager at the 4705 Babcock St.NE Palm Bay Fl is fired and a public apology is given to the Officer who was refused service! Please read below. Furthermore, as a retire USNavy Veteran, I will encourage others to do the same. Tim Karr USN Retired. Never been treated like that before. Tim Lancaster was eating lunch at McDonald's (4705 Babcock St NE, Palm Bay, FL). February 9 at 12:43pm Palm Bay Completely shocked and disappointed. I have been working in law enforcement for over 20 years and never thought I would personally experience what just occurred at the drive thru at the McDonald's at Palm Bay Road and Babcock Street. I ordered my lunch, paid at the first window and moved up to the second window to pick up lunch. When I got to the window, the clerk looked at me with my drink in hand and stopped. For the record, I am in full uniform and an unmarked car. She handed my drink to another clerk and walked away in disgust. I asked the other clerk what was wrong, she stayed that the other clerk refuses to serve cops. I was embarrassed and upset. After a while, I called the store and spoke to Omar, he identified himself as the general manager, and said he would address it. McDonald's (4705 Babcock St NE, Palm Bay, FL) Burger Restaurant Palm Bay 815 people checked in here 1.1K Likes3.7K Comments7.3K Shares

    6 years, 14 weeks and 2 days

    My 19 year old daughter recently stopped working at McDonalds (located on Overland in Boise). She had been sick, and had let her supervisor know that she could not work. She was told that sick employees are expected to provide a doctor's note, and she would be fired if she did not. Like many young adults her age, she does not have health insurance. McDonalds does not provide her with health insurance, but yet expects her to pay $200 out of pocket to go to a doctor to prove that she is sick. I am so upset with this policy. This promotes a system where fast food workers come to work sick. Although employees technically have the option to find someone to cover their shift, they only know their schedule one week in advance, and her McDonalds is already short staffed, so she was not able to find someone to cover her shift.

    6 years, 32 weeks and 4 days


    I've noticed the McDonald's in delaware county, pa seem to have employees occupied with there cellphones, communications with each other is bad n orders r being messed up every single time I'm there, bathrooms r never cleaned, ignorance from managers is at it's peak especially when a manager yells, "wat do u want!!" only because i knew him growing up. by the bathrooms where the mops n cleaning stuff is, nothing seems to be rinsed out n smells like sewage, i wish it went from franchise back to corporate because franchise only cares about money not the McDonald's name. i been getting sundaes with the tops not even snapped on n the fudge "IS ALWAYS" dripping down the sides. i used to work at McDonald's n never once did i see any of this 20 years ago, everything went down hill n I'm very sure McDonald's will be bankrupt soon or out of business from a franchise getting sued AGAIN!!

    6 years, 37 weeks and 5 days


    I have worked near the McDonalds on the corner of Arrowhead Dr. and Dussel Dr. Maumee, Ohio 43537. We are constantly sending down a worker for breakfast and lunch orders on a daily basis. Unfortunately we have not been as often as usual because of the service here. Our orders have been wrong EVERY single time the past 5 visits. We park and go in after leaving the drive thru and they are very rude in having to correct our order. And half of the other times we don't notice their mess up until we are already back to work and cannot leave to get it corrected. Example of mistakes..... Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel meal with EXTRA Breakfast Sauce--It even has the Grill Paper on it stating xtra sauce, but not only does it not have extra it doesn't have any at all. Gross. Wrong pops all the time. Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel with no Bacon???? Tried calling to let them know and they never answer it rings forever. When they have answered 2 out 10 mess ups they just take your name down and on the next visit you will get your item for free, its not really for free seeing how I already paid for it and it was incorrect. But yet I need to drive there twice for them to try and get it correct. So I am actually out of Money having to waste my gas.

    6 years, 38 weeks and 1 day

    Disgusted Grandmother

    They remodeled this McDonald's fairly recently. It's located in the eastern part so Los Angles County near Valley Blvd and Azusa Ave. in the City of West Covina. This was a moronic design!! The kids from the local high school, Nogales High, were milling around. I understand this is probably the local hang out, but shouldn't there be a clearly defined queuing area for paying customers? There were hefty children squeezing between the pair of nearby support pillars trying to muscle into the line. There's a a future law suit in the making!! My grand children and I walked out and went to Carl's Jr. It was a classier operating!!!

    6 years, 48 weeks and 23 hours

    kay hebbard

    I had gone to your McDonald in harrodsburg ky Sunday morning at 800 I had bought hot cakes sausage and biscuit a large coke and a water itd came to 6:76 I pulled over to eat itd my hot cakes were cold my sausage and biscuit was hard as a rock so I pulled back around to get a refund I had to wait in line for about eight minutes they told to pull up I did the manager comes out with 4 and some change I said excuse me my order my 6.76 he said am charging you for your drink I said really I can't get a free drink after all of this he said I will get your money for your drink he goes in and a lady comes out and said here is your money for your drink but I need the drink the manager told me to make sure I get your drink are you kidding me this is the worst cutomer sevice ever I will not ever come back to this mcdonalds I don't want nothing but my money back and they went through the bag when I gave itd back to them like I kept something no why would I want to keep cold food yes I was going to keep the drink because I should have with all the inconvenience I had to go through mcdonalds is worried about a drink and your manager had to send someone else out to do his dirty work for him I want someone from this office to call me back because I am very upset my no is (PHONE) my name is kay k

    7 years, 12 weeks and 4 days

    You have a Bellevue, Ne location which is on 21st street I believe. Well I went there for the last time tonight. Pulled up to place my order and I overheard employees yelling obscenities while I ordered. Then went to the window to pay for my food and was greeted with a huge whiff of marijuana once your employee opened the window. He could barely take my money let alone figure out what my order was. Then I had to wait another 15 mins for my food! There is a cop who sits outside of this establishment at the intersection and next time I pass him I will be sending him to you! I will not be buying from your establishment again and I know quite a few people who have had this issue with your location and don't go here anymore. I don't on now if theres a change in management or what, but I used to come here all the time with no problems. Just look on your facebook page and you'll what an awful location this has become!

    7 years, 32 weeks and 1 day


    I visited the McDonald's restaurant located in Belle Vernon Pa, Route 201, Rostraver Township on Monday, August 15, 2016. I was with my son who dined with me. After eating, my son went into the indoor play area while I supervised him. At approximately 1:30 PM, it started raining. I noticed water coming through the ceiling and landing on the floor of the children's play area. I also noticed that ceiling tiles were missing from this area. The rain water was pouring through the roof and across a fluorescent light fixture creating a very hazardous environment for all guests. I reported this situation to an employee who stated that that's the reason the chair and "caution wet floor" sign was there.....so people wouldn't enter this area. I was shocked by this lack of concern after I pointed out that the rain water was making contact with a live electrical fixture. Meanwhile, the children continued to play in this area exposed to a potential life threatening conditions. I do not understand why this problem was not addressed immediately as there was evidence of prior knowledge that this condition existed through the missing ceiling tiles and the chair and wet floor sign.

    7 years, 40 weeks and 1 day

    Pissed off in oak Harbor wa

    Mcdonalds oak Harbor WA had officially made me sick to my stomach seeing the way some of the " supervisors" talk to their workers... I'm absolutely appalled ... I've never seen in my life such direct disrespect that one manager in particular name to car gives to her workers she talks down to them like they're nothing orders them around threatens them and discriminates against them I will never take my children back to that restaurant until this is taken care of this is not the first time it's happened either in the last 2 months I've been there three or four times and each time that she's been there the way that she talks to her employees is just absolutely ridiculous pathetic and as somebody who's been a manager before strongly advised that this Corporation discard her immediately before losing more customers this is a very small island with one McDonald's bad news travels fast reprimanding her never happens I have made complaints before and nothing ever happens

    7 years, 46 weeks and 6 days


    Hello I read the reviews of other customers regarding employees that the Big Mac company yes McDonalds employ. The company from the behavior of the employees are not about the customer service anymore. I think it all about employees behaving badly and the crushing big bucks the company makes trillions. Look all I'm saying what happened to making the customer happy don't you know it's our kids who made you rich. Today on April 1, 2016 I ordered a kids meals. The employees and the manager attacked me with a six year old child in my vehicle. We simply order a Mcdonald six piece chicken nugget meal and a mcdouble. They got it wrong. We tried to give one of the Mcdoubles back. Because the 6 year old child wanted his toy that can with his meal. Instead the manager ask us to leave because she was calling the police for the mistake her employees made black employees at the McDonalds in Jackson, Mississippi behaving like Monkeys this is the truth to all who reads this information this ain't know d-- April fool joke this real talk to everyone who reads this aide the big company needs to be held accountable for those employed with the company and understand it's all about customer service and not about loosing focus because of the all might dollar bill that we the customer keep putting into the d-- company. I'm going to take a break but I want let this go because this is America Mcdonald wake up and smell the coffee you serve.

    8 years, 7 weeks and 5 days